Chapter 847 – The Merfolk Sea Fair (Two)

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Chapter 847 – The Merfolk Sea Fair (Two)

The sea wind suddenly began to surge, and the sea began to churn with it.

The fierce wind rushed towards the beach with the waves. The boats in the port could only bob and struggle among the waves. The larger ships could still maintain balance, but the smaller boats were directly thrown around, which led to a series of cries from the crowd, “Oh no, my boat!”

But very soon, everyone forgot about the boats. The wind became even fiercer, such that some people struggled to keep their footing. The crowd fell backwards like the waves.

The waves on the sea became even larger, rising with each one and rushing over like they could take down mountains. They were almost tsunamis. Many of the unlucky people close to the water were directly swept away by the huge waves, drowning as a result.

Clouds of blood began to diffuse. Sharks swam around in the fierce waves.

The colossal waves arrived, and everyone on the beach fled backwards, pushing and shoving, tramping over each other. Their cries and howls rose and fell coupled with the crying of children. It was chaos.

“Father!” Ji Qingyu frowned heavily, and the others disagreed with this as well. The lives of a few mortals was nothing, but it was just far too disrespectful towards the Cloud Sail sect.

Mortals had died in every sea fair of the past, but there would never be such great winds and waves, nor would there be so much chaos.

“When the Merfolk King sets out, wind and waves follow!”

Ji Changfeng raised his hand to signal to Ji Qingyu to settle down as he continued to smile. He did feel a little irritated inside, but it was not because of the merpeople. Rather, it was over the mortals under his reign.

The mortals of Three Sails city really had it far too easy for far too long under the Cloud Sail sect’s protection. As such, many of them who had nothing to do with this had actually come to watch. Did they really think there was nothing to fear because they had an advantage in numbers?

If they decided to crowd around and observe the rulers of the South sea, the Merfolk, like animals in a zoo, then so be it, but they clearly knew the merpeople were about to arrive, yet some of them were still bold enough to discuss the taste of Merfolk flesh or even speak of obscenity. They really had it coming. This was all that the Merfolk King was doing. She was already holding back plenty.

In order to maintain the foundations of the Cloud Sail sect, as well as to prevent his disciples from becoming twisted, he did not encourage them to view mortals as insignificant ants. They would even be punished by the sect if they committed atrocities for no reason.

However, most of the disciples of the sect came from Three Sails city, and they had a rather complicated network of relatives. As a result, as time went on, the mortals no longer held cultivators in such great reverence anymore. They even had quite a few opinions over the Cloud Sail sect’s rule. It was about time for them to learn a lesson.

The soldiers below began to get to work, but they were just too few in numbers. When they spoke, no one listened to them, so they directly used their weapons to maintain order. If anyone refused to listen, they would directly strike them with poles and hilts of their spears and blades. However, how could the stampede of several tens of thousand people be pacified so easily?

Some of the cultivators hovering over the beach wanted to help out. After all, as fellow humans, no one wanted to see anyone die pointlessly to the aftermath created by the merpeople.

However, they all gave up on this idea after glancing at the platform. Since even the host was standing by, they might unwittingly offend the Cloud Sail sect or even the merpeople by going beyond their duties. It was not worth it for the lives of a few mortals.

The huge waves continued to slam over. Very soon, a huge space had been cleared out on the beach. At the same time, thousands of spectators continued to surge out from Three Sails city. They had no idea what was happening on the beach, so the situation became more and more chaotic.

Hmm? Ji Changfeng noticed something. Three auras appeared in the north. A cluster of heavy demon qi was in the lead, closely followed by a second cluster of buddhist light. The last cluster radiated with sword qi, and it seemed to surpass the other two in cultivation, but for some reason, it willingly tailed behind them.

The three of them were all second heavenly layer cultivators, but the auras they gave off was well beyond what regular Golden Core cultivators could contend with. They moved with startling speed too, arriving above Giant Ship island in the blink of an eye.

The buddhist light and the sword qi stopped, but the cluster of demon qi shot past the disciples of of the Cloud Sail sect, the countless cultivators of the South sea, and even the sect master, Ji Changfeng, without any regard, descending and going straight for the bay.

A man in white stood above the ocean, his clothes fluttering around and his long hair drifting freely behind him.

In that moment, the surging sea suddenly flattened. The water calmed down.

The man’s tall, large figure seemed to stop the sea wind as well. Before the mortals could even react, he turned around and bellowed in irritation, “Shut up!”

His voice was thunderous and possessed great might, completely drowning out the cries of several tens of thousand people. They all froze where they were, afraid to budge.

“Who is he?!”

Ji Qingyu could not help but ask the question on all the cultivators’ minds. The sea fair was about to begin, and the Wind Gale King and Merfolk King were about to meet, yet he had actually decided to cut in rudely. Was it just for the sake of a few mortals?


Part of Ji Changfeng’s guesses were correct. Li Qingshan did indeed have an agreement with the master of the sword pavilion, and it obviously was not just for a Yu Wufeng. He had calculated when the Merfolk sea fair would begin and come to Giant Ship island with Yu Wufeng and Xiao An.

He heard howls and cries from several dozen kilometers away. When he rushed over and took a look, all he saw were surging waves and a stampede of several tens of thousand people. He had never believed he was a particularly kind person, but if he could save lives just by lifting a finger, there was no reason for him not to.

