Chapter 841 – Qionqgi’s Generous Gift, a Demon Henceforth

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Chapter 841 – Qionqgi’s Generous Gift, a Demon Henceforth

The roar rolled out, stirring up Li Qingshan’s entire sea of consciousness and containing endless evil and madness.

Li Qingshan was unfazed. After being tempered by the nightmare in the Mirage sea, his will had become even more unyielding.

The spirit turtle suppressed the sea of consciousness, the tiger demon devoured the malice, and the demon heart converted the evil.

The will gathered from over a thousand crystal skulls was startling, but a will was only a will at the end of the day. It was not actual power. It could not blow up like a soul nascence. As long as he was not defeated by the will, Qiongqi could try whatever he wanted to.

“Sure enough, you’re very stubborn. I’ll show you some good things!” Qiongqi let out a strange laugh, and suddenly, countless images and sounds erupted in Li Qingshan’s head, displaying the darkest, most evil and most maddening side of the world. It seethed with the deepest desires possible.

Li Qingshan’s face changed and became utterly intrigued, admiring and studying this darkness. “Sure enough, it’s something good. These sights are something regular people cannot see. Sir, if you don’t mind, show me some more.”

“They aren’t illusions. They’ve actually all happened before.” Qiongqi could not help but remind.

“I believe you. Reality is much more horrifying than I can ever imagine,” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“You’re not disappointed?” Qiongqi had used this move on many people in the past. They were all mentally defeated in the end, renouncing light and embracing darkness.

“I never had any hopes, so how could I be disappointed? True warriors are bold enough to directly face the bleak life ahead of them. They’re bold enough to directly stare into the dripping blood.” Li Qingshan laughed.

At this moment, the glow from the spirit turtle had completely suppressed Qiongqi. He only needed to wait a moment longer now. Even the slightest will or consciousness could not defy the laws of the world and preside in this world for too long.

Qiongqi basically understood what was going on. Li Qingshan had never particularly cared about good and evil. He actively seeked a sense of novelty too. His temperament matched his tastes very much. Everyone labelled him as a god of extreme evil, but the very basis of his demonic thoughts was actually just a desire for a sense of novelty that broke the principles and restraints.

“Don’t you want to become powerful?”

“Of course I do, but I don’t need your help. You better go back to what you were doing, sir!” Li Qingshan said.

“You’re leaving me with no choice!” Qiongqi’s voice was no longer as clear and loud as when it first appeared. The will was currently being rejected by the world. If he remained here, it would not be as simple as simply rejection.

Li Qingshan had noticed this too, which was why he objected. “So what if I’m leaving you with no choice? What are you supposed to do, eat me?” However, before he could even finish talking, a sense of danger swallowed him.

“Haha, I won’t come across a person like you even in a thousand years, so why would I eat you? It’s the exact opposite actually. I’m still going to give you a great gift and convert you into a demon!”

Qiongqi’s will suddenly swelled up, disregarding the suppression from the laws, passing through the barriers between the domains, and gushing into Li Qingshan’s soul and sea of consciousness. It was just a will, but the demonic nature it contained was pure and broad. Even all the crystal skulls combined could not compare with it.

In that moment, the glow from the spirit turtle directly collapsed. The delicate balance between his demonic nature and divine nature had been completely broken.

“You- this- bastard… How does this… benefit you?” Li Qingshan did all that he could to control his consciousness as he swore aloud. He had never expected Qiongqi to do something so detrimental to himself.

“I hate that way of thinking the most. Do you really have to evaluate all the benefits and detriments no matter what you do? So what if you live a long life? So what if you’re safe and secure? Why not just cast aside your thoughts and do whatever you want? Even if you die, it won’t be a waste of a life. How’s that? I’d like to see how you still hold on. Little friend, take care. I can sense that we will meet again!”

Qiongqi’s voice was excited, but it also gave off a hint of weakness. After saying that, he withdrew his will in a hurry to avoid any more severe backlash.

Quite a lot had happened, but the conversation through their soul senses had only lasted a moment.

In the Asura Field, Xiao An was currently keeping an eye over Li Qingshan on the side when the Aura Consuming Formation of Nine Breaths suddenly began to operate several dozen times faster. The aura that seeped out gradually surged towards Li Qingshan, instantly completing the entire process that was supposed to take half a month.

Xiao An swung her hand and stowed the dull crystal skulls away. She gazed at Li Qingshan with a frown, worried that this would affect his temperament. She could feel that something was wrong, so she tried calling his name, but she received no reply.

Soon afterwards, Li Qingshan began to tremble all over. He rapidly expanded, turning into his daemon form and becoming as imposing as a mountain in just a moment. His eyes were firmly shut, and his expression was twisted as if he was trying to hold something back, except the malice he gave off grew heavier and heavier.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and emitted two streaks of scarlet light. Li Qingshan lowered his head to look at Xiao An and squeezed out two words between his teeth. “Get out!”

Before he had even finished speaking, there was a great rumble as his fist flew towards where Xiao An was standing.

Soil was thrown into the air, and the ground shattered, producing a great crater.

Li Qingshan pulled back his hand, and the pit was empty. He used the last bit of willpower in him to move Xiao An out. Before he could even catch his breath, he immediately descended into complete madness.

His figure became even taller and sturdier, except the phoenix wings on his back were nowhere to be seen.

His ox horns curved like hooks, becoming even sharper than before. His scarlet hair danced like fire, blazing away viciously.

He took a step with his ox hooves, and the ground trembled. He let out a furious roar, and the fierce wind howled!

He spread his arms, and murderousness rushed into the air. The blood-red swirl that had already reached a critical point began to revolve once more.

An extremely bulky Asura Commander descended from above. For once, the weapon in his hand was not a spiky club, but just like what Yin Qing had said, they were a pair of battle axes.

He felt unlucky inside. He was just about to charge into a great war. Immediately, he sensed an extremely familiar aura. “Asura King!?”

However, before he could even make out the Asura Field clearly, a shadow whistled over and loomed over him.

Li Qingshan closed his fingers around the Asura Commander with one hand and crushed him. Blood erupted. Even the almost-indestructible asura armament was reduced to scrap metal. He casually tossed it all into his mouth and chewed it up before swallowing.

Yin Qing stood on the snowy mountain, gazing at this from afar. She was astounded.

Li Qingshan turned his head and gazed over with his scarlet eyes. Great terror overwhelmed Yin Qing’s mind. Her body stiffened up, immobilised.

Nightmare Tiger’s Demonic Eye!

Yin Qing had fought in numerous battles after all. She possessed a tough will, so she recovered very quickly. However, the colossal Li Qingshan had already arrived before her, directly throwing his mountainous fist at her.

Boom! An entire segment of the snow mountain was directly shaved off, shattering in the air and dispersing as snow.

“I was almost finished off. What happened to him?” Yin Qing had managed to escape from the Asura Field in the last moment, asking the stern Xiao An beside her with unease.

Xiao An said nothing. She gazed at Li Qingshan who attacked the snowy mountain with his fists in the Asura Field and suddenly took a deep breath. She produced the vast sound of a dragon’s cry, which reached into the Asura Field. It both possessed the power to attack the soul, as well as the power to soothe the soul.

Li Qingshan ignored it. He growled violently, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

He resembled a cornered beast fighting, yet also as if he had broken free from his restraints, feeling unprecedented joy and becoming a demon henceforth!

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