Chapter 835 – Plans and Developments

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Chapter 835 – Plans and Developments

The six powerful Bone Eating shamans entered the Asura Field and immediately broke free and woke up from the suppression. When they saw each other, they all raised their guard. They came from different tribes, and Bone Eating shamans had always practised cannibalism. Compared to becoming a corpse, all of them preferred staying alive.

Unlike regular Bone Eating shamans, they were more human in appearance, having restrained the various powers in their bodies and condensed it into their skulls, which they called the brain core. It was similar to the daemon cores of daemons and the golden cores of humans. If they ate each other’s brain cores and bodies, their strength would skyrocket. No one could resist this temptation.

However, this stalemate only lasted for a split second. Despite having witnessed plenty of slaughter in their lives, the sight before them left even them shocked.

Under the blood-red swirl, countless Bone Eating shamans of various sizes fought and killed one another. The corpses formed a thick carpet on the ground. The battle cries were deafening.

“Where is this? I also want to kill people! That man!” a Bone Eating shaman said raspily. When he recalled the terrifying pair of scarlet eyes, he shuddered inside and became even more furious.

“I don’t know. We were captured too. This seems to be the aura of the Asura realm. We need to guard our minds, or we’ll also end up tearing each other apart like them.”

A Bone Eating shaman said. He seemed like a hunched old man, holding a cane. It was very difficult to connect him to the cannibalistic Bone Eating shamans.

“I’ve never seen so many Bone Eating shamans in my life. Looks like none of the Bone Eating tribes across the entire Mist province were spared.”

“Has he captured us for us to kill one another?”

“I don’t know. He’s not killing us, so he must have his reasons for that. Perhaps it’s just to toy around with us. We need to escape from here!”

“What’s that?”

The six of them conversed when murderousness suddenly engulfed them. They gazed at the centre of the battlefield and saw a streak of blood-red light knocking away all the Bone Eating shamans in the way as it charged over. It was just a single person, the Asura Commander who wielded the spiky club.

The Asura Commander happened to be unleashing a massacre in the sea of people, except he also found it boring. A one-sided slaughter like this brought him extremely limited benefits. Suddenly, he sensed six powerful auras appear, and he could not help but laugh aloud, charging over to kill them.

“Be careful. That seems to be an asura!”

“We have no grievances, so let me talk to him.”

“He might also be that man’s lackey who’s specially come to kill us.”

“If the talks don’t work, hmph, are the six of us supposed to be afraid of just him? Anyone who doesn’t contribute when the time comes can just go and die!”

“Fellow, are you an asura? Why don’t you take a seat and have a talk with us? Don’t become a tool used by someone else!”

The hunched old man went up to receive him. His eyes twinkled with light, and his voice rose and fell. Every single word he said contained numerous fluctuations, which was extremely unpleasant to the ear. He had silently unleashed a shaman art that could influence the mind. He wanted to establish his identity as the leader so that his chances at surviving would increase slightly.

The Asura Commander moved even faster and arrived in the blink of an eye, swinging down with the spiky club while sneering!

With enough strength to take on ten times more people alone, the strike could even shatter a mountain, but at the same time, it was an extremely flexible attack, sealing off all of the old man’s paths of retreat. If he had not seen it for himself, even Li Qingshan would struggle to believe it was possible to unleash such an ingenious attack with a spiky club.

The old man raised his cane in shock, and his body pulsed with invisible power, blocking the spiky club. The two powers violently collided, and the cane gradually sank. He called out, “Save me!”

The five others behind him did not turn a blind eye to his plea of help, striking together.

The Asura Commander was utterly furious. He produced an explosive roar, and the spiky club erupted with dazzling, red light. With a thump, he crushed the old man into minced meat before raising his guard and being launched away by the attack that arrived afterwards. However, a delightful smile stretched over his face.

Outside the Asura Field, Li Qingshan saw this and could not help but grin. Was there something wrong with his head, trying to change an Asura Commander’s mind in the Asura Field?

Actually, the shaman priests from many shaman tribes across the Mist province could use powerful and strange shaman arts, where even cultivators would fear them, except they all concentrated on a single aspect. They were nowhere near as flexible as the techniques of cultivators, and their bodies were feeble too. Once they were overwhelmed, especially when matched up with a super soldier like an Asura Commander, their fate would obviously be utterly miserable.

The Asura Commander had endured their combined attack, leaving behind several horrific wounds on his body, but that was basically nothing to an Asura Commander that specialised in close combat. He had mostly recovered in the time it took to stabilise himself after being knocked away.

As soon as he struck the ground, he leapt out of the dust and flew into the air, gazing at the five remaining Bone Eating shamans from above. He lifted the spiky club high into the air, his battle spirit even more intense and his murderousness even heavier.

The five Bone Eating shamans’ first response after sending the Asura Commander flying was not to chase after him, but fighting over the minced meat on the ground. They directly shoved it into their mouths the moment they got a hold of it. Their mouths immediately widened to an unbelievable degree as they swallowed the remains without even chewing.

If it were not for the fact that a powerful foe was right before them and they were in a predicament, they basically would have turned against one another for the sake of the brain core and the bones.

The slight agreement they had just achieved immediately vanished. By the time the Asura Commander rushed back over, the five of them were still guarded against one another.

The Asura Commander’s eyes locked onto the Bone Eating shaman priest at the very back. His battle instincts told him to kill that person first, but the four others would definitely try to stop him. Their bodies were weaker than his and their skill in battle was nowhere close to his, but combined attacks from them would still be troublesome.

Just who is the master of this Asura Field? Whatever, I’ll just kill them all!

The remaining shaman priest waved his staff and stirred up an invisible power, but it was not to fight the Asura Commander. Instead, he turned around and fled, whistling off without the slightest concern in the world. He actually moved very quickly on top of that.

Because he had been casting shaman arts in the distance, he did not rush over earlier and failed to get his hands on any of the remains, which filled him with resentment. His body was the weakest out of all of them, so he could not let the Asura Commander approach him, just in case he followed the footsteps of the old man and was divided up as minced meat.

He might have fled, but who out of the remaining four would still want to shoulder this responsibility? They had to digest their new powers too, so they all turned around and fled in different directions.

What the hell is going on!?

Li Qingshan leaned against his hand. Originally, he was even worried about whether the situation would become imbalanced if the six of them directly ganged up on the one, but he could not help but admit he was wrong now. This was clearly one ganging up against six!

Hidden in the space, Yin Qing was taken aback too. Originally, she planned on waiting until they weakened one another before finding an opportunity to assassinate them, but she never thought these second heavenly tribulation Bone Eating shamans would just scatter and flee from a single clash.

The Asura Commander ended up fighting no one, which left him furious. He spat on the ground viciously before choosing to go after the one that fled the slowest.

But clearly, speed was not his forte. Even the slowest Bone Eating shaman was slightly faster than him. He had to carry a ferocious and heavy spiky club too, which clearly offered him no advantage when it came to running. It really would be difficult if he wanted to catch one of them within this space of several hundred kilometers.

Plans just could not keep pace with unexpected developments after all!

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