Chapter 792 – Humiliation and Determination

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Chapter 792 – Humiliation and Determination

Li Qingshan said, “That’s right.”

Zhu Yan studied Li Qingshan all over before suddenly bursting into laughter.

“Fellow, why do you laugh?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows.

“I’m laughing at how a brat like you is bold enough to refer to me as fellow. You’re out of your mind. Those ignorant people call you the King of Savages, and you really think of yourself as a king?”

Zhu Yan did not hide his contempt towards Li Qingshan at all. The flames on him surged, assaulting Li Qingshan with waves of heat and making Li Qingshan’s clothes ruffle.

The hierarchy of the cultivation community was strict. It was more clear-cut than any societal hierarchies. The vast heavens were the only rulers, using heavenly tribulations after heavenly tribulations to divide all creatures into various levels. A missing heavenly tribulation was like being a world apart, and the higher the realms of cultivation were, the greater this difference would become.

It was absolutely impossible to achieve any so-called equality among the superior and the inferior. Treating them with courtesy was already a demonstration of great culture, and that was the type of courtesy a ruler treated their subjects with, the way a senior treated their juniors.

The Great Banyan Tree King had sensed an opportunity. Coupled with how he had a relatively mellow nature in the first place, that was why he referred to Li Qingshan as fellow, yet this already left the King of Southern Yue very surprised.

The Fire Devouring King Zhu Yan clearly was not as cultured. He did not believe that Li Qingshan had the right to stand on equal footing with him.

Li Qingshan also started laughing aloud.

“What are you laughing about, brat?” Some of Zhu Yan’s contempt vanished when he saw how Li Qingshan could still laugh even under the pressure from him. There definitely was a reason why this kid could kick up such a great stir in the south in such a short amount of time.

“Sir, if you don’t like being referred to as ‘fellow’, then so be it. It’s all out of politeness anyway. Not everyone has the right to be fellows with me!” Li Qingshan said.

“You!” Zhu Yan fumed inside and reevaluated Li Qingshan. He pointed out with his spear of fire. “You sure are bold. Why were you prying around Fire Melt mountain? If you don’t explain yourself clearly, be ready to eat my spear!”

Li Qingshan had basically witnessed the temperament of Fire Devouring folk now. Not only were they violet and short-tempered, but they were fearless and reckless too. Even the King of Southern Yue would have to keep their various backgrounds in mind. This Fire Devouring King had spouted threats right from the beginning. He was as arrogant as they could get!

Li Qingshan understood it would probably be difficult for this to end peacefully. Let alone the fact that he refused to bow and scrape, even if he were willing, it would only make Zhu Yan even more arrogant. He was basically just trying what he could and hoping for the best now, asking away confidently.

“I heard your mountain has a divine wutong tree that is quite mystical. I’d like to borrow it!”

Zhu Yan was taken aback. “Is there something wrong with your head?”

Li Qingshan asked, “Is there something wrong with your ears?”

Zhu Yan widened his eyes, basically bursting with anger. He began laughing again, placing his spear on his shoulder. He actually did not lose his temper. He jokingly said, “It’s not impossible for you to borrow the divine wutong tree, but I do have a condition.”

Li Qingshan was rather surprised. He asked, “What condition?”

“Go to the South sea and bring me the head of the Merfolk King. Then I’ll lend the divine wutong tree to you!” Zhu Yan laughed.

Li Qingshan frowned. This bastard was clearly toying with him. He said sternly, “If I were that strong, I think I’d be better off directly claiming your head!”

Zhu Yan’s face stiffened. “Since you aren’t strong enough, then piss off! In consideration of the fact that you made me laugh, I’ll spare your life. You’re forbidden from calling yourself the King of Savages from now on, or if I find out, I’ll burn your Savage mountain to a crisp!”

He seemed coarse, but he actually still had second thoughts about Li Qingshan’s identity. However, his second thoughts did not arise from the Unraging monk of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, but the Great Xia empire.

In a land of chaos like the south, basically no one cared about the identity of White Hawk commander. Even if he died, the Hawkwolf Guard would not avenge him, but there was an exception.

The Great Xia empire was extremely vigilant against otherfolk, especially against the most belligerent race out of the seven great otherfolk races, the Fire Devouring folk. If a White Hawk commander died on Fire Melt mountain, perhaps a certain divine hawk might cast its gaze over and lead to unfathomable consequences. Although the Great Xia empire had started declining, Zhu Yan was reluctant to take this risk just to kill a fool that had something wrong in the head.

Anger began to burn in Li Qingshan, turning into battle intent. He stared straight at Zhu Yan with his dark eyes, gradually dyed red by flames.

Zhu Yan produced an interjection of surprise and squinted his eyes. He actually felt slightly threatened. “You’re in over your head. If you really want to die, I’ll give you what you want!”

Xiao An tugged Li Qingshan’s sleeve and shook her head gently.

Li Qingshan’s aura subsided, and his emotions recovered. He clasped his hands. “I’ve witnessed the might of the Fire Devouring King today, so it’s not exactly a waste of a trip. Since you don’t want to lend it to me, I’ll take my leave then.” Without any regard for Zhu Yan’s reply, he turned around and left in a huff.

In that split second, he had considered numerous possibilities too, such as luring Zhu Yan into the Asura Field and killing him with Xiao An. However, while the Asura Field had become greater, it basically could not keep an existence that powerful trapped inside, and it would be very difficult for them to kill him in a single strike.

Actually, the chances of being killed as a third heavenly tribulation existence had already become extremely small unless an overwhelming difference in strength existed or the opponent had an extremely powerful method of keeping them trapped. However, across the nine provinces, only a small handful of people could crush Zhu Yan with overwhelming strength or keep him trapped. At the very least, Li Qingshan was not capable of either option right now.

Then he considered Fire Melt mountain. It was possible for other third heavenly tribulation fire devourers to be there, so the chances of killing Zhu Yan had basically been reduced to zero, while Li Qingshan and Xiao An would have to run the risk of exposing their identities and being killed.

As a result, Li Qingshan decided to leave without batting a single eye. He did not hesitate at all. He mouthed something that many villains had said in the past, “I’ll be back… very soon!”

After catching a glimpse through the Profound Light Illuminates All, he was basically determined to obtain the divine wutong tree. He had a strong gut feeling that the ancient tree where the phoenix roosted, as well as the entire Fire Melt mountain, was critical to his cultivation of the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa.

Zhu Yan’s mocks, sneers, threats, and insults were instead a good thing. It completely awakened the tiger demon within him, rousing with energy. If the enemies were not despicable, it would not be satisfying when he killed them.

Since fire devourers are known to be battle-hungry, I’ll give them a battle!

Zhu Yan watched Li Qingshan travel into the distance and suddenly felt slightly uneasy inside. He could be considered as a once-in-a-century genius among humans to achieve such cultivation at such an age. If he had time, perhaps he really might undergo the third heavenly tribulation. The woman beside him was anything but ordinary too.

One day, if he actually underwent the tribulation successfully, would that not mean…

He became more uneasy the more he thought. After reaching the third heavenly tribulation, everyone would have a profound connection to the obscure strings of fate even if they did not know divination, which allowed cultivators to make correct decisions.

Zhu Yan’s eyes erupted with firelight. Abruptly, he gripped his spear firmly.

No, I can’t just let them go like this. Even if I can’t kill them, I’ll have to deal a heavy blow to them so that they can never pose a threat to Fire Melt mountain!

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