Chapter 808 – A Pursuit of Ten Thousand Kilometers

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Chapter 808 – A Pursuit of Ten Thousand Kilometers

In the boundless sky, the Myriad Poison Ancestor tore through the air. His face continued to twitch. Apart from his fury and humiliation, he mostly felt shaken up. He had almost messed up such a simple task with his visit to Savage mountain this time.

After blowing up the tumour, he wanted to use the opportunity to kill the two of them, but his vigilance still ended up gaining the upper hand over him. He could not ignore the feeling of danger in his heart anymore. He felt that protecting himself first was the priority, so he flew back to the Myriad Poison cult without even looking back.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. He looked back, only to see a blood-red blur tailing right behind him, constantly flashing about and growing closer and closer. He called out, “Don’t even think about it!”

The bellow demonstrated his great bearing as a great cultivator, powerful enough to halt a river. He did not seem weakened at all.

If regular cultivators heard that, they would definitely become stricken with fear. If they were a little weaker, even developing inner demons from fright and losing their wits was possible.

However, Yin Qing’s lips only curled up. The words of a defeated general bore no weight. She had been overestimating this old man by treating him as an Asura King. She had faced countless battles of death in the Asura realm, so how could she be frightened by something like that? It only demonstrated the fear he was trying to hide.

She swung her hand, and the circular blade flew out, piercing through the sky and arriving right in front of the Myriad Poison Ancestor.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor sent the circular blade flying with a furious palm strike, but it did make him halt momentarily. Yin Qing suddenly appeared above his head and wielded her fingers like a blade, plunging them towards the top of his head.

Li Qingshan had just grabbed the Myriad Poison Ancestor by the head and given him a thrashing, which the Myriad Poison Ancestor viewed as a deep disgrace, so how could he let anyone touch his head again? With a wave of his great sleeve, the poisonous gas rolled out and forced Yin Qing back. A shrivelled hand was hidden inside, ready to strike like a venomous snake. He suddenly grasped an opening, and it shot towards Yin Qing like an arrow.

Yin Qing’s figure vanished, having hidden herself in space and moved several dozen meters away, which made the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s lethal strike miss. However, the poisonous gas got her body. The flesh and blood beneath her skin in some places had been directly exposed, going from a charming beauty to utterly hideous.

But she did not care about it at all. Instead, her mind settled down. The poison of this old man sure is potent, but it’s not lethal to me. I’ll continue keeping him busy like this.

With the undying body of an asura, even Li Qingshan was not confident he could kill her in a single punch.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor could vaguely sense that something was amiss.

Currently, Li Qingshan gulped down the tree sap he had obtained from the Great Banyan Tree King on Savage mountain. At the same time, he used the Watermirror’s Image to draw out the spiritual qi within the Water God Seal of Cloud Dream marsh, slowly recovering his daemon qi. His flesh began to regrow.

Xiao An waved the Blood Sea Banner, which produced a dragon of blood that rinsed her white bones. It diluted the toxins, which she then purified with the Samādhi Flames of White Bone.

If regular cultivators were caught by the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s poison, then it would be a colossal problem. If they could not find the antidote, perhaps they would have to spend the rest of their lives contending with the poison, and they would probably still end up dying. As a result, even other great cultivators on par with him would be as cautious as possible when they clashed with him. Unless they had no other choice, they were all reluctant to have him as an enemy. That was also the major reason why the Myriad Poison Ancestor could dominate in the south.

However, Li Qingshan and Xiao An practised cultivation methods that far surpassed this world, bestowing them with extremely powerful bodies and leaving them unafraid of being poisoned to death. However, the poison was still extremely potent and stubborn. They could only suppress it for now, where completely cleansing it would still take a very long time.

Li Qingshan did not wait for his wounds to completely heal. When he had recovered just a bit of strength, where many parts of his body was still bone, he suddenly unfurled the phoenix wings and wrapped a hand around Xiao An. The fierce wind fanned the flames, constantly building up power.

Right when he was about to set off, he suddenly heard a familiar voice. Looking back, he only saw Ru Xin standing at the top of the mountain, waving at him. “Have a safe trip! Remember to write back!”

“Fuck off!”

Li Qingshan cursed out of exasperation. He suddenly unleashed his power, and two long streaks of flames tailed behind him. He had already shot off into the air, chasing right after the Myriad Poison Ancestor.

“Lowly scum, you’re asura? Why do you listen to Li Qingshan’s orders? Were you the one who infiltrated the Myriad Poison cult and killed the people?” the Myriad Poison Ancestor barked.

Having clashed with Yin Qing several times, the Myriad Poison Ancestor was amazed by the ingenuity of her “movement technique”. However, it also made him wonder about who was behind the massacre of the Myriad Poison cult.

Originally, he thought it was Ghost Shadow, but he simply did not have the ability to pass through the formations. Even if he did, he would only kill the regular disciples at most. The protectors and elders definitely could not be slain so easily. He had finally found the answer to this question that had puzzled him all this time. This woman, this asura, does have the strength!

“Did you like what you saw on the square? And those words on the screen wall were pretty, weren’t they? I put my heart into writing them. After all, it’s been so many years since I’ve last written something.”

Yin Qing smiled as her body faded about. Although she had constantly avoided direct clashes with the Myriad Poison Ancestor, her situation was not looking good. A small part of her right arm had been eaten away, and because of the poison, it was unable to heal. She had countless other injuries elsewhere. In order to keep the Myriad Poison Ancestor busy, she had paid quite the price.

