Chapter 832 – New Powers of the Innate Ability

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Chapter 832 – New Powers of the Innate Ability

“This’ll be the first stop!”

Li Qingshan pointed at a shining speck of light on the mental map with his index finger.

Under the brilliant sunlight, the deep-green sea of trees surged.

The thick, fat leaves wove together to form a boundless cloud of green, preventing any of the resplendent rays of sunlight from passing through. It was dim under the canopy woven from the branches.

A tree around six hundred meters tall stood within the jungle, covered in tree holes like an ant’s nest. Bone Eating shamans large in stature and hideous in appearance moved around on it.

They seemed like beasts, but there was a clear order and a division of labour. When regular Bone Eating shamans encountered the noble shaman priest, they all lowered their heads to express respect. There were also patrolling guards that looked around with their sharp eyes.

Of course, there were also hunters responsible for hunting.

At this moment, a group returned, but what they hunted obviously was not something else. Every single Bone Eating shaman carried humans, where most of them were women. Some were unconscious—the luckier ones. Those that were still conscious were forced to watch as the Bone Eating tribe drew closer, like they had fallen into a bottomless abyss. Fear and despair filled their faces.

The Bone Eating shaman at the very front of the group also happened to be the largest. Even with his back hunched, he stood as tall as two people. A pair of boar-like tusks extended out from the corners of his mouth, which stood out very much.

“Tusks” let out a strange, excited howl. His mouth was all bloodied, truly a huge, gaping mouth. Countless similar howls rang out in the tribe to welcome the returning hunters as well as the food they had brought back.

The roars echoed through the dim jungle. It basically seemed like hell. The woman on “Tusks’” shoulder could not withstand this terrifying pressure anymore, letting out a hysterical scream.

“Tusks” looked over and produced a stunning growl, except the overwhelming, foul smell of blood made the woman lose it completely. Her screams became even more shrill.

Tusks ran out of patience, biting off the woman’s head in a single mouthful. He chewed away with cracks and crunches as brain matter leaked out from the corner of his mouth. Blood sprayed from the severed neck. Tusks seemed to have filled himself during the hunting trip already, so he tossed the headless corpse far away, landing beside a group of young, playing Bone Eating shamans.

The group of Bone Eating shaman children only stood half as tall as an adult. Apart from their sharp teeth and claws, they clearly still possessed many human characteristics. However, when they saw the female corpse, their faces immediately twisted as they rushed over, pushing and shoving each other as they ripped the corpse to pieces and filled themselves.

Tusks laughed aloud. The other Bone Eating shamans began to laugh as well.

At this moment, a Bone Eating shaman priest scolded Tusks. Women were for procreation. They had brought them back after so much difficulty, so how could he just waste them like that. Tusks did not talk back, lowering his head and admitting his mistake. The laughter in the surroundings became even clearer and louder.

The Bone Eating shaman priest did not take the matter any further than that, ordering them to bring back the prey. However, the laughter continued to echo through the forest, and the smell of blood did not disperse.

The Bone Eating shaman priest gazed at this and sighed from the bottom of his heart. “What a quiet, peaceful day!”


Several dozen kilometers away, Li Qingshan heard the strange laughter that resembled the roars of wild beasts. He said to Xiao An, “They should be right up ahead. Let’s take a look with the Profound Light Illuminates All first!”

With a wave of his hand, the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell revealed the Bone Eating tribe. Li Qingshan specially noticed that the trees were painted with dark, red glyphs. They seemed to form one whole object, enveloping the entire tree.

“That doesn’t seem to be a regular formation, and there’s nothing defensive about it either. It’s very difficult to discern its actual use. There are plenty of ancient secret techniques that have been passed down in the Mist province,” said Xiao An.

“Won’t we know if we just go over there and test it?”

It was exactly because it was the first battle that Li Qingshan was cautious. From the brightness of the point on the map, he deduced that the Bone Eating tribe roughly had several hundred Bone Eating shamans and a chieftain that had undergone the first heavenly tribulation. The strength of the Qiongqi totem would be difficult to tell, but it could not be stronger than a Daemon Commander.

This was a battle where he possessed an absolute advantage. There was absolutely no need for him to plot and plan. Just crushing them openly was enough.

In the blink of an eye, he had flown across several dozen kilometers. The moment he approached the trees near the Bone Eating tribe, Li Qingshan sensed the purpose of the formation. Seems to be for weakening enemies.

The glyphs all lit up, and the lingering smell of blood suddenly thickened, giving off a powerful aura. It made him feel a hint of resistance, and even the spiritual qi of the world had been interfered with.

However, it was absolutely nothing to Li Qingshan.

The Bone Eating shamans noticed Li Qingshan too. They all lunged over while growling, moving through the branches like the wind as swiftly as panthers.

However, Li Qingshan had ample time to study every single one of them. Looks like it also strengthens them quite a bit. How troublesome!

The trouble he was talking about was obviously not the Bone Eating shamans right in front of him that had not even undergone the first heavenly tribulation, but the Bone Eating Shaman King thousands of kilometers away.

He scaled up everything he saw to estimate the layout of Bone Eating City. If that place had these formations too, they would probably be ten or even a hundred times stronger. Coupled with a Qiongqi totem on par with Daemon Kings, even if he managed to outperform himself on the spot, it would be useless.

The Bone Eating Shaman King was different from the Myriad Poison Ancestor too. He had a tough body and was skilled in close combat, so it would be very difficult for a sneak attack to succeed. Even if it somehow succeeded, it would not play a decisive role in the battle.

I definitely can’t clash with the Bone Eating Shaman King there! I don’t even have a ten percent chance at victory!

Li Qingshan sighed and spat out a gust of air. It turned into a tornado with a whistle and swept away all the Bone Eating shamans right before him.

The Asura Field was already in his hand. It produced a blood-red vortex and swallowed the Bone Eating shamans.

Li Qinshan did not enter the tree holes. He just stood at the entrance and blew air through the entire structure, whisking out the Bone Eating shamans one by one and sending them into the Asura Field.

He was like an ant-eater, extending his long tongue into the ant nest and licking up the ants.

A furious roar rang out from the holes and even the tree shook. An extremely fierce Bone Eating shaman rushed over. He was the chieftain that had undergone the heavenly tribulation.

Li Qingshan glanced past the chieftain. If it were not for refining the Asura Field, his breath alone could tear the entire tree to shreds. In order to ensure that these Bone Eating shamans had enough energy to fight, he had been as “gentle” as possible, doing all that he could to prevent them from being injured.

The Bone Eating shaman chieftain stiffened. His mind that had almost gone insane from anger was suddenly overwhelmed with great fear. He seemed to see a scarlet tiger gazing at him, its eyes blazing like blood and fire. His face blanked out, like he had entered a nightmare. Then he was whisked off into the Asura Field by the breath without being able to put up the slightest resistance.

Sure enough, it works! So turning souls into haunts is just the surface-level effect. The deeper effect is to stun the soul. I gotta see if I can make the living submit to me later. If I can, then no matter how many enemies there are, as long as their cultivation is below mine, I just need to look over, and they’ll all become my servants! That’s fucking wicked!

Li Qingshan riled up with enthusiasm, and his thoughts ran wild again.

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