Chapter 795 – The Impenetrable Shield, the Spear that Pierces the Foe

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Chapter 795 – The Impenetrable Shield, the Spear that Pierces the Foe

Qian Liangmu said nothing more, going up to help out. With a wave of his hand, he tossed out a Lightning Sphere of Myriad Poison, which collided with a Fogbow sword. They nullified one another.

“Didn’t I tell you to just watch?” the Myriad Poison Ancestor said in displeasure as he looked over.

“I saw master demonstrate the supreme techniques of the cult and really could not hold back, so I’ve demonstrated my own incompetent technique as well. I hope master can provide me with guidance. When we return to the cult, I’m willing to be punished!” Qian Liangmu said politely.

Commendation filled the leader of the Myriad Poison cult’s eyes. He waved his hand. “So be it! I’ll let you screw around this time!”

Before he had even finished, the followers of the Myriad Poison cult called out, “Please provide me with guidance, master!” “I’m willing to be punished!” All of them swarmed over and attacked Savage mountain, whether it was through their arcane artifacts or techniques. For a moment, all sorts of light flashed about. They gathered the strength of an entire cult, and the pressure that the protective formation faced immediately increased drastically.

“Senior tree king, may I ask how much longer the formations can last for?” Ye Liusu asked the Great Banyan Tree King in worry.

“Not exactly too long. If no accidents happen… a year or two should be no problem,” the Great Banyan Tree King waved his branches about and said with his ancient voice, “But now that I have your assistance, they should be able to last a little longer than that.”


Ye Liusu was stunned. She never expected “not exactly too long” meant that long to the Great Banyan Tree King.

Why would the Myriad Poison cult waste a year or two on Savage mountain? If their attacks could last a few days, it would be rather impressive already. The Great Banyan Tree King had clearly made a convervative estimate too.

In other words, there was no possibility that Savage mountain could fall to the Myriad Poison cult.

The cave masters heard that and could not help but work even harder. They rejoiced over the fact that they had decided to take action. Otherwise, they would definitely be in for a scolding once Li Qingshan returned.

They sighed in amazement inside, The Great Banyan Tree King truly deserves his reputation. If he’s the one in control of the formations, then Savage mountain can probably only fall to the attacks of the King of Southern Yue and his allies!

“You guessed right. It really is the Myriad Poison cult. Looks like that old poisonous thing just can’t stand me being around!” Li Qingshan stood on the cloud and gazed into the horizon at Savage mountain, which was currently shrouded in poisonous mist.

Seeing how it was not the King of Southern Yue, he relaxed slightly inside. With the Great Banyan Tree King in charge of the formations, it definitely would not be falling to a single Myriad Poison Ancestor.

“What do we do?” Xiao An asked.

“We obviously won’t lose if we work together. Killing the disciples might not be a problem, but it’ll be very difficult to prevent the Myriad Poison Ancestor from leaving. We’re still not ready for a direct confrontation with him, but how can we not reciprocate his kind intentions? C’mon, let’s go to the headquarters of the Myriad Poison cult!’

Li Qingshan turned around and flew away with Xiao An.

A feeling of unease suddenly rose up in the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s heart. He turned around and gazed into the horizon, only to see wispy white clouds. He thought around, but he could not think of anything that could threaten him, so he made up his mind to continue assaulting Savage mountain.


“Yin Qing, come out!”

Yin Qing was cultivating in peace in the Asura Field when Li Qingshan’s voice suddenly rang out beside her ears. She had already been moved out of the Asura Field.

“I have a mission for you. Can you use your techniques of moving through space to pass through the formation below?”

Yin Qing followed Li Qingshan’s finger and gazed down, only to see a large basin below. Within the sickly green miasma sat majestic, rising and falling buildings, fading in and out of sight. They were all dyed with a dark-green colour, giving off a gloomy aura.

“I can.” Yin Qing studied it for a moment before nodding.

As an asura from the Asura realm, she grasped the techniques of moving through space that even regular asura could not grasp. The formations of the Myriad Poison cult were powerful, but they could not stop her.

