Chapter 794 – Followers of the Myriad Poison Cult

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Chapter 794 – Followers of the Myriad Poison Cult

White clouds drifted through the azure sky.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor sat on a green, jade throne, stroking his long beard gently. His jade-green eyes were fixed on Savage mountain below.

Banners waved about in the surroundings, surrounded by disciples of all ages and genders. They were all dressed in the same way, either wearing green robes or dresses. Even the ones with the lowest cultivations had reached the first heavenly tribulation. They amounted to over a hundred, a display of a large sect’s forces.

“Master, the two of them aren’t on Savage mountain right now, so the protective formations aren’t under anyone’s control. It’s a fantastic opportunity to attack the mountain, except…”

Qian Liangmu rode on a green cloud, flying back from Savage mountain and reporting politely before hesitating.

“Except what?” The Myriad Poison Ancestor stopped stroking his beard.

“Except I can tell that Li Qingshan has no intentions of establishing a sect in the south. He’ll be returning to the Green province sooner or later, so must we attack Savage mountain?” Qian Liangmu asked.

“Hehe, to think that even the mighty Sickly Prince would have times of softness. I’m just afraid that no one would believe that if it made it out.”

A glamorous woman smiled. On her shoulder sat a large, multicoloured spider. Its eight eyes were fixed on Qian Liangmu, shining with an extremely human-like light of viciousness.

“Don’t tell me you’ve been frightened out of your wits just by meeting Li Qingshan once?” added a middle-aged man who was as skinny as a bamboo pole. He stood on a venomous centipede that was several meters long.

The two of them stood to the left and right of the cult leader’s jade throne, which highlighted their special identities. They were Qian Liangmu’s junior sister and senior brother. They were people qualified to contend for the position of cult leader against Qian Liangmu. Demonic sects had never focused on feelings, so their relationship was obviously like fire and water. They would never let a single opportunity slip by when they could make things difficult for one another.

Qian Liangmu smiled coldly and completely ignored them. He bowed. “Please reconsider, master.”

Qian Liangmu did not agree with attacking Savage mountain. He was not a kind-hearted person. If the opportunity to kill and loot ever arose, he would never let it slip by, but a “fellow” from the Great Banyan Tree King made him hesitant. Coupled with their meeting a few days ago, he simply felt like Li Qingshan was more than what he seemed like on the surface.

“You think that I can’t deal with him?” The Myriad Poison Ancestor asked in displeasure.

“I would never!” Qian Liangmu said.

“How can I let others snore right by my bedside? Since he refuses to learn some humility and become a protector of my Myriad Poison cult, I’ll show him how to lose all standing in the south. You’re dismissed!”

A green light flashed through the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s eyes, and he radiated with unsurpassed might. All the disciples lowered their heads.

The south had always been his. He would never permit other organisations to develop here. If Li Qingshan really betrayed the Green province one day and became an honoured guest of the King of Southern Yue’s estate, then he would definitely become a source of trouble with his and that woman called Xiao An’s talent. By then, would he not become a laughing stock for allowing this all to happen?

As for some of Qian Liangmu’s worries, it was not that he had not considered them, but they were not worth any attention given the difference in their cultivation. The King of Southern Yue did nothing purely out of consideration for the situation between the two provinces, which was why he listened to the Great Banyan Tree King. It was not like he was actually afraid of Li Qingshan or anything.

“This brat is impertinent and in over his head. He’s damned for turning down the kind offer of the Myriad Poison cult. He’s only at the second heavenly tribulation, yet he’s bold enough to call himself ‘King of Savages’ or whatever. Master will teach this fake king a lesson today and make him understand just what differences exist between him and a true king,” the glamorous woman with the spider said.

“If you’re afraid, then hurry back to the Mist capital, junior brother. I’m willing to offer up my meagre strength to assist master in exterminating Savage mountain and capturing Li Qingshan alive,” the man with the centipede said and shot a glance into the surroundings.

Apart from a few elders who were self-assured by their identities, the regular disciples all called out, “Exterminate Savage mountain and capture Li Qingshan alive!”

