Chapter 799 – Let Me Lend You a Hand

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Chapter 799 – Let Me Lend You a Hand

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber wanted to turn Savage mountain into a demonic sect. He had put in quite the effort, but the results had never been promising. The cave masters all had their own thoughts. They could all tell what he was trying to do.

Even that Li person doesn’t really care, yet a damned fatty like you badgers on endlessly. That’s not for you to fret about!

However, after experiencing this battle, the cave masters could not help but re-evaluate the possibility of this plan. Since even the Myriad Poison cult was helpless against him, even devastated by a single palm strike from Li Qingshan, Savage mountain was clearly trying to rise up as the greatest organisation of the south. It became even more impossible for them to rely on others to get out of their current situation.

As a result, the rock that Li Qingshan sat on was no longer just a rock, but a throne that possessed great authority over numerous lives. It tempted them all. If one day, when Li Qingshan became sick of sitting on it, the next person to sit down there would be the new King of Savages.

Li Qingshan had no interest in founding some large organisation, nor did he believe he had the capabilities as a leader. However, this was the cultivation community. People naturally submitted to strength, and strength could replace all tactics and schemes.

“You’ve all been troubled with handling the Myriad Poison cult’s attack this time!” Li Qingshan waved his hand and the people answered loudly, “Serving the king is our duty.”

“The Myriad Poison cult has completely overestimated themselves. I’ve already devastated their entire sect. Only the Myriad Poison Ancestor remains. I still don’t have confidence in killing him, so I’ll spare him for now. I’ll definitely make him pay in the future.”

“Mighty be the king!”

“If I didn’t have you today… the formations obviously would not have fallen, but I’ve mentioned long ago that I’ll remember anyone who contributes. In particular, you seem a lot skinner, fatty the second!”

Li Qingshan pointed at the first seat to his left. The huge, stone seat basically struggled to contain the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber’s fat.

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber tried to decline the honour, but he laughed so hard that all his fat jiggled. He added, “My king, just like how nothing can be accomplished without rules and standards, let’s set up a set of rules for our Savage mountain. You can’t only rely on the Blood Oath Scroll, just in case someone constantly slacks off and merely spectates from one side!”

Li Qingshan glanced around. “Do you have any objections to that?”

The cave masters all expressed their agreement. Li Qingshan said, “Alright, I’ll leave this up to you then, fatty the second!”

“Hold on!” A cave master stood forward in opposition.


Li Qingshan looked over, only to see it was actually the Marquis of Serene Sea. He said in thought, “Ever since you swore the blood oath, you never said anything as long as I wasn’t talking to you. You look down on the other cave masters too. Why have you suddenly stepped forward today?”

“Marquis, what objections do you have? Don’t tell me you still have other thoughts of returning to your estate?”

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber turned around. The friendliness unique to fatties suddenly vanished. His face warped hideously, which made them all remember he was an infamous demonic cultivator of the south.

“I completely agree with the second cave master’s suggestion, but shouldn’t the first rule be determining our position among one another? In the south, only strength matters, so I request a competition, my king, to re-establish the rankings. I refuse to believe I’ll just be the tenth cave master!”

The Marquis of Serene Sea clasped his hands. Because he was the last person to swear the oath, he was ranked tenth. He had never cared about this ranking, but he stood forward now to contest it. Even if he could not defeat Yu Wufeng, was he supposed to lose to this fatty?

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber’s face became even more twisted. He had never expected the Marquis of Serene Sea to suddenly realise and contend with him. A few other cave masters agreed with the Marquis of Serene Sea and banded together. Rankings were not a number anymore, but actual reputation and authority. Who was willing to dwell beneath another?

“The current rankings will definitely change in the future, but I don’t look at just strength. There’s contribution as well. The Fire Devouring King calls me powerless and useless. I wish to destroy him, to demonstrate that I am not powerless and useless. If you have any suggestions, you’re welcome to bring them forward!”

Li Qingshan straightened himself out and placed both hands on the armrests, suddenly bringing this up.

The hall fell silent. Why had he suddenly mentioned the Fire Devouring King? The Fire Devouring King was an existence much more troublesome than the Myriad Poison cult.

Across the entire Mist province, there were many more large sects than in the Green province, but their foundations and heritages paled in comparison. Often, only the sect master was a great cultivator who had undergone the third heavenly tribulation with the position passed down from third heavenly tribulation cultivator to the next third heavenly tribulation cultivator.

This was because conflict was all too common in the Mist province. It was not just between sects, but among sects too. Hypothetically, if Qian Liangmu became the leader of the Myriad Poison cult, his senior brother and junior sister would probably flee. If they underwent the third heavenly tribulation but were still unable to take the position of cult leader from him, they would make a fresh start and found a new sect elsewhere. This was why the Mist province was littered with sects and independent cultivators.

But across the entire Mist province, there were only one group of fire devourers. They had never fragmented either. The forces they had accumulated through the generations was well beyond what the Myriad Poison cult could contend with. Fire devourers were extremely belligerent in nature, so once they were provoked, they would swarm over like a group of hornets.

“What’s wrong? Have you all become mute?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Please reconsider, my king. The fire devourers are no trivial race. They’re littered with powerful existences. The formations of Savage mountain are controlled by the Great Banyan Tree King, but even they might not necessarily be enough to stop them,” the Marquis of Serene Sea said.

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber cast aside their dispute from earlier and expressed agreement. Once they declared war against the fire devourers, their chances of dying would increase drastically. The Fire Devouring King did not show mercy when he began killing humans.

“Heh, what a group of unreliable people. You stand forward when there’s benefits up for grabs and shrink back in the face of difficulty. Wufeng, what do you think?” Li Qingshan asked the silent, thinking Yu Wufeng.

“Your orders are my command, my king! I’m willing to serve you like a horse!” Yu Wufeng immediately stood up.

Li Qingshan frowned slightly. Originally, he wanted to see whether he could borrow the forces of the South Sea Sword pavilion, but Yu Wufeng indirectly implied he refused to pull the South Sea Sword pavilion into this mess.

This was why Li Qingshan had no interest in founding some kind of organisation, especially from a group of demonic cultivators. Any rules or systems he set up would be completely unreliable. It was still easier to just order them around with the Blood Oath Scroll. He snorted inside, When the time comes, the lot of you can go plug up the top of the volcano!

Under Li Qingshan’s gaze of ill intentions, the hall fell silent once again. The atmosphere was heavy. No one said anything.

Suddenly, a crisp voice rang out from outside the hall, “Young bloke, do you really plan on opposing the fire devourers?”

The cave masters looked over. They were wondering who was bold enough to show such disrespect to Li Qingshan, only to see a woman in white standing there with a smile. Her skin was gentle and lucid like jade, even paler than her clothes, but she was merely a Foundation Establishment cultivator. However, Xiao An, who directly controlled their fates, stood beside her expressionlessly.

“Show some respect! I’m the King of Savages now!” Li Qingshan smiled and leaned back on his throne again.

“Greetings, my king!” Ru Xin arrived before the throne and bowed gracefully. She seemed to be in an extremely great mood.

“What, are you still trying to persuade me to not oppose the fire devourers?” Li Qingshan asked.

“No, no, no. Let me lend you a hand, to render the fire devourers extinct!” Ru Xin smiled. Her dark eyes shimmered with a cold light.

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