Chapter 836 – Path of the Spiky Club

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Chapter 836 – Path of the Spiky Club

Yin Qing was hiding in space, considering whether she should strike or not. Her target was obviously the shaman priest that fled first. Someone with a weak body like him was the best prey for an assassin. In the past, assassinating someone like him basically posed no difficulty at all. Even now, she was quite confident in succeeding.

She silently lurked in space, like a panther laying in the bush, waiting for an opportunity to appear.

The Bone Eating shaman priest was completely unaware, flying to the boundary of the Asura Field in a single breath before stopping. He tried to break out. The other Bone Eatin shamans did the same, either barraging it with shaman arts or directly using their fists.

Li Qingshan stopped them by suppressing the Asura Field firmly.

Unable to break through the spatial barrier, the shaman priest could not help but panic. He shut his eyes and chanted away, unleashing all of the power within him, except a great spatial gate opened up behind him.

Yin Qing narrowed her eyes and gripped her circular blade firmly, striking out instinctively.

At the same time, an invisible power enveloped her, and the surroundings changed. She had been moved out of the Asura Field, appearing in the Eight Point hall.

Yin Qing heaved a sigh in a very depressed manner. “What do you require, my king?”

Li Qingshan sat on the ground, holding the Asura Field in one hand while stroking his chin with the other, currently in thought. Xiao An leaned beside him, and her seaweed-like hair flowed freely.

Even Yin Qing could not help but sneak a few additional glances at her, comparing herself to her inside and experiencing a hint of jealousy before laughing at herself. She lamented inside that she really had spent too much time here. The battles in the Asura realm never cared about appearances, only depending on strength and skill, except she did stand out far too much as well. Her bearing was like those from the Heaven realm, yet also somewhat different. She happened to be startlingly powerful too, which made her wonder just where he had found her.

“Don’t do anything for now. I’ve gone to such great lengths to capture them unscathed. It’s far too great of a waste if they die so quickly.”

Li Qingshan said without even raising his head, paying attention to the Asura Field. Sure enough, the Asura Commander with the spiky club could not catch the Bone Eating shaman, so he cursed aloud and sat down on a small hill while leaning against his club.

“Who’s the master of this Asura Field? Get your ass out here and eat my club!”

He obviously received no reply, so he just placed his hands on his hips and cursed away at the sky deafeningly. However, he had clearly fought for too long in the Asura realm. His vocabulary was not particularly rich, cursing away with the same few swear words.

“Should I promise the Bone Eating shamans that as long as they kill this Asura Commander, I’ll spare them so that I can rouse their battle spirit?”

“Don’t worry about them,” Xiao An said suddenly.


“The Asura Field has become stronger, while these Bone Eating shamans have a very weak mentality and cultivation. The influence will grow heavier and heavier, and they’ll end up fighting anyway. If you try to tempt them or coerce them, it’s not a nice sight. You’re better off just going with the flow,” said Xiao An.

The Asura Field that spanned several hundred kilometers across was not exactly big or small. Speed might have been the Asura Commander’s weakness, but as long as he remained in the centre, he could reach the boundary in just a while no matter which direction he headed off in. He posed a constant threat to the Bone Eating shamans.

This game of cat and mouse did not last for too long. If the Bone Eating shamans wanted to survive, then they had to band together and fend him off. By the time the influence of the Asura Field grew so deep that they could not even maintain basic rationality, it would be too late.

Sure enough, she’s the one behind the plans, Yin Qing thought. Then she asked, “This will definitely take quite the time. I can’t remain outside forever.”

If she were in the Asura Field, the Daemon Commander with the spiky club would definitely treat her as an enemy and attack her as well. She would not necessarily be any danger, but it would be very troublesome, and it would affect the battle.

Xiao An said, “That’s exactly what you need to do. You need to stay inside, but not to assassinate during the chaos, but to maintain a balance so that they end up clashing more. It might feel a little repressive, but you can say it tempers your battle spirit.”

Sure enough, she really had taken it all into mind! Yin Qing sighed. She really was not as pure as she seemed on the surface. She gazed into her clear, deep eyes, and they seemed to be empty. They did not reflect anything either, which made her shiver inside. She could not help but recall the stroke she had dealt to assassinate the Myriad Poison Ancestor above Savage mountain back then.

“It’s a good idea, but Yin Qing is still recuperating, so forget about it!” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“No, this is also for my recovery. I should be helping out. Being under some pressure isn’t a bad thing. It’s about time I experience the atmosphere of the battlefield again, so please send me back inside, my king!” Yin Qing thought of something and said, “Though, I do have one request. Please agree to it, my king.”

“What is it?”

“Even if I face life-threatening danger, you mustn’t interfere and help me. If there’s no good reason, you shouldn’t move me around either. Only that can be regarded as a battlefield!” Yin Qing said.

“Alright, you have my word.”

The Asura Commander sensed Yin Qing soon after she entered the Asura Field. She could not remain hidden in space the entire time after all. That took too great of a toll on her, and coupled with her injuries, it was even more impossible. However, she was extremely fast, and she could teleport around, so if she just fled, even the Asura Commander was powerless against her. It angered him into another spat of curses, but he did not drop his guard at all. As an asura, he understood the danger posed by a fellow clansman the best, not to mention that she was an assassin on top of that.

