Chapter 802 – Try Living First

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Chapter 802 – Try Living First

“Oh?” Ye Weiyang could not help but re-evaluate Li Qingshan who flew down from Savage mountain, only to see him scanning his surroundings, clearly having not noticed her existence. He had merely sensed something. However, if it had only been intuition, then his intuition would be a little too sharp, which did not match his cultivation.

The Great Banyan Tree King definitely was not a liar. From what he was implying, if they clashed, it would definitely cause her detriment too, but that was a little too unbelievable. He was only at the second heavenly tribulation. No matter what startling techniques he possessed, he would reach the level of the third heavenly tribulation at most, but it was all the same for her to assassinate as long as she wanted to.

As a result, she said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I still have to test him out first. I need to see whether he’s qualified to sit down and have a talk with me!”

The Great Banyan Tree King said, “Then test him out!”

Li Qingshan had been cultivating in the centre of the mountain when a sense of danger suddenly rose up in his heart. As a result, he left the hall and arrived on the main peak to look around, but he only saw the gentle night breeze, the brilliant moonlight, and the dark banyan tree. There was nothing amiss.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao An arrived beside him.

Li Qingshan told her what he felt. The sense of danger was so obscure, almost non-existent. “Perhaps I’m mistaken. Logically speaking, what danger can I face if I stay on Savage mountain?”

“No, there’s still a possibility!” Xiao An shook her head gently and took out the Bamboo-Jade Lot of the Cloud Bookcase, shutting her eyes and divining.

“What possibility?”

“The Shadow Queen!”

Xiao An opened her eyes. The results of the divination were nothing, which was expected. There was only one person who could make him feel threatened on Savage mountain, yet still evade and deceive his instincts—the king of assassins in the Mist province, the Shadow Queen. Misleading regular divination techniques was nothing difficult for her.

“Myriad Poison can’t force his way in, so he sought external aid?”

With the truth unraveled by Xiao An, the faint sense of danger immediately cleared up. Although it was still weak enough to be neglected, Li Qingshan got serious. He refused to show the slightest carelessness.

None of those third heavenly tribulation kings and queens were easy targets to deal with, let alone an assassin who was skilled in defeating those stronger than her. If he compared himself to her, he probably was not even the stronger one in this case.

“Perhaps she’s already here!”

Li Qingshan leapt down, and his forehead shone, turning into a crystal eye. It produced a red streak of light that scanned through the valley. At the same time, he sent out his soul sense and looked around, but he obviously found nothing.

If she could be discovered so easily, she would not be the Shadow Queen.

Li Qingshan flew back into the sky. His eyes suddenly became tranquil, azure like the ocean. He divined with the spirit turtle, and the sense of danger became heavier and clearer, but it seemed like it was hidden behind the curtain of night, preventing him from pinpointing the source of danger.

As a result, he no longer had any doubts. The Shadow Queen was here, but where exactly?

Abruptly, he felt something. A power was prying around in his mind. Using this connection, he immediately obtained a result. She’s… right in front of me!

Li Qingshan shuddered and said nothing else, directly hurling a punch.

Ye Weiyang arrived in front of Li Qingshan and stroked her chin, studying the man called the “King of Savages”, but she was in no hurry to strike.

Heh, he really does have quite an extraordinary bearing. His body is so tough that it completely surpasses any regular person, even able to contend with Daemon Commanders, or even more than that. There really aren’t a lot of second heavenly tribulation existences that can stop him. You can say that he’s a genius. No wonder the tree king has been giving him special treatment, but if that’s all, tonight is going to be the time when you die. Let’s see what you’re thinking.

As soon as Ye Weiyang used the mind-reading technique, Li Qingshan’s eyes snapped open. His aura poured from his body, gushing through the endless night. His aura all gathered on his right hand, and he punched out.


Ye Weiyang was finally fazed, not only surprised by how he could actually discover her, but also because of the power behind the punch.

Normally, she was immune to most attacks in her current state, but the incoming punch made her feel something she had not felt in a long time—pressure!

However, she was not on the same level as Ghost Shadow. Her figure twisted and drifted away like a shadow.


Li Qingshan struck the air.

At that moment, Ye Weiyang felt a rumble like a lightning strike.

The power of tremors expanded like ripples, and space began to ripple as well. A dark shadow was forced out!

Immediately, a shiny, white bone sword stabbed towards the dark shadow. Xiao An struck!

Under the brilliant moon, the sword thrust out with no intentions of returning. Her long hair drifted through the air; she seemed like a goddess from another world.

The bone sword was the same as her. It did not give off a particularly startling power. It did not give off any aura at all, even untouched by the moonlight. It was only thrust out in such an ordinary way. It was the sword that slew buddhas.

I’ve actually been assassinated by someone!?

Ye Weiyang found this absolutely preposterous. She had not been careless. She just never thought someone could actually hide their aura to such a degree, where even she failed to notice it. However, in the moment afterwards, she discovered that she had still ended up underestimating the stroke.

The Buddha Slaying sword pierced the darkness, and the darkness ripped and scattered like cloth.

The moonlight was clear and bright, stretching endlessly through the sky.

Li Qingshan and Xiao An stood back-to-back. They communicated with their soul sense, “She really is the Shadow Queen. That punch of mine only managed to force her out. It probably didn’t harm her at all!”

Xiao An said, “My sword stroke definitely injured her, but I don’t know how effective it was.”

“Hmph, we need to make her understand that my Savage mountain isn’t a place where she can come and go as she pleases.”

“Right now, she really can come and go as she pleases,” said Xiao An. Throughout the entire world, there probably were not a lot of people who could kill her.

“Oh you. Don’t pick up bad habits from Ru Xin. Since force doesn’t work, let’s try some diplomacy!”

In the quiet night, Li Qingshan’s voice suddenly broke the silence. He clasped his hands. “I didn’t know the Shadow Queen had paid a visit, so forgive me for failing to welcome you. Why don’t you show yourself so that we can have a drink together?”

Under the great banyan tree, the night roamers were all alarmed. They raised their heads and looked around. When Ghost Shadow heard “Shadow Queen”, his face changed drastically. He knew it was useless, but he still looked around instinctively. The Shadow Queen! She’s here! Is she here to take me away? If she finds out about my plans, wouldn’t I… He became too afraid to think any further. He quickly dismissed his thoughts, afraid to let his thoughts wander anymore.

“With that punch alone, you’re worthy of the title of ‘King of Savages’. If you include that stroke, it’s no wonder you’re able to sweep through the entire south. Even the King of Southern Yue has underestimated you!”

Ye Weiyang’s voice rang out slightly, drifting about unsteadily.

Hearing the voice, Ghost Shadow turned sheet-white!

Li Qingshan frowned slightly. Even with the powers of the spirit turtle, he was unable to lock onto her position. This was the power of the greatest assassin of the Mist province. She truly deserved her reputation.

“We’ve never had any misgivings or grievances. Even my subordinates are composed of so many night roamers. You can even say we’re similar. Are you perhaps under Myriad Poison’s request, which is why you’re making an enemy out of me?”

“Before you say that, why don’t you try living first, Li Qingshan?”

Ye Weiyang struck resolutely.

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