He could not be bothered with working out what these cultivators were thinking. It was probably along the lines of all mortals were ants. He controlled the situation with a single bellow before gazing at the depths of the sea. He sensed a colossal aura as deep as the ocean emerge from the sea.

This was an aura that only kings possessed. Ru Xin had been right. Sure enough, the Merfolk King had come.

At the same time, there were also countless cold gazes from the depths of the ocean, passing through the dark blue seawater and gathering on Li Qingshan.

The senses of merpeople was as sharp as it could be. The ruckus from several tens of thousand mortals was already extremely disturbing in the tranquil ocean, and no one liked to be treated like animals in a zoo. During the sea fairs of the past, Ji Changfeng would always announce the arrival of the Merfolk beforehand, as his senses surpassed the elders of the merpeople. Meanwhile, his elders responsible for receiving the merpeople would get the mortals to settle down and stay quiet.

This year, Ji Changfeng was receiving them in person, so he neglected this small detail. His disciples were not bold enough to remind him either, which led to this mistake, making the Merfolk King hear many things she was not supposed to hear. Some of the topics were even taboo, so she purposefully allowed the waves to run amuck. It was not exactly retribution either. She only wanted to teach the mortals a lesson.

Originally, this could not be regarded as some major incident. At most, a few mortals would die. After all, did humans keep an eye out to avoid the ants on the ground when they walked? These minor details would not affect the relationship between the two kings.

However, there just happened to be someone ignorant enough to play the hero, directly suppressing the sea waves and even standing right in their path to the port, which led to great distaste.

“Your majesty, I’ll teach this kid a lesson!” Deep under the sea, the great priest said to the Merfolk King.

She was dressed magnificently, in the best merfolk silk. It seemed as soft and as light as water, but there were several dozen layers in reality. However, she was already extremely old. Even the scales on her tail had become extremely faded. In particular, only her eye whites remained in her eyes, which made her seem rather frightening.

The Merfolk King leaned against her cheek and sat back on a couch-like crystal throne. In the darkness, her silken clothes outlined her perfect figure, draping on the ground. She shut her eyes firmly as if she had not noticed what was going on at all. Her pale chin nodded almost undetectably.

The great priest bowed and backed away, lifting up a crystal ball that clearly reflected the scenery of the port. She gently swept her hand over the crystal ball, and it became filled with mist.

Li Qingshan saw how the people had already settled down and no longer trampled on one another, so he was about to retreat back to the island. He did not plan on openly provoking the Merfolk King by remaining here.

White mist suddenly rose up from the ocean, spreading over hazily. Before Li Qingshan could respond, it had already engulfed him.

Many palaces appeared in the mist, constructed from red walls and golden tiles with fancy eaves and cornices. They faded into existence and were vivid.

In a daze, Li Qingshan discovered he was standing in a busy street. The mist had already dispersed completely, and the pedlars called out loudly to sell their goods. A group of mischievous children rushed past him. When he looked at himself again, he had already turned into a pedlar with a carrying pole over his shoulders, currently making business on the streets.

He shouldered the carrying pole and smiled. He just stopped there.

Among the five elements, water was the most flexible and unpredictable. There were many illusion techniques among the water element that could delude people. As a natural race of the water, the merpeople were obviously extremely skilled in these illusions too.

The mist was slightly similar to the Clam King of Mirage Sea’s clam qi, but after what he had faced in the Mirage sea, these illusions were basically child’s play. They could not shake his will at all.

The illusions changed, turning into a tempting paradise. Heavenly maidens danced through the air and immortals ventured over to receive him.

Li Qingshan only admired and appreciated all of this, but he was unfazed.

The illusions changed again, now a terrifying domain of ghosts. Fiends and yakshas lunged over, but Li Qingshan did not budge. He allowed the fiends to reach him, which then turned into mist and dispersed.

The illusions changed freely, but they could not even touch a single hair on Li Qingshan. He turned around and made his way towards the beach. With each step, the illusions shattered, and he emerged in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, enchanting singing suddenly rang out near him, reaching deep into his ears like threads and coiling around his heart, wreaking havoc on his mind.

This was not a hallucination!

The singing of female Merfolk possessed natural charms. Regularly, fishermen would throw themselves into the ocean without any regard when they heard it, drowning themselves to death and even smiling in joy.

Li Qingshan seemed to be enraptured too, standing where he was and listening closely. The singing resembled the sounds of dolphins from his past life, but it was countless times more mellow and wonderful.

The mortals on the beach raised a ruckus again. All of them, regardless of their age and gender, rushed towards the sea in a craze.

At this moment, the vast, deep cry of a dragon descended from the horizon, dispersing the singing and allowing everyone to recover.

Looking down from above, a huge shadow rapidly approached Li Qingshan under the smooth surface of the sea.

A huge bubble suddenly rose up from beside Li Qingshan, growing larger and larger until it reached several dozen meters tall. It broke through the silk-like surface of the ocean, and a giant figure stopped on the surface silently, almost plugging up the entire port.

Countless other bubbles swelled up one after another in the surroundings. Even the smallest were several dozen meters wide. As it turned out, they were all whales. They surrounded Li Qingshan like tiny hills.

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