Chapter 866 – The Merfolk Sea Fair (Twenty-one)

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Chapter 866 – The Merfolk Sea Fair (Twenty-one)

The disturbance in the Merfolk residence had alarmed everyone on the island, but by the time they had rushed over, the residence had already returned to normal, without the slightest abnormality when looking from the outside.

Ru Xin arrived on the shore of the lake alone, allowing the rain to fall on her face. Her emotions were still rather turbulent, but the heaviness in her chest had eased up significantly. She put on her mask again and returned to her residence.

“Why have you come here?” Mister Ram suddenly appeared and blocked Ru Xin’s path, asking in suspicion.

“I’ve come to discuss some private matters with her majesty,” Ru Xin said with a hoarse voice.

“I’m going to go. Are you coming along?” Mister Ram no longer dwelled on the topic, asking her mysteriously.

“Right now? But tomorrow is the auction.” Ru Xin was slightly surprised.

“I’ve already completed what I need to do. I need to report back. I have no other choice either!” Mister Ram let out a long sigh.

“Alright. I’ll go and ask what my master would prefer.”


That night, despite being declined again and again, mister Ram still bade farewell to Ji Changfeng, Ye Duanhai, and Li Qingshan individually with great courtesy. Only then did he board the Silver Dragon King with the Myriad Poison Ancestor and Ru Xin.

Mister Ram stood on the prow of the ship and clasped his hands with a smile before turning to the cabin. His expression became rather cold, forcing a smile at the Myriad Poison Ancestor and Ru Xin. “Would you be interested in touring the interior of the Silver Dragon King? We came in too great of a hurry, such that I couldn’t live up to my role as the host. There’s no reason for us to be in such a hurry now that we’re going back.”

“That’s exactly what I’d like,” said the Myriad Poison Ancestor.



Within the long, silver passageway, mister Ram led the way at the front and introduced the various features of the Silver Dragon King. This was the first time the Myriad Poison Ancestor and Ru Xin had ventured so deeply into the interior of the Silver Dragon King, so they were both shocked. Once again, they felt like not a single cultivator or sect could contend against the colossal existence that was the King of Yue’s estate.

Making their way around a corner, mister Ram suddenly fell silent. He even specially tidied up his clothes. They passed through a long corridor and arrived before a silver door made out of metal.

Up ahead is the central zone of the Silver Dragon King. Ru Xin thought, Don’t tell me mister Ram is so furious from the humiliation that he wants to use the Silver Dragon King to attack Giant Ship island? But that makes no sense. No matter how dissatisfied he is, he still has to consider the consequences. Blasting apart Giant Ship island is easy, but killing Ji Changfeng and Gong Yuan is very difficult. One of them can control the wind and move at great speeds, while the other is the ruler of the South sea, so escaping is nothing difficult for her either. Gaining two powerful enemies for no good reason doesn’t seem like something the king’s estate would do.

The metal door swung open, revealing a luxuriously decorated room inside. A silver, humanoid puppet walked over and said in a cold, robotic voice, “Mister Ram, you’re back. His majesty the King of Yue is waiting inside.”

The King of Southern Yue!

Ru Xin and the Myriad Poison Ancestor were both alarmed, such that the “Puppet King” before them was not as surprising anymore. They experienced numerous doubts. The King of Southern Yue has actually been hiding in the Silver Dragon King the entire time. Yes, apart from him, who else has the right to control the Silver Dragon King? However, as the mighty King of Southern Yue, does he really have to resort to remaining in the shadows?

“You said his majesty is inside? Why didn’t you tell us in the beginning!?” The Myriad Poison Ancestor frowned.

“His majesty will personally explain this to the two of you. Please wait here for a moment.” Mister Ram made his way towards the wooden door with green carving on the other end of the room alone.

Before long, the wooden door opened again, and three people walked out side-by-side. They were two men and a woman, all strong and handsome. Their hair was messy like fire, and their eyes were scarlet like glowing embers. They were actually three fire devourers. The man in the middle was the oldest, where his hair and beard joined at the sideburns, messy like a lion’s mane. The aura he gave off happened to be the strongest too. To the left was the female fire devourer who gave off an untamed feeling. Even her skin was fiery-red. To the right was the current Fire Devouring King Zhu Yan, who possessed the weakest aura out of them all.

At that moment, all the Myriad Poison Ancestor felt was an incoming wave of heat, but upon closer attention, the temperature in the surroundings had not changed at all. As it turned out, it was just “heat” from his soul. The three fire devourers were like three volcanoes. Their bodies hid terrifying power that could destroy everything before them once it erupted.

Why were they here?

The three of them ignored the Myriad Poison Ancestor, walking over with big strides like a fierce ball of rampaging fire.

Even the Myriad Poison Ancestor could not help but move to the side and avoid them. His poison was not particularly effective against Fire Devouring Folk, and ghosts were innately suppressed by fire. He even had a feeling that death was guaranteed if he openly clashed with the three of them!

However, he had no time to consider that, as when he gave way to them, Ru Xin actually did not, just standing there firmly without budging at all.

Ru Xin seized up completely the moment she saw Zhu Yan. She also felt “heat”. The blood in her body seemed to ignite, where the scorching pain was unbearable. Her mood became helplessly restless. This was the taste of hatred.

She had once believed that after so many years, her hatred had already stopped being so intense. She had drunk so much Water of Oblivion, so the matters of the past should have blurred a little. Only now did she discover that not only did her hatred not weaken, but it had even grown with the passage of time. She was simply unable to free herself from that fiery night.

“Choose, do you want to be a Merfolk or a Fire Devouring Folk? “Don’t look away, don’t blink. If I even see a single tear from you, you’ll face the same fate!”

Faced with the three incoming people, Ru Xin did not avoid them or retreat. Instead, she involuntarily took a step forward. Right when she was about to collide with the three of them, a force swept over from her side. The Myriad Poison Ancestor pressed down on her shoulder and scolded, “Have you lost your wits!?”

The old fire devourer that resembled a male lion and the female fire devourer both showed contempt, while Zhu Yan glanced at Ru Xin in a baffling manner. He could clearly sense an intense hostility from her, but there was something major for them to do right now. The two of them happened to be guests of the King of Southern Yue too, so he did not say anything. She was just a puny human that had only recently undergone the second heavenly tribulation anyway. He could kill her with a single finger.

Ru Xin blanked out for a moment. She slowly calmed down.

“Please come in, the two of you!” Mister Ram called them in at the entrance.

The Myriad Poison Ancestor and Ru Xin finally entered the mysterious room. A handsome young man stared at them with a slight smile. He was the King of Southern Yue, Qian Lingzhi.

“Your old subject pays respect to your majesty.” The Myriad Poison Ancestor bowed. He realised the moment he saw the King of Southern Yue. It’s rumoured that the Kingdom of Yue possesses a secret technique, the Duality Technique of Soul Transformation, which can condense two soul nascences. It’s actually true!

As it turned out, the King of Southern Yue’s main body was not here. Instead, it was a soul nascence clone. His aura was connected to the entire Silver Dragon King, actually using the Silver Dragon King as his body.

“I know you have many questions, but could you allow me to explain first? Also, lady Ru Xin, please take off your mask. I still find your true appearance more beautiful!”

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