The battle continued under the blood-red swirl. The slaughter lasted for half a day, and the ground was already soaked in blood. Blood trickled as streams, flowing towards pools and puddles of blood.

Suddenly, a powerful aura emerged from the depths of the swirl, immediately drawing over everyone’s attention.

Li Qingshan beamed with joy. “Another one! I wonder what weapon it’ll be this time!” By the time he saw the weapon in the Asura Commander’s hand, his mouth dropped slightly and uncontrollably. He was dumbstruck.

A month later, the chaotic battle in the Asura Field finally came to an end. With a hundred thousand Bone Eating shamans as the sacrifice, the Asura Field became even stronger. Xiao An also received ample resources for cultivation. At the same time, not only did Yin Qing’s strength recover, but it even reached new heights.

It was a fantastic conclusion, yet Li Qingshan moped around. He held an asura armament in each hand, a spiky club in his left and another spiky club in his right. They differed drastically in style, one black and heavy, primitive and savage, while the other was shining, exquisite and up to standard, except they were clearly the same type of weapon, spiky clubs!

“What the fuck! Only two Asura Commanders came, and they both used such an unconventional weapon! It’s not like you’re brothers!” Li Qingshan threw the two spiky clubs to the ground, which made the ground rumble and produce two pits.

This was not just due to Li Qingshan’s divine strength. The two spiky clubs were extremely heavy, each weighing over five thousand kilograms.

Xiao An comforted him. “Spiky clubs are very nice too, and you even have two!”

Li Qingshan said furiously, “What’s so nice about them!? Only shitty extras in the bandit strongholds use spiky clubs! And two!? That’s as tacky as you can get!”

Xiao An tilted her head. Even with her intelligence, she had no idea what kind of exotic beast a “shitty extra” was, but it did not sound particularly impressive!

Yin Qing smiled resplendently, earning her a glare from Li Qingshan. She cleared her throat. “My king, I actually think they suit you better than swords. With the insight I’ve developed in the Asura realm, you should have never taken the path of the sword in the first place!”

“Then what am I supposed to take, the path of the spiky club?!” Li Qingshan waved the spiky clubs around in his hands angrily.

“Pft! Cough, cough, I haven’t heard of that before!” Yin Qing held back her laughter and just allowed him to swing the two vicious spiky clubs around in front of her, kicking up a fierce wind. Li Qingshan was extremely forceful, which earned nods from Xiao An. “That does sound reasonable. Qingshan, don’t they feel quite convenient in your hands?”

Li Qingshan stiffened and suddenly stowed the spiky clubs away. He could not help but think about what Yin Qing had said. A major reason why he had practised the path of the sword was because of the Cursive Sword Calligraphy. Xiao An had comprehended a wondrous sword style before teaching it to him. It was much more powerful than any other weapon.

He had made it to his current position just like that, so the habit became second nature, and he never considered changing his weapon. However, after the Three Absolutes Calligraphy had been completely repaired, he instead began considering something different.

The path of the sword within the Three Absolutes Calligraphy was indeed wondrous and profound, forming a style of its own. However, the more that was the case, the more he felt disharmony. It was similar to the feeling of conflicting against his nature when he practised the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa. He just felt like something was missing, struggling to comprehend its essence.

If Li Qingshan’s aptitude for comprehension was poor, then was a supreme cultivation method like the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine supposed to be easy?

Just what kind of person was the Five Absolutes Immortal? He was a Reincarnated Celestial, unrivalled in terms of zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. He could merge the path of the sword into painting and calligraphy, a peerless talent and romantic. On the other hand, just what kind of person was Li Qingshan? He had started off in a rural mountain hamlet, having killed his way here. His head was filled with tasteless thoughts of fighting powerful opponents, drinking fine alcohol, and sleeping with beautiful women. He definitely was lustful, but he could forget about being a romantic.

In simpler words, their very natures were polar opposites. That was why he could not see a sword style from the Cursive Sword Calligraphy back then, and he could not comprehend a path of the sword from the Three Absolutes Calligraphy right now. Perhaps he really had chosen the wrong weapon.

He had no choice in practising the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa, but his weapon did not have to be the sword. As a result, he asked Yin Qing, “What weapon do you think I should use?”

Yin Qing said, “That’s difficult for me to say. Anyway, you have to comprehend it yourself. I also tried numerous weapons before deciding on this circular blade. Experimenting around before you make your choice actually brings great benefits too.”

“Then I’ll try the spiky club for now!” Li Qingshan said in thought before lifting up the spiky club again. He found it much more pleasing to the eye this time.

When the second “Spiky Club” descended in the Asura Field, the first opponent he matched up against was the first “Spiky Club”. The two Asura Commanders wielded the same weapons and exchanged numerous clanging strikes. They fought many more times afterwards too.

Li Qingshan thought a little and could still clearly recall every detail in every single battle. There were various tricks and wonders to the “path of the spiky club” too, except it was much simpler and more straightforward than the “path of the sword”. With the basics from the path of the sword, it was extremely easy for him to pick it up.

In short, all he had to do was smash it at the enemy. There was no need for any fancy tricks.

However, compared to the spiky club, Li Qingshan actually missed another weapon more. That was the weapon that made him realise his own power the first time in his life. It had even helped him kill his first person.

The blade!

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