But despite that, she was just as vicious and sharp as before. This was the will of an asura she had tempered.

“It really was you!”

The Myriad Poison Ancestor flew into a rage. The followers of the Myriad Poison cult had all been annihilated by Li Qingshan all because something had happened in the cult, which drew him away. Now that he had seen the person behind it all, how could he not grind his teeth in hatred? Moreover, he regretted underestimating Li Qingshan yet again. Originally, he merely treated him as a young greenhorn, but never did he expect him to possess so much strength, where he could even freely order around an Asura Commander.

“So what if it’s me?”

Yin Qing was completely unconcerned, but she appeared several hundred meters away, distancing herself from the Myriad Poison Ancestor a little. She thought, Who knows if this old man still has any trump cards left. I better be careful. I can’t let him grasp an opportunity, or my life might really be in danger.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor said sunkenly, “You want to keep me busy so that Li Qingshan can catch up, but little do you know that he’s been poisoned by me. He’s even struggling to save his own hide right now, so why would he still care about you? I’ll be killing you for sure today!”

With that, he suddenly raised both hands. “Mutual Burial of Myriad Poison!” However, it made green blood spurt out from his mouth first. Even when his body was in perfect condition, he faced some pressure when he used this secret technique of the Myriad Poison cult, so let alone right now. He harmed himself before he even laid his hands on the opponent, but for the sake of revenge, he could not care so much anymore.

Most importantly, he did not want an assassin like her coming and going as she pleased while he rested and healed in the Myriad Poison cult, able to threaten him at any time.

The poison on Yin Qing erupted with a hundred times the potency. Her eyes became completely covered in green veins before withering away in the blink of an eye. Her ears, eyes, mouth, and nose she had been carefully guarding the entire time were immediately disabled, leaving her deaf and blind. She did not panic, immediately hiding away in the space there.

However, the poison continued to spread madly. If this continued, she definitely would not be able to last too long.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor did not budge, maintaining his posture with his arms raised and circulating his powers at full strength. Green blood constantly oozed out of his mouth, but his lips curled into a brutal, vengeful smile. He did not need too long. He only needed to last a while longer until she died from the poison. Then he would return to the Myriad Poison cult with ease and recuperate before finding Li Qingshan for revenge.

This time, he wanted Li Qingshan dead for good even if he had to cast aside his pride and invite a few “honoured guests” he was on good terms with.

Actually, he had a thought that even he himself refused to acknowledge, which was compared to revenge, it was perhaps better described as self-defence. He had been frightened by this battle. If Li Qingshan and Xiao An were free to continue cultivating, then the day either one of them underwent the third heavenly cultivation would be the day he died.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor’s mouth violently sprayed with blood. He suddenly looked at the horizon. A streak of fire shot over.

Li Qingshan gazed at the Myriad Poison Ancestor from afar, but before he could even celebrate, he felt the poison he had suppressed after so much difficulty suddenly erupt violently, invading his body and even his soul madly. It left him surprised.

This old bastard still has this trick up his sleeve! But when he uses this, it doesn’t seem like he can move. If he were seated on the jade throne and allowed to use it calmly, it really would be troublesome.

Li Qingshan had no idea that this was the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s original plan. Unfortunately, his defences had crumbled before he even had an opportunity to use it, forced into dire straits. After being heavily injured, it was even less likely for him to use it rashly. With Li Qingshan’s strength, he would have thrashed the Myriad Poison Ancestor that had been reduced to a sitting duck to death before he even came close to dying from the poison.

At this moment, Li Qingshan and Xiao An had basically walked into the move, but unbeknownst to them, they helped Yin Qing share much of the burden, while the Myriad Poison Ancestor felt several times more pressure. The more poison he erupted with, the greater the pressure he had to endure too. His wounds worsened further.

He was tempted to grind down Li Qingshan like this, or gather his focus and kill off this asura first, but he saw Li Qingshan charge right towards him again after pausing momentarily. He was much slower than before, but it would not take him too long to reach him, so the Myriad Poison Ancestor immediately paled in shock. He no longer dared to continue with this, stopping the technique in a hurry and flying away.

Yin Qing used the last bit of strength left in her to leap out of the space. Then she gave way, falling out of the sky.

Li Qingshan extended his hand and caught her. He said,”Thanks.” before sending her into the Asura Field. Then he handed the Asura Field to Xiao An. He instructed her. “Take her back to Savage mountain to be cured!”

Xiao An hesitated before nodding. She had also been influenced by the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s Mutual Burial of Myriad Poison, which made the poison in her act up again. Her regenerative powers were not as great as Li Qingshan’s, so if she continued with the pursuit, the body of white bone she had tempered after so much difficulty would probably sustain even greater damage.

Li Qingshan flew away. His scarlet eyes locked firmly onto a green speck. He only had a single thought in his head. He could not let the Myriad Poison Ancestor return to the Myriad Poison cult safely!

A green streak of light soared through the sky with a scarlet streak of light tailing closely behind. They moved with lightning speed, crossing hundreds of kilometers with each instant.

Both of them were throwing their lives on the line. The Myriad Poison Ancestor was as injured as he could be, where his speed was nowhere close to when he was in his peak condition. While Li Qingshan was heavily injured too and poisoned, he had a ferocious battle spirit where he grew bolder and more viscous the more he fought and was injured. He pushed the daemon core and flapped his wings, constantly pulling closer.

A while later, the front of the scarlet light was basically touching the tail of the green light. Only five kilometers separated them.

At this moment, the Myriad Poison cult also appeared on the horizon.

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