Chapter 797 – Devastation in a Single Palm Strike

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Chapter 797 – Devastation in a Single Palm Strike

Qian Liangmu’s heart suddenly rose up into his throat. Those who had never seen Li Qingshan could never imagine what kind of power and influence this man possessed.

In terms of cultivation alone, every single elder and protector here surpassed him, so while he did possess startling feats in battle, they had only heard about it. It was very difficult for them to take the three words “King of Savages” too seriously.

They were just like how the Myriad Poison Ancestor did not care that the Great Banyan Tree King referred to him as “fellow”. Were there any cultivators that reached their realm of cultivation not geniuses with startling talent? Had they all not undergone numerous years of arduous cultivation? And who was not confident in their own strength?

No matter what, Li Qingshan was far too young, being in his thirties. Qian Liangmu might have possessed the appearance of a young prince, but when it came to his age as a mortal, he was more than old enough to serve as Li Qingshan’s grandfather.

The mightiest sect of the south was a gathering of elites. Even without the Myriad Poison Ancestor, why would they be afraid of a surprise attack from a measly Li Qingshan? That was how the Myriad Poison Ancestor thought too, which was why he left without even batting an eye, completely unworried about their safety.

However, Qian Liangmu had personally seen Li Qingshan and had sensed this difference, which was why he knew dread. Since Li Qingshan was bold enough to lead away the Myriad Poison Ancestor before going out of his way to intercept them here, he must have had quite a lot of confidence.

He looked around. Mountains and forests rose and fell below as white clouds drifted past overhead. Li Qingshan could be hiding anywhere. The vast land suddenly became filled with killing intent, enough to suffocate him.

Xiao An was unstoppable, flying over from the west like a dazzling, golden star. The sound of the Chant of Deva-Nāga grew deeper and louder too, resounding through the surroundings.

Even with the obstruction from the green cloud, the elders and protectors felt their bodies surge, struggling to focus their soul senses. The regular disciples were even worse off. They clutched their heads and collapsed on the cloud. They felt like their souls had been thrown into surging waves as if it could be torn apart at any time.

“So this is the special technique of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. It really is something else!” “Oh no, stop her! Let’s take her down together quickly!”

As they spoke, Xiao An was already five kilometers from them. The power of the Chant of Deva-Nāga was pushed to the limit, but she showed no signs of slowing down. She only needed a few more seconds, and their battle would formally erupt.

The followers of the Myriad Poison cult were ready, itching to strike. Suddenly, they felt their bodies sink as if the sky had been forcefully pulled down. They all staggered about.

The green cloud surged, close to collapsing, and the regular disciples who were already under the influence of the Chant of Deva-Nāga all coughed up blood. Their organs were torn to shreds.

Qian Liangmu shivered inside and suddenly raised his head. It’s here!

Among the clouds, in the depths of the sky illuminated by the setting sun, a black speck appeared. It rapidly expanded and fell at an unbelievable speed!

The fierce winds whistled past Li Qingshan’s ears, producing white streams of turbulence around him. The white clouds were thrown far behind him as the verdant ground flew towards his face.

He unfolded the wings of wind completely, and the flames of the phoenix blazed brightly. The wind and fire merged together, trailing behind him like the long tail of a comet.

Having undergone the phoenix’s nirvāṇa, the rebirth in fire, he demonstrated this form once again, but he was far faster and tougher than before.

In the blink of an eye, the followers of the Myriad Poison cult had arrived right before him. He could clearly make out all of their stunned faces. Li Qingshan’s lips curled into a smile. He spread the fingers on his right hand and bent his right arm backwards. He called out.

“Have you ever heard about a palm strike that falls from the sky?”

The moment Qian Liangmu saw Li Qingshan, his senses of danger developed through countless trials of death basically roared out. He took out the Great Shifting talisman he had been holding onto for a very long time and activated it without any regard anymore.

However, his senior brother and junior sister, as well as the elders and protectors, clearly did not believe there was a need for that. His senior brother and junior sister even mocked him for his cowardice, thinking about how they could tattle on him to the Myriad Poison Ancestor.

An elder rejoiced. He pointed at the sky and roared, “He’s the King of Savages, Li Qingshan! Capture him immediately! Sheer luck really does triumph over effort sometimes! You’re really trying to bring ruin on yourself! You’re really…”

Li Qingshan slammed down with his hand, suddenly turning into a colossal palm that cast down a huge shadow that enveloped all the followers of the Myriad Poison cult. Like a falling mountain, it slammed down heavily.


The green cloud crumbled. Many deep explosions seemed to ring out as a bloody mist rose up.

Li Qingshan’s descent slowed down, and the unfurled wings pulled together, landing gently on the ground. He dispersed his demonic armour, and his scarlet eyes turned black. His right arm turned back to normal as well. Swinging it around, he sighed gently. “This move is powerful, but it takes up quite the effort and daemon qi! Fortunately, my control over my power is much sharper after the phoenix’s nirvāṇa. In the past, I’d only come to a stop if I slammed into the ground.”

Yu Wufeng’s eyes were wide open, and his mouth hung agape, unable to return to his senses. Having spent all these years cultivating, he personally believed he had seen and heard everything he needed to. He had seen it all, no matter how strange or bizarre, but never had he been as stunned as today.

From the moment Xiao An appeared, he was ready to provide support. What could he do about the fact that she possessed the Blood Oath Scroll after all? By the time Li Qingshan appeared in the sky, he had lifted up the Fogbow sword, ready to put on a good display.

However, before he could even use a single sword technique, Li Qingshan had whistled down with a swish, moving who knew how many times faster than when he rode the sword.

And then… and then… the Myriad Poison cult was gone!

Two direct disciples, three protectors, five elders, and even the several dozen inner courtyard disciples they had brought with them all vanished from the world. If it were not for the faint scent of blood that drifted over with the wind, he basically would have suspected the Myriad Poison cult had done something wondrous to collectively move everyone away.

And even when he had seen it with his own eyes, he still struggled to believe it. The elites and mainstays of the Myriad Poison cult had just been crushed under his palm like that!?

Ghost Shadow could not help but emerge from hiding. His expression was exactly the same as Yu Wufeng’s.

The strength of the ox and tiger, the speed of the phoenix, combined with support of three great abilities, the Tremors of the Ox Demon, the Gravity of the Earth, and Like Giving Wings to a Tiger, formed a terrifying power. Let alone a group of first and second heavenly tribulation cultivators, even if the Myriad Poison Ancestor took on that blow, he would be heavily injured if he managed to survive somehow.

Of course, hitting the opponent with a strike like that was basically impossible in an evenly-matched battle. Even though a difference in strength existed, Li Qingshan still sent Xiao An to distract the enemy, to make them remain where they were and divert their attention. After that, he spent quite some time divining and calculating with the spirit turtle. Only then did he strike valiantly, launching a blow like that.

The result of taking a strike from him was no longer as simple as being reduced to a pulp. Their bodies had been completely destroyed, reduced to a bloody mist.

Coincidentally, right when Li Qingshan landed on the ground, Xiao An flew over and swung the Blood Sea Banner, sucking the bloody mist and souls inside.

Just like that, the Myriad Poison cult that had been passed down through the generations, standing in infamy for thousands of years, had been devastated in a single day, their lineage severed under a single palm strike.

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