Chapter 834 – Refinement

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Chapter 834 – Refinement

“The king sure has plans laid out.”

Yin Qing glanced at Li Qingshan deeply. He was already in his thirties, but he seemed like he was in his early twenties. His bearing was unshakeable like a mountain, while his eyes were deep and remote, making his thoughts completely unfathomable.

However, he was not always so sedated and mature. Sometimes, an innocent, bright smile would stretch across his face, and he would say some things that completely contrasted against his identity as the King of Savages. As a matter of fact, after spending enough time with him, she found him very approachable and gentle. However, once it got to official business, he would show a completely different side of him again.

His plan was without a doubt to unleash the full potential of the Bone Eating shamans. Only battles among equals would be the most intense, and it would provide the most amount of power to the Asura Field. These asura were also sacrifices. Even she was included in his plan.

Actually, Li Qingshan was only the decision maker. Xiao An was responsible for thinking over and deciding the exact details. These meticulous and thorough plans were not actually his forte. However, Xiao An’s plans were his plans. If he carried them out, then he carried them out. There was nothing to deny.

As a result, he smiled. “Didn’t I do this all for your sake in the beginning? No matter what I’m scheming, I’m always supporting you. I won’t let you face any life-threatening danger.”

Although he was very vengeful, he would never forget when others helped him.

Yin Qing gazed at his sincere smile, and her heart warmed up for some reason. “Then thank you, my king. I don’t want to return to the Asura realm any time soon.”

“That’s not for you to decide. You’re mine now. If you ever return to the Asura realm, you’ll definitely be waging war under my banner.” Li Qingshan swung his hand in a dominating manner.

“I hope so too.”

As they spoke, the battle formation of asura had already entered the battlefield. Their auras merged together and plunged in like a knife through butter. Wherever they went, blood splattered and severed limbs flew about. The Bone Eating shamans all collapsed under their attacks. Even the chieftains that had undergone heavenly tribulations stood no chance, killed off as soon as they clashed, their bodies torn to pieces.

The asura rampaged through the battlefield, unstoppable. They once again intensified the battle.

If they were facing a regular army, the Bone Eating shamans would have collapsed under the attacks anyway, except everyone’s battle spirit had been pushed to the limits in the Asura Field, driving them crazy. They were instead lured over by the aura of the asura, charging towards them without the slightest concern.

With a thought, Li Qingshan sent several thousand more Bone Eating shamans into the Asura Field with three chieftains that had undergone heavenly tribulations and a great shaman priest who knew techniques. Finally, they stopped the asura’s rampage.

The asura possessed various advantages, but they were still outnumbered after all. They were surrounded in a turbulent sea of enemies, and they gradually became exhausted. They tried to break out one time, but Li Qingshan just happened to send in almost twenty thousand Bone Eating shamans split into several groups to block their path. Trapped in the encirclement, they began to suffer losses.

However, the more despairing it was, the more intense and pure the battle spirit of the asura became. The murderousness was like thick smoke, rising into the sky. The blood-red swirl began to spin faster.

As it turned out, Xiao An’s plan was to deplete all of these asura here, refining the Asura Field through their battles to the death. However, upon seeing this, Li Qingshan found it rather difficult to bring himself to do something like that. He wanted to give them a way out.

“They won’t die.” Yin Qing had been paying attention to Li Qingshan the entire time.

“Hmm?” Li Qingshan looked over.

“Since you have no use for them in battle, why not just send them back? Every single asura needs to face countless battles, deaths, and revivals before they can reach the apex. They don’t have any enemies here, so as time goes on, their battle spirit most definitely will be impaired. That’s far worse than any impairment of the body. Once their battle spirit is worn down and runs out, they’ll die for good. Keeping them here is harming them instead, so why not just let them return to the Asura realm with their battle spirit?” Yin Qing said.

Li Qingshan nodded and sent another twenty thousand Bone Eating shamans into the battle. It was like a colossal meat mincer, annihilating all life. They had captured almost a hundred thousand Bone Eating shamans in total from the various places of the Mist province. It was even more than when Si Qing originally refined the Asura Field.

Most of the Bone Eating shamans that died here would probably end up in the Asura realm, reincarnating into asura!

“Aren’t you afraid your battle spirit will be worn down?” Li Qingshan asked Yin Qing.

“I’m a mighty Asura Commander, so how can I be compared to these brats? There’s nothing wrong with taking a slight break. Moreover, just keeping that poison-using old man busy has made up for all the lethargy I’ve developed over the past few days. If I follow you, it’ll probably be difficult even if I want to wear down my battle spirit.”

“There’ll definitely be even better battles awaiting you in the future.” Li Qingshan smiled as he thought to himself, Once this refinement process is complete, it should be able to trap third heavenly tribulation existences for a moment.

He did not have to trap third heavenly tribulation existences here for good. That was impossible anyway. He only needed to stop them from fleeing slightly, and the Asura Field would become an arena where death was the only way out.

A while later, the final asura fell in battle and pulled down one of the chieftains with him. Blood trickled across the land, infiltrating deep into the soil. They would sink into the mud with each step, like a swamp of blood.

The blood and vitality continued to seep down until it reached the core of the Asura Field. Blood-red light filled the surroundings, conforming even more with the will of the Asura realm, but no asura descended during this entire time.

This was due to Li Qingshan’s intentional control. As the Asura Field rapidly strengthened, it could block off regular asura from entering, saving strength for the appearance of Asura Commanders.

Li Qingshan simply allowed all the Bone Eating shamans into the battlefield now, only keeping the six second heavenly tribulation Bone Eating shamans suppressed. Two of them were shaman priests. In order to capture them alive, it had taken him quite the effort. He had suppressed them all now, just waiting for the appearance of the Asura Commander they were supposed to fight.

He waited for a while longer, and Li Qingshan suddenly said, “He’s finally here.”

Violent murderousness flooded out from the depths of the blood-red swirl, sweeping across the entire battlefield. A blood-red meteor fell out of the sky, smashing into the ground heavily.

With a great rumble, a wave of earth expanded out into the surroundings. Several hundred Bone Eating shamans were directly killed, while over a thousand had been blown away.

A large, vicious-looking, bald man leapt out of the pit. He was an Asura Commander.

However, to Li Qingshan’s disappointment, the weapon in his hand was a huge spiky club. It was dark and sunken with a bloody glow, except it resembled a laundry stick used to beat and wash clothes at first glance. The surface was uneven, and the spikes varied in size. They formed spare, messy clusters, but the weapon also gave off an indescribable aura of savagery.

Li Qingshan nodded to himself. This weapon’s appearance suited his tastes very much. Yin Qing said, “It’s time for the main show to take the stage.”

As if the Asura Commander had sensed them, he looked at the snowy mountain, but he found nothing.

Yin Qing had already hidden herself in space, while Li Qingshan had left the Asura Field. After a slight deliberation, he tossed all six second heavenly tribulation Bone Eating shamans into the Asura Field.

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