Chapter 809 – Child of the Earth

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Chapter 809 – Child of the Earth

The Myriad Poison Ancestor ravished with joy inside. He glanced back, but it clearly was not Li Qingshan that was pursuing him anymore. He was clearly a daemon with scarlet eyes, fire-like hair, ox horns, and a tiger tail, his murderousness and malice mixing with his daemon qi and gushing into the air as he pressed closer.

Without the cover of the demonic armour, everything became extremely clear. The Myriad Poison Ancestor wondered, The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga is an orthodox sect of buddhism, so why do they have a daemon as a disciple? And that Xiao An definitely is not human either, which is why she can resist my poison.

He could vaguely see the two words etched on his ox horns, which suddenly made him think of a letter from a few years ago. Back then, it had caused quite a stir among the upper echelon of the cultivation community of the Mist province. The Dragon King of Ink Sea of the Green province had suddenly entered the territory of the Mist province. Originally, they thought he had some kind of dispute with the Great Banyan Tree King, but only afterwards did they find out he was hunting down a daemon, and the name of the daemon seemed to be Northmoon!

The Myriad Poison cult rapidly expanded and pulled closer. He was only a moment away from reaching it, so the Myriad Poison Ancestor no longer had any fears. He swung his hands backwards, and with a great rumble, a ring of green light erupted.

Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed, reflecting the green colour. With how close it was and how fast he was moving, it was absolutely impossible for him to dodge in time. He bellowed out and punched through the green light, but he did pause uncontrollably.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor used the force of the blow to speed up a little more, immediately pulling away from Li Qingshan. He did not even forget to spit out a threat. “Li Qingshan, I’ll never forget about our grievances today! It’ll definitely be paid back on fold!”

“Why don’t you say that after you survive today!” Li Qingshan extended his hand towards the Myriad Poison Ancestor from afar and pressed down with it. Gravity of the Earth!

The Myriad Poison Ancestor immediately felt his body weigh a hundred times heavier, suddenly drooping downwards and flying towards a mountain on the ground. He adjusted his posture in a hurry and shot through the top of the mountain, turning it into a gully.

“What kind of move is this!?”

Then Li Qingshan raised his hand, and the Myriad Poison Ancestor immediately felt as light as a feather. Not only had the gravitational pull vanished completely, but it was even replaced by a repulsive force. He suddenly floated upwards, rushing into the sky.

Flying at full speed, controlling his body became extremely difficult, and he was heavily injured on top of that. With the increase and decrease in gravity, his body bobbed up and down violently, moving much more slowly now.

However, no matter how helpless he was, he was still flying in the direction of the Myriad Poison cult. The Gravity of the Earth could not cause him any actual damage, while Li Qingshan had to split his focus to use the innate ability, so his speed was affected too. If this continued, the Myriad Poison Ancestor would escape, which made him frown.

Do I just let him escape? What should I do? It’s a pity that while you can’t say the Gravity of the Earth is completely useless, all it can do is pester the enemy. Only if I could draw him to me. Hold on… Li Qingshan’s eyes suddenly lit up as if he had realised something.

He had once grumbled that the Ox Demon Tramples was useless and difficult to use, but now, it had already become his most powerful innate ability. No matter who he faced, he only needed to throw a punch, and that was enough. Was the third innate ability of the ox demon really just for support and pestering the enemy?

Li Qingshan halted. He stopped flapping his wings.

Seeing this, the Myriad Poison Ancestor felt great pity. This kid sure is resolute. He can pick up or let go of his emotions at whim. If he follows me to the surroundings of the Myriad Poison cult, I’ll be able to use the formations to deal a devastating blow to him. I didn’t think he’d actually give up.

Li Qingshan’s body tensed up, becoming as lofty as a mountain and as firm as the earth. He had given up the pursuit to unleash an innate ability that had absolutely no offensive power at all at full strength, the Strength of the Earth!

As long as he stood on the earth, the second innate ability of the ox demon bestowed him with endless strength, also making his strength greater. To a very large degree, the mighty strength of the ox demon relied on this innate ability, but because this innate ability was not explicit, it often gave people the false impression that it was not used, which did coincide with the ox demon’s discreet and sedated nature. As a matter of fact, even Li Qingshan sometimes forgot about the assistance that this innate ability provided.

With the sovereign heavens above and the thick earth below, they ruled over all. The sovereign heavens were supreme, where the sun and moon shone brightly while the stars glimmered in the distance, like the father of all creation. Lightning, rain, and dew were all its gifts. The thick earth dwelled peacefully below, where the plains stood vast and the mountains stretched endlessly, like the mother of all creation. It bore the heavy responsibility of allowing all life to thrive.

All of creation revered the sovereign heavens and cultivators painstakingly searched for the “heavenly dao” too, but who ever thought of the vast earth beneath them, calling it the “earthly dao”?

As a result, Li Qingshan spread his arms. “I am the child of the earth!”

The Myriad Poison cult was within arm’s reach. The Myriad Poison Ancestor only needed a few seconds to reach it, and he had already shaken off Li Qingshan. No matter what he did, it was useless now. He could finally recuperate in peace before considering how he would achieve revenge. His instincts told him that the identity of Northmoon could be taken advantage of. Perhaps he could completely devastate Li Qingshan without even fighting.

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly halted, but having bobbed up and down a few times, he was already prepared. He would not be affected as easily anymore, except he discovered this time that the invisible force did not pull him downwards. Instead, it pulled him backwards.

Li Qingshan used the Gravity of the Earth again, but he used the Strength of the Earth to change the direction of the gravity, tugging the Myriad Poison Ancestor towards him. He did not budge, where even his murderousness had become diluted, now replaced by a broad, sedated aura as he unleashed the strength of the ox demon!

The force was invisible and beyond touch, but it definitely could not be cut off or severed, gripping the Myriad Poison Ancestor firmly. He discovered in shock that not only did he fly slower and lower, he actually came to a halt in the end before gradually approaching Li Qingshan.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor was overwhelmed with fright. He roared hoarsely, desperately contending against this force. If he were in peak condition, then perhaps he still stood a chance, but he was heavily injured now. In order to distance himself from Li Qingshan, he even went as far as to worsen his condition. He was already a spent force.

Li Qingshan was quite injured too, but the Strength of the Earth could be unleashed at full capacity regardless of his condition, even if he were on the brink of death.

And when he faced others in a contention of strength with earth as his foundation, no matter what the contention was, he was confident he would never lose.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor watched helplessly as the Myriad Poison cult grew further and further away and Li Qingshan pulled closer and closer. He finally began to panic. “Li Qingshan, you really won’t let this end until one of us is dead, will you? I’m an honoured guest of the King of Southern Yue’s estate. If you kill me, the King of Southern Yue won’t spare you.”

Li Qingshan’s face was determined as he remained completely silent, giving off a sense of tenacity where he would not give up until he reached his objectives. Regardless of what attempts of threats, intimidation, temptations, and pleadings for mercy the Myriad Poison Ancestor threw at him, he remained completely unfazed—I just want you to die today!

Five kilometers, three kilometers, half a kilometer.

Three hundred meters, thirty meters, three meters…


Li Qingshan let out a furious roar of utter satisfaction and threw a punch at the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s face.

Exhausted, the Myriad Poison Ancestor was unable to dodge. To a spectator, it seemed like he had offered his face up to be punched. His face twisted, caved in, and shattered loudly!

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