Chapter 843 – Merging

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Chapter 843 – Merging

Li Qingshan was shocked too. Don’t tell me this is in brother ox I trust, eternal life I get!

TL: This is a Chinese meme/play on words with “in Jesus we trust”. Don’t ask me where the eternal life part comes from, as I can’t find any english equivalents that have that.

Even though it’s not truly rebirth on the spot, blood and all! After all, depleted daemon qi can’t be replenished from thin air, right? Wait, hold on, shouldn’t daemon qi count as blood? My wounds are all gone, so that’s already blood and all! Even my exhaustion has vanished. The remaining bit of demonic nature from Qiongqi has been wiped clean too. I’m in an extremely great condition!

“This really fucking is rebirth on the spot, blood and all!”

“Qingshan, are you fine?” Xiao An immediately entered the Asura Field and asked in concern.

Li Qingshan reverted to his human form and scooped her up. He laughed aloud. “I feel fantastic, all thanks to your Chant of Deva-Nāga!”

Without Qiongqi the troublemaker, only the demonic nature from the ox demon and tiger demon remained, which was easier to soothe. The divine nature of the phoenix had grown stronger, and the Demon Suppression Statuary had advanced rapidly too, so this balance instead became even firmer. Even if Qiongqi gave him another generous gift, he would not end up in such a sorry shape again.

He still had not broken through to the fifth layer with the tiger demon, but he had reached the peak of the fourth layer. Li Qingshan could feel that as long as he faced an equal opponent in an actual battle, he could declare he had broken through.

The Ox Demon Transformation had grown slightly stronger too. The divine nature of the spirit turtle that had been eaten away by the demonic nature was not actually an issue that could be resolved through rebirth. He needed time to recuperate and recover.

Hearing Li Qingshan’s description, Xiao An nodded. “Sure enough, it’s an extremely powerful innate ability. It’s equivalent to an additional life, but there are several weaknesses as well. Don’t casually throw your life at others just because you have this innate ability.”

“Of course. If I’m up against an opponent like the Dragon King of Ink Sea, they’ll just kill me again. I need a lengthy period of time to recover too after Nirvāṇa Rebirth. Though, it might not be perfect, but you can still call it a divine technique. If I’m neck and neck with my opponent, or if they’re slightly stronger than me, I’ll just spring back alive in the blink of an eye after they use everything they have and kill me regardless of the consequences. Just think about their expressions, haha!”

Li Qingshan obviously understood the inherent downside of the innate ability, so he did not get ahead of himself. The original Nirvāṇa Rebirth could only be used for fleeing or cultivating. Now, it truly possessed value in battle. He could use it as a crucial trump card, so its value was worlds apart from the past.

Xiao An curled up in his arms, wrapping her slender arms around his neck and gazing at the side of his face. Only when she saw how he was in joy, but he still maintained his composure, did she completely stop worrying, burying her face beneath his chin.

Embracing Xiao An’s soft, gentle body intimately, Li Qingshan felt a little something else inside. He thought, Looks like I’ve still been influenced by the demonic nature. I need to deal with the problem of the spirit turtle as soon as possible.

As a result, he let go of Xiao An and said, “Take a look at this.”

Li Qingshan took a few steps back and churned with demon qi, condensing a brand-new set of black and red armour.

The armour had changed drastically. It no longer wrapped around him, and it had become much simpler, composed of individual components like a helmet, shoulderguards, a chestplate, bracers, thigh guards, boots, and so on.

At first glance, it instead seemed much more crude. However, whether it was the ox horns on his helmet or the tiger’s face on his chestplate, they all gave off a primitive beauty of simplicity. The power they contained completely surpassed the past.

Through shattering and recondensing again and again, all of the random assortment of powers, whether it was the Traitorous Demon sword or the Ocean pearl, had been obliterated. The demon heart had never been so pure before. It had never been so powerful before either.

“There’s more!”

Li Qingshan’s body swelled up, assuming his mountainous daemon form again. The armour grew with him, continuing to cover his body, but it did become a little more simple, only protecting his vital points. However, the power imbued in him was not insignificant.

This was all thanks to the phoenix’s nirvāṇa this time. The phoenix’s nirvāṇa last time had only rebalanced the four transformations of the demonic and divine. He had only added the demon heart to his body afterwards. But this time, it had merged all the various powers in his body together, making them even more compatible with one another.

Originally, as his strength as a daemon cultivator increased, his human cultivation had become extremely useless. The increase it could bring to his overall strength was extremely limited, and it basically offered no help at all to battles that actually mattered. Maintaining the identity of Li Qingshan was becoming more and more pointless as well. All that was left just seemed to be emotional ties.

Now, Li Qingshan had finally confirmed the value of his human cultivation. It could not be compared to a supreme cultivation method like the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, and it would already be extremely impressive if it could just increase his battle prowess by ten percent after merging the two powers together. However, the Demon Suppression Statuary increased his strength by more than only ten percent.

He believed that as long as he completely mastered the Demon Suppression Statuary, it would become a vital part of his strength, and in the future, as he obtained even greater and better cultivation methods, his strength would continue to increase.

Qiongqi’s generous gift had almost choked him to death, but he still ended up accepting it.

“The Myriad Poison Ancestor is back. Let’s head out!” Li Qingshan sensed something and left the Asura Field with Xiao An.

“Congratulations, my king, on defeating your inner demons. Your cultivation has progressed yet again. You’ve become much more handsome too.” Yin Qing bowed.

Although Li Qingshan had depleted his daemon qi and only some of it had recovered now, his spirit was completely renewed. His bearing changed in a subtle fashion too, vaguely giving off an indescribable air of nobility. Unlike the so-called nobles among humans, it seemed to originate from the depths of his heart. Even his facial features seemed to become a little more handsome.

Li Qingshan touched his face. He did not smile because of the praise—Northmoon had always been a handsome mess. Instead, he frowned slightly and asked Xiao An, “Have I really changed?”

Xiao An extended her hand and touched his face. She gave a simple answer. “Yes.”

Li Qingshan then assumed Northmoon’s form. “What about this?”

Xiao An nodded. “That too.”

Northmoon’s image came from Li Qingshan’s imaginations, so he could not avoid the influence of his past life. Although he was almost devilishly handsome, it was unavoidable that he was slightly feminine too, but now, he did seem a little sharper.

Li Qingshan stroked his chin in thought. The rebirth this time did not just merge together his human and daemon cultivation. The boundary between human and daemon gradually blurred too. Perhaps there would be a day when Li Qingshan and Northmoon would no longer be separate.

“Is there anything wrong?” Yin Qing asked in confusion.

“There’s nothing wrong. Thankfully, I didn’t harm you earlier.”

Li Qingshan smiled and extended his hand to pat Yin Qing’s shoulder. He felt her tense up, ready to hide away in space at any time, which forced him to reexamine her. Her tight clothes outlined her proud figure. Her lips were red like blood, while her soft chest stood firm and proud. Her waist was supple and powerful, and her legs were long and slender. Li Qingshan pursed his lips and suddenly felt very enticed.

“Then I’ll return to the Asura Field for now. If you need me, my king, you can call me at any time!” Yin Qing seemed to sense that and smiled, returning to the Asura Field.

Li Qingshan shook his head. Sure enough, he had still been influenced by the demonic nature, but he did hope that this demonic nature would never vanish for good. Doing all that he could to break free from the restraints and chasing after his desires and freedom, to fulfill his curiosity, had always been the greatest joys of life.

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