For a moment, the banners ruffled in the wind, and battle cries filled the air.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor pushed off the armrest of the throne and stood up. With a wave of his right hand, chilly winds and jade-green fire swirled and gathered, condensing into a dark-green sphere that crackled with lightning. The light it gave off dyed everyone’s faces green.

The Lightning Sphere of Myriad Poison was one of the secret techniques of the Myriad Poison cult. It possessed the force of lightning and the flexibility of poison, giving it extremely great destructive power.

At that moment, even the sun seemed to dim. Everyone’s gazes were drawn away by the Lightning Sphere of Myriad Poison.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor’s eyes shone with green light. He went from a single hand to both hands As it spun, the Lightning Sphere of Myriad Poison grew larger and larger, brighter and brighter. In the blink of an eye, it had reached the size of a water tank before being pushed out violently, slamming against Savage mountain immediately.

The rumble filled the surroundings. The ground shook gently, crackling with lightning. The sky had been dyed green.

Then it turned into a poisonous cloud that enveloped a huge region, surging above Savage mountain and producing an ear-piercing hiss of corrosion.

The disciples of the Myriad Poison cult all cheered, “Mighty be the ancestor! The ancestor has frightened Li Qingshan into pissing his pants, afraid to come out!” “I’ve practised the Lightning Sphere of Myriad Poison for many years, but never did I think this strike could unleash such power. Only after witnessing the ancestor personally take action today do I understand why our Myriad Poison cult can dominate in the south! Li Qingshan really is in over his head! He completely overestimates himself!” “Savage mountain has already fallen! I’ll serve as the vanguard right now and capture Li Qingshan for the ancestor!”

The Myriad Poison Ancestor stood there with his hands behind his back rather confidently too. His lips curled into a slight smile of complacency, but his smile suddenly froze. He barked, “All of you, shut up!”

Everyone fell utterly silently, confused by why the Myriad Poison Ancestor had lost his temper. They gazed over carefully, and only then did they see that Savage mountain was still shrouded in mist under the poisonous cloud. The protective formations were completely untouched. Their praises and flattery were more like mockery now.

Qian Liangmu thought, Sure enough, it’s not that simple!

“Senior brother, didn’t you say that the formations of Savage mountain are currently under no one’s control?” the spider lady asked.

“The two of them really aren’t on the mountain right now. I didn’t expect them to be bold enough to give control over the formations to someone else.”

On Savage mountain, the Great Banyan Tree King sighed inside, This kid really knows how to make trouble for me! Meanwhile, a root absorbed the dense spiritual qi of Savage mountain. Then it dispersed it into the air through the leaves and branches, allowing the numerous formations to operate.

He had already turned himself into the core of the formation, using the geographic advantage of Savage mountain and his bountiful knowledge and experience to make the formations unleash extraordinary power.

“All of you shut up! You don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is watch!”

The Myriad Poison Ancestor bellowed and left the jade throne, flying towards Savage mountain. He swung his hands about and struck out consecutively. Lightning Spheres of Myriad Poison barraged Savage mountain. The rumbles rang out endlessly like a thunderstorm.

In the mountain valley, the night roamers looked at the sky in surprise and fear. Green bolts of lightning danced about like dragons and snakes within the surging poisonous mist, constantly slamming against the formation. Even just a single bolt of lightning was a great catastrophe to them.

“The Myriad Poison Ancestor! He really is a great cultivator after all. What he’s capable of is well beyond what the likes of us can achieve.” Yu Wufeng stood on the mountain peak, his white hair drifting about freely. He was stern.

“Boss Yu, now is not the time to praise others. If the Myriad Poison Ancestor forces his way in, we’ll all be doomed.”

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber also arrived at the peak of the mountain to watch. His fat jiggled as a hint of fear filled his face. An opponent like that was well beyond what he could handle. Even when he hid within the formations, he struggled to find any sense of safety.

“Fellows, please take action and fend off the attacks!” Ye Liusu flew up.

