Chapter 833 – Nightmare Tiger’s Demonic Eye

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Chapter 833 – Nightmare Tiger’s Demonic Eye

The towering tree swayed around violently as the whistling tornado poured in from the largest tree hole, twisting and turning through the caves and sweeping past the entire tribe, capturing all the Bone Eating shamans.

Before this unstoppable innate ability, even the violent Bone Eating shamans called out in horror, only to be drowned out by the wind.

In the depths of the tribe, within a huge tree hole, the great shaman priest only second to the chieftain in terms of status was dressed in colourful clothes, dancing around in front of a totemic mural as he chanted away like he was singing.

Even through the thick door, he could clearly hear the sharp whistling of the wind through the caves like it was right beside his ear. The tree seemed to become a great flute, played by an invisible giant having the time of his life. However, it was devastation to the entire Bone Eating tribe.

The eyes of the monster in the mural suddenly lit up, producing a roar that drowned out the wind.


Li Qingshan stood firmly on a huge branch. The branch was as wide as two people with their arms outstretched. A young lady stood quietly beside him. Her greyish-blue monk robes did not make her seem dull. Instead, she seemed even more pure and clean.

Her unrivalled appearance had once been deemed as “heavenly”, but today, even that came off as lacklustre, struggling to capture her true bearing. But compared to her pursuit, so what if she possessed alluring beauty that could upheave the world?

“Qingshan, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about my new move. I’ll show you right now!”

Li Qingshan returned to his senses and immediately got to work. He casually pulled out a Bone Eating shaman from the Asura Field, who happened to be “Tusks”. Before Tusks could even understand what was going on, his mind became filled by a pair of scarlet eyes. His hideous face became filled with fear, and his body trembled as if he was being electrocuted, like he was trying to escape. However, there was not a hint of subservience at all.

It was different from what he was expecting, so Li Qingshan widened his eyes and used a bit more force.

His hideous face with tusks bulged with veins, which wriggled about like worms. With a thump, his head exploded, and his soul successfully turned into a haunt, demonstrating his subservience to Li Qingshan.

“They’re different!” Xiao An giggled. A few Bone Eating shamans that had almost been swept over by the wind blanked out, forgetting about their personal safety.

“What’s different?” Li Qingshan asked.

Her smile had made his heart skip a beat too. This little girl was getting prettier by the day. If she grew a little older, no one he had met in his entire lifetime would be able to stand a chance against her anymore. Sure enough, brother ox’s cultivation method worked wonders.

But aside from that, he had no other thoughts. From a certain perspective, he really was extraordinarily stubborn. Once he had made up his mind about something, he never planned on changing it.

Xiao An explained it to him. “The soul and the body are completely different. If the soul is like water, then the body is like a cup that holds the water. A distinction of strength doesn’t really exist. Water can mould its shape freely, while the cup will shatter if you twist it violently. Your innate ability can remould the shape of water, so if you want to change the shape of water, you need to break the cup first.”

The ghosts of the Hundred Ghost realm could devour other ghosts to strengthen themselves, but even cannibalistic Bone Eating shamans needed a conversion process. Moreover, the inner demons of ghosts were far more severe than living creatures. Once they lost their stable form, it would be very difficult to rein in their various thoughts. This was also the importance of a body.

“I see.”

Li Qingshan nodded. If his body had not been destroyed, then even with the Clam King of Mirage Sea’s assistance, why would the Myriad Poison Ancestor ever submit himself to someone else with his disposition and cultivation? This did leave Li Qingshan rather disappointed, but he had basically worked out the principle that the tiger demon’s innate ability operated on. When he used it in the future, it would be a little more wondrous as a result.

“This move should be extremely useful for harassing the little ones. Whoever I glare at dies. I just wonder how effective it’ll be against those truly powerful cultivators of the third heavenly tribulation. I’m not after too much. Just making them blank out for a split second is enough,” Li Qingshan said in thought.

He felt like calling the innate ability “Subservience to the Tiger” was no longer particularly appropriate anymore, so he discussed it with Xiao An beside him.

Xiao An said, “You comprehended this move in the nightmare, and the enemies that fall for it also seem to be pulled into nightmares, so you can just call it the Nightmare Tiger’s Demonic Eye!”

“Alright, I’ll call it the Nightmare Tiger’s Demonic Eye then.” Li Qingshan repeated the name a few times and found it to be very nice.

At this moment, another roar rang out from the tree holes. Under the great shaman priest’s contro, the Qiongqi totem shaped like a black tiger with a pair of wings rushed out of the tree holes, except it was over ten times larger than a regular tiger. It gave off a heavy sense of evil and malice.

Li Qingshan was rather disappointed. The Qiongqi totem had not reached Daemon Commander in strength as he had imagined. It was only equivalent to a powerful Daemon General with a special bloodline at most.

Clearly, even ancient secret techniques struggled to overcome the tremendous difference between cultivation realms.

I wonder if the Nightmare Tiger’s Demonic Eye is effective on this totemic beast or not.

Under the belief that it would not cost him anything, he used the Nightmare Tiger’s Demonic Eye and gazed over from afar.

In the blink of an eye, the Qiongqi arrived right in front of him, its mouth gaping and jagged with sharp teeth as it bit towards him. Having been glared at by him, it came to a sudden halt and was immobilised.

Li Qingshan glared at it again and again, and the Qiongqi’s colossal body twisted and curled like mist, completely dispersing before long.

