Chapter 838 – I Have a Piece of Bad News For You

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Chapter 838 – I Have a Piece of Bad News For You

The great shaman priest hurried off to prepare for the offering ritual.

The Bone Eating Shaman King sank into his thoughts again. He gazed at the totemic mural and bowed slowly, making a praying gesture. May great god Qiongqi bless and protect my Bone Eating tribe as we commit violence and evil, to be punished for our actions. There will be a day when the demons descend upon this world once more, free to do as they please and commit all atrocities possible!

The eyes of the Qiongqi totem seemed to move, revealing a vicious smile filled with ill intent.


Li Qingshan sat on the dark-red ground. This was right under the blood-red spiral, where the hundred thousand Bone Eating shamans had fought each other to the death. Xiao An had already incinerated all the remains.

However, the wind whistled like surging murderousness. The sounds of clashing weapons and battle cries lingered in his ear. Regular cultivators would definitely find this place to be unsettling, but Li Qingshan was at great ease. The tiger demon roared in his heart, becoming even more vicious than before.

A while later, he opened his eyes and exhaled gently. He had completed yet another stage of cultivation.

“Xiao An, why do I feel like the brain cores of Bone Eating shamans resemble the demon hearts of demonfolk so much? Yet it’s also slightly different!”

Li Qingshan held a colourless, half-transparent crystal and raised it into the air. It reflected the blood-red swirl in the sky.

“They’re the same, but they’re also not.”

Xiao An was busying about, placing crystal skulls in Li Qingshan’s surroundings. She seemed to be assembling a formation.

“What do you mean by they’re the same, but they’re also not?”

Li Qingshan spread his limbs and laid down, gazing at the blood-red swirl in the sky. The ground was moist and warm. The smell of earth and blood mixed together to form a strange scent, which was refreshing when he took a deep breath of it.

“Demonfolk have tried to invade the nine provinces numerous times in the past. Although they were all stamped out in the end, their influence runs extremely deep. Many cultivation methods and techniques of the cultivation community originate from the demonic methods and arts of demonfolk. They’ve just been renamed and relabeled. In particular, in places of wilderness, the central shaman arts of certain shaman tribes are downright cultivation methods of demonfolk. Speaking of which, your Demon Suppression Statuary was also a cultivation method created by a demonfolk!”

Xiao An smiled and arrived beside him, directly sitting down on his belly. She leaned on one hand and explained slowly.

“Great Xia is so wary about demonfolk, and the actions of Bone Eating shamans are basically no different from demonfolk’s, so why have they allowed them to thrive until now?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“That’s why they’re still different in a certain respect. The demon hearts of demonfolk were planted since birth, while the brain cores of Bone Eating shamans are condensed through nurture. No matter how sinful the shamans are, they still know they’re committing sins. They just count as demonic cultivators.”

Li Qingshan nodded. The demonic cultivators of this world were not just for say. In order to refine a treasure, the White Lotus Mother had massacred a city of two hundred thousand, and that was only an example. Compared to that, there was just an additional element of “eating” for Bone Eating shamans, and they were eating for the sake of survival.

It was impossible for Great Xia to kill all the demonic cultivators in the world. Once they really were stupid enough to try something like that, destruction would be close. When humans turned against one another, the ones celebrating would be daemons, and once the daemons gained the upper hand, they would definitely be much more vicious when it came to eating people.

Xiao An continued, “Demonfolk believe in a perversion of good and evil. They have absolutely no idea that they’re doing evil. Their very existence is to blaspheme gods and buddhas, and once they invade this world successfully, they’ll twist the laws of this world, turning all living creatures into demons.”

“In other words, my Demon Suppression Statuary might be effective against the Bone Eating Shaman King? I should have tested it out earlier,” Li Qingshan said with some pity.

When he cleaned up the Bone Eating tribes, he had directly used his innate abilities to crush them. He never considered trying out the Demon Suppression Statuary.

“It will be effective, but you’re still a major realm of cultivation away, so the demonic might triumph, unfortunately,” said Xiao An.

“Fair enough. The Myriad Poison Ancestor is a classic example of a great demonic cultivator. His demonic nature is as powerful as it can get, but it didn’t feel particularly effective against him back then. Looks like it still boils down to who has the higher realm of cultivation and the stronger fist.”