“The Blood Oath Scroll does not require us to throw our lives at the Myriad Poison cult. I don’t think we need to take action with the Great Banyan Tree King in charge of the formations.” Yu Wufeng snorted coldly. If it’s Li Qingshan, then so be it, but even an otherfolk who has just undergone the tribulation is bold enough to order me around?

Ye Liusu frowned and looked at the other cave masters. None of them had any intentions of taking action, all smiling at her.

“Heh, the Blood Oath Scroll doesn’t have a condition like that, but once our king returns and commands us, we’ll still have to go and fight. Even the best conclusion is the Myriad Poison Ancestor stealing the Blood Oath Scroll, but I don’t care anyway. I’ll be serving like a dog no matter who I serve. At worst, I’ll just follow the ancestor to attack the South Sea Sword pavilion.” The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber smiled.

Yu Wufeng’s face changed. If the Blood Oath Scroll remained in Li Qingshan’s hands, then he still had a chance at regaining his freedom, but if it fell into the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s hands, then he would truly be done for. It would be extremely disadvantageous to the South Sea Sword pavilion too.

With a thrum, the Fogbow sword exited its sheath and multiplied, turning into fogbows that penetrated deep into the poisonous cloud. Although they were eaten away in the blink of an eye, he was still wearing down the poisonous cloud and fending off the Lightning Spheres of Myriad Poison.

“Little pup Yu of the South Sea Sword pavilion, once I get through the formation, I’ll cut off your dog head first and drench my banners in your blood!”

The Myriad Poison Ancestor could not see what was going on inside Savage mountain, but he did recognise the sword techniques of the South Sea Sword pavilion and the fogbows. He had brought all his disciples here to show off his might to them, but he never expected the formation of Savage mountain to be so tough. The way it operated was ingenious, without the slightest opening, which left him frustrated.

“Old dog Myriad Poison, why don’t you get through the formation first?” Yu Wufeng replied with a question.

At this moment, the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber took action too. He took in a deep breath and air surged into him fiercely. His mountainous body swelled up even more, like a huge ball of flesh. He swelled to his limit and suddenly opened his mouth, spitting out a thick, dense beam of light. It rushed into the air and actually pierced the poisonous cloud, leaving behind a huge hole. His mountainous body thinned down, and he began to wheeze for air.

Yu Wufeng glanced at him in surprise. He never thought he would actually go all-out. The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber smiled. “Since I’ll be serving as a dog no matter what, I better find a good master!”

Li Qingshan and Xiao An possessed the Blood Oath Scroll, but they did not really oppress them. Even when they waged battles throughout the south, they possessed an absolute advantage. Not only was there no danger at all, but they all received a share of the benefits too.

Li Qingshan had no interest in founding a sect in the south or building some kind of organisation, but the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber was interested. He did his best to convince Li Qingshan on one side while stringing together the various cave masters. He wanted to turn Savage mountain into an actual sect.

He ranked second among the ten cave masters, but Yu Wufeng was aloof and unsociable. All he wanted to do was return to the South Sea Sword pavilion. The night roamers had Li Qingshan’s favour and trust, but there was a natural gap between them and the cave masters. They basically did not interact or interfere with one another at all.

No matter how he thought about it, his position actually possessed the connotation of “head caretaker” a little. If he really could build Savage mountain into an organisation, then he would be a figure with real power who assisted the King of Savages in governing Savage mountain.

During this period of contact, he realised that Li Qingshan was not a faithless and untrustworthy demon cultivator. Since he said there was a chance to remove the blood oath, that definitely was not just for say. By then, not only could he recover his freedom, but he might even have a chance to become the second King of Savages with his current position of head caretaker.

Then he said, “Our king is about to return, so why are you all still standing by? Are you waiting for our king to pass the orders in person?” Then he struck out again with three other cave masters he was closer with. Why would the remaining people want to stick out like sore thumbs? Whether they were willing to or not, all they could do was take action as well.

With the power of the ten cave masters and the three night roamer sisters, the poisonous mist immediately dispersed by a lot. The Myriad Poison Ancestor’s face became more and more ugly. Savage mountain truly was a difficult bone to chew!

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