“Then can you destroy the formations from within?” Li Qingshan continued with his questions.

“I can’t,” said Yin Qing.

Xiao An said, “It’s relatively easy to destroy regular formations from within, but the formations of the Myriad Poison cult have been designed to work against both external and internal enemies. If you try to destroy it through force, you’ll definitely die from the backlash.”

“That’s fine. All that matters is you can pass through them!” Li Qingshan said.

“Who’s my target?” Yin Qing asked.

“All of the people!” Li Qingshan corrected himself. “Not just the people, but the structures too. Anyway, just destroy everything as much as you can. All of the spoils belong to you.”

“As you wish!”

Yin Qing accepted the orders and vanished with a single step. She appeared over five kilometers away and arrived at the north-west corner of the Myriad Poison cult with a few flashes. Afterwards, she used the techniques of moving through space and secretly infiltrated the place.

Xiao An said, “There’s no turning back against the Myriad Poison cult now.”

Li Qingshan said, “He can’t pierce my shield, but I have a spear that can pierce his, so of course, I have to put it to good use.”

Xiao An nodded. “In terms of assassination skill, Yin Qing even surpasses the night roamers. Apart from the Myriad Poison Ancestor himself, there aren’t a lot of people from the Myriad Poison cult that can survive her assassinations.”

“The Asura realm is a higher world after all, one of the six realms of saṃsāra. When it comes to battle experience, even I pale in comparison to her. If I can obtain a few more Asura Commanders as subordinates, they’ll definitely be even more powerful than the cave masters. I wonder whether I can use the Asura Field to summon Asura Kings one day!”

Li Qingshan glanced at the Asura Field in his hand before casting his gaze towards the Myriad Poison cult below.

“It’ll be up to her next.”

The Myriad Poison Ancestor had basically led away all of the cult’s elders and disciples, but the cult was still very busy inside. Most of them were outer courtyard disciples that had not undergone the first heavenly tribulation, as well as a few protectors that watched over the cult. Kang Ming happened to be one of them. Today, it was his turn to guide the outer courtyard disciples with cultivation.

He sat below the eaves and faced a square built from stone. Several hundred disciples stood sternly and listened closely.

A gentle breeze drifted over. The bronze bell on the corner of the eaves jingled. The sunlight slanted down, refracting into a haze on the sculptures of beasts on the eaves.

He was rather fed up with this job, wasting his precious time on a bunch of trash. In another three years’ time, not even a third of the people standing here would remain. It was even likely that none of them could reach his current position in the very end after undergoing numerous selections.

But the cult had rules that had to be followed, so he explained patiently as his eyes wandered between the disciples. In this generation, there were a few disciples that had quite the appearance. If he had spare time, he could play around with them.

The warm breeze was intoxicating, the sunlight was enchanting, and he was absolutely safe in the sect. He felt extremely relaxed, even slightly tipsy. That was until a feeling of coldness suddenly filled his mind. He was mildly surprised, only to see a circular blade around his neck when he lowered his head. It glimmered under the sunlight.



Unable to breach the formations despite all this time, the Myriad Poison Ancestor gradually became restless. He also found this to be rather strange. With his mental fortitude, even if he could not take Savage mountain, he should not have been behaving like this. Had he missed something in his calculations?

Apart from that, why had Li Qingshan not returned yet even after so long?

He was confident that as long as Li Qingshan appeared, he definitely would not be able to escape his senses. That would be taking out the leader, and by then, taking Savage mountain would be a piece of cake.

Right as he wondered that, his heart skipped a beat. On no!

The disciples of the Myriad Poison cult, from when they rose up to the position of inner courtyard disciple, would be imbued with the Poisonous Heart gu. It would greatly increase their cultivation speed, providing convenience when it came to controlling gu insects. Additionally, it served as a method of control, preventing them from betraying him. Moreover, once they were killed, he would sense it too.

In that moment earlier, the Myriad Poison Ancestor had clearly sensed protector Kang Ming being killed, and he had died in the Myriad Poison cult!

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