“It’s already extremely impressive that the Demon Suppression Statuary can suppress demonic cultivators and demonfolk of the same realm of cultivation. I’ve researched the demonfolk who created the Demon Suppression Statuary back then in the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. Much of the information was vague and unclear, with many details deleted and redacted, but I’ve deduced that if he hadn’t suddenly changed sides during the previous demon incursion and annihilated the demons with the Demon Suppression Statuary, the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga would have been destroyed.”

“It’s that powerful?” Li Qingshan was surprised. He smiled. “In other words, you can call him a demon traitor.”

Xiao An took the brain core from Li Qingshan’s hand and stood up. “The Aura Consuming Formation of Nine Breaths is almost complete. Get ready to begin!”

“Let’s do it!”

Li Qingshan sat up, and a thought flashed through his head. He wondered how the Myriad Poison Ancestor was doing in Bone Eating city.


The sun set in the west, the curtain of night rose up, and the stars filled the sky.

The Bone Eating Shaman King gazed into the distant horizon and suddenly saw a green comet whistle over with a long tail. He could not help but change in expression, tightening his grip over his black sceptre.

“Shaman King, it’s been a while.”

In the blink of an eye, the green light arrived above Bone Eating city and turned into the Myriad Poison Ancestor, who gazed down.

“Fellow Myriad Poison, you’ve changed quite a bit. Oh? Perhaps I should call you Myriad Poison Ghost King from now onwards.”

The Mist province only had so many great cultivators, so over a lengthy period of time, they had basically all met one another before. However, they usually focused on their own cultivation and rarely made contact with one another. The Myriad Poison Ancestor’s sudden visit had surprised the Bone Eating Shaman King slightly, and he became a little more surprised after noticing that the Myriad Poison Ancestor had already become a ghost cultivator.

Great cultivators rarely ever abandoned their bodies without good reason. In terms of age, he had not reached the end of his lifespan yet, so why did he do this? Was it because he regularly refined and used poison that it shortened his lifespan? As for the possibility that the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s body had been destroyed by someone, it had only flashed through his head before being dismissed.

“Hmph, it’s just a term of reference. You can call me whatever you want. However, even though I’ve become a ghost cultivator, I’m no weaker than anyone!”

The Myriad Poison Ancestor unleashed his aura. For a moment, chilly winds whistled through the surroundings and poisonous flames rose up, dyeing the sky a brutal green.

When demonic cultivators conversed, demonstrating their strength was the most important step. Only when they were powerful enough could they talk as equals.

Old man Myriad Poison is still so powerful despite becoming a ghost cultivator. Looks like he’s obtained a supreme ghost cultivation method, which is why he made this decision. He’s not to be trifled with.

The Bone Eating Shaman King thought and raised a hand. “No one ever visits without a reason, so please do state your intentions, fellow.”

“I’ve never been able to visit, but I didn’t think your Bone Eating city would be so grand!”

The Myriad Poison Ancestor’s robes drifted in the wind as he landed beside the Bone Eating Shaman King. He glanced deeply at the Qiongqi totem first before scanning past the entire city.

The Bone Eating Shaman King originally wanted to praise the Myriad Poison Ancestor’s Myriad Poison cult, but he recalled what the great shaman priest had said. It seemed like Li Qingshan had massacred many of the cult’s disciples, so he was afraid he would only anger the Myriad Poison Ancestor if he said that. The Myriad Poison Ancestor was renowned for his narrow-mindedness and insidious nature, so the Bone Eating Shaman King said something else.

“You’re too kind, fellow. We have no choice in this either. If it weren’t for the sake of food, who would ever want to rear so many humans? I’m more envious about the fact that you can cultivate by absorbing the spiritual qi of the world, able to wander the world freely with nothing tying you down.”

The Myriad Poison Ancestor’s face sank, which made the Bone Eating Shaman King think, Don’t tell me he thinks I’m mocking all his dead disciples, and I’ve still ended up offending him? What a hard person to please. Whatever, am I supposed to be afraid of you?

He directly asked, “Fellow, may I ask why you’ve travelled all the way here?”

“I have a piece of bad news for you.”

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