“Ah, my eyes hurt!” Li Qingshan blinked his eyes and decided to just stick with the ability in the future. He would be better off not shooting vicious glares.

Xiao An laughed again. “Yeah, soulless objects can’t be converted into haunts. However, it doesn’t have a tangible form after all. It’s an accumulation of countless thoughts on top of that, so it’s still quite effective.”

The breath swept up the great shaman priest and tossed him into the Asura Field too.

The entire Bone Eating tribe had been cleaned up, only leaving behind the captured humans. They had frightened faces, at a complete loss over what had just happened. Some of them had downright become numb from despair. The breath had clearly destroyed the prison door, yet none of them tried to run away.

Li Qingshan did not pay any additional attention to these people either. They’ll flee anyway once they’ve stayed there for long enough. You can forget about paying me back for saving your lives too.

When the final wisp of wind returned, it swept over a few crystalline skulls that were neither human nor beast. Their quality was much better than the one from before.

Xiao An stared at them from the side, which made Li Qingshan smile. “You can eat them once I’m done with them. Oh, and the Bone Eating shamans too. I’ll feed them all to your flames. Though, I still need to consider how I am supposed to absorb the malice within.”

“I have a way.” Xiao An swiveled her eyes and came up with an idea.

“You always have a way!” Li Qingshan pinched her cheek, which was so soft and smooth to the touch that it felt like it was about to melt in his fingers.

“I’m not a child anymore, so stop rubbing my head and pinching my face and nose all the time!”

Xiao An shot a glance at Li Qingshan. These actions that symbolised intimacy in the past now made her slightly annoyed. She had already recovered her memories as the daughter of a king. She was no longer that clueless little ghost. It was just because she practised the Path of White Bone and Great Beauty that she seemed no different.

“In my eyes, you’ll always be a child.” Li Qingshan smiled before bringing in his other hand to pinch her other cheek, moulding and playing around with her face that had once been described as heavenly.

“And you still wanted to kiss me!” Xiao An was determined to make him openly recognise and admit her charm.

Li Qingshan smiled. He was already prepared for this. “That’s something you won’t understand. Dreams are in reverse. If I want to kiss you in the dream, then that means I don’t want to kiss you at all in reality. Otherwise, why would I want to wander through a desert?”

“You-” Xiao An was furious at his outrageous and senseless excuse.

“Alright, alright, alright! I want to kiss you, I want to kiss you! Mmmm, how nice!” Li Qingshan immediately ceded to her and lowered his head, randomly pecking her on the face. He rubbed her head. “Are you happy now?”

“You’re not taking me seriously! And you’re still rubbing my head!”

“My dear lord, please just stop making things difficult for me. What’s wrong with rubbing your head? Who can help the fact that you’re shorter than me?”

“You’re the one that’s too tall. I’m not short at all.”

Li Qingshan said, “That’s just for say. C’mon, we still have a lot of places to go to!”

Xiao An made up her mind. There would be a day when she would make him recognise her charms.


In the Asura Field, the sounds of battle rang through the air.

On the snowy mountain, Yin Qing stood on the side of a cliff with a group of asura under her lead, gazing off into the distance.

At the very centre of the Asura Field, under the blood-red sky, thousands of Bone Eating shamans killed one another on the ground.

Under the influence of the Asura Field, every single one of them had been blinded by bloodlust. The concept of ally and foe no longer existed. They only wanted to kill everything in their sight that was alive.

Murderousness rushed into the air. The blood-red spiral in the sky spun slowly.

The asura all became eager. Unlike an Asura Commander like Yin Qing, who had grown rather tired of fighting and killing, they still maintained their blazing battle spirit. Their requests to enter the battle were turned down by Yin Qing again and again. They were not bold enough to disobey her, but they were all displeased.

Women had always been on the receiving end of some sexism in the Asura realm. On top of that, Yin Qing was an assassin, not a general. Coupled with how she was injured right now and her strength had weakened, it became even more difficult to make these asura acknowledge her from the bottom of their hearts.

“If you want to go, then go!”

A voice rang out from behind. Li Qingshan arrived beside Yin Qing.

“Yes, sir!” The asura riled up energetically and all swept past Li Qingshan, directly leaping off the cliff. They formed a wedge-shaped battle formation and charged towards the battlefield in the distance.

Battle was their meaning of life, and slaughter was their fate. Even if they fell here, they could be reborn in the Asura realm.

“Men are still more suited for the battlefield after all. Though, wouldn’t I have no more subordinates with this, my king?” Yin Qing glanced at Li Qingshan unhappily.

Li Qingshan smiled. “It’s not like you need to wage wars here, so why do you need so many subordinates? Watching the show from here is enough.”

“Didn’t you say the Bone Eating shamans also have second heavenly tribulation existences? Why don’t I see a single one? How is this a show?” Yin Qing asked.

“Bone Eating shamans are violent in nature, but once they reach the second heavenly tribulation, they’ll possess very great willpower. They won’t be influenced by the Asura Field so easily. If I release them now, they’ll just interfere with the battlefield. Speaking of which, when an Asura Commander arrives later, can you win against them?”

“I can’t.” Yin Qing admitted calmly. She was still injured right now. Although assassins specialised in defeating those stronger than them, there were no weak Asura Commanders. When it came to fighting at close quarters, they even surpassed her.

Li Qingshan said, “Don’t worry. I’ll create opportunities for you when the time comes. There’ll always be corresponding opponents to contend against them. Once they’re almost done with fighting, it’ll be your turn to strike.”

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