Chapter 870 – Fighting a God (One)

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Chapter 870 – Fighting a God (One)

The cultivators of the South sea and the merpeople all blocked their ears, wailing in horror like mortals. Indeed, they viewed mortals like ants, yet before a legendary god, were they not ants? Let alone stepping up for battle, they did not even have the will to fight back. This was an inherent difference that existed between them.

The howl was only for letting off steam. It could not even be regarded as an attack.

Li Qingshan also felt his blood surge and his ears buzz. He used the spirit turtle in a hurry to suppress his thoughts. This definitely isn’t the real fire god Zhurong. He hasn’t even directly descended like what Qiongqi did. It’s just a sliver of aura at most. It’s not even self-conscious, yet it’s actually already so powerful. What a sight!

“Li Qingshan, hurry up and get to work!”

Gong Yuan took a step back almost instinctively. Water overwhelmed fire, but faced with a god-like existence like that, even she had lost the confidence to win this battle.

The Divine Fire tablets were truly the divine heirlooms of the Fire Devouring kingdom. They had assembled a formation, sealed off a region, bombarded with the flames of heaven, surged with the flames of earth, all just to summon the god that the fire devourers worshipped—Zhurong.

“You’re the mighty Merfolk Queen, yet you place your hopes on a second heavenly tribulation human like me. That’s a little inappropriate, don’t you think?”

The demon heart in Li Qingshan’s body flickered, and his surging demon qi condensed into a set of demonic armour. Before he knew it, his eyes had already turned scarlet, and his face was hidden behind the ox-horned helmet. However, he smiled away just like before, instead becoming excited.

For the first time, Gong Yuan did not find his “audaciousness” as annoying anymore. It even brought her a hint of relief that she refused to admit. No ordinary person could remain in high morale before an existence like that. However, Xiao An beside him was even stranger. She remained expressionless just like before, as if the giant god of fire did not exist at all.

Li Qingshan rubbed his helmet, sensing the compatibility between the various powers in him. He nodded towards Xiao An.

With two rumbles, the giant god of fire rode over on the fire dragons and extended his arm, wrapping it around half the mountain. The protective formation twisted and sank. It was only a moment away from shattering.

The giant god of fire suddenly moved, throwing its head towards the top of the mountain to claim everyone’s lives.

Li Qingshan did something that no one could understand. He took a step, accelerated, and unfolded his wings, rushing towards the giant god of fire!

Is he sick of living and trying to die? Whether it were the powerful fire devourers or the regular cultivators of the South sea, the same thought occurred to all of them.

Li Qingshan rushed out of the formation first, still several hundred meters away from the giant god of fire when the waves of heat rushed over, turning his demonic armour bright-red. The giant god of fire’s blurry face filled his entire field of vision, filled with an aura of violence and destruction.

Compared to the god of fire that stood several hundred meters tall, he was as insignificant as a bug. Danger and fear screamed out in his heart, but it only made his blood boil and burn. He felt the same freedom as if he had cast aside everything.

Three hundred meters away, his helmet softened, and his armour melted. His demon qi ran out.

Thirty meters away, his flesh burned, revealing his bones, which had also turned bright-red.

The moment he dove into the fire, he pushed out with his right hand, which happened to be holding the Asura Field. The blood-red swirl revolved and expanded, like a gaping mouth that tried to swallow the giant god of fire.

The firelight that filled the entire region suddenly dimmed, which everyone was actually unaccustomed to. They looked at one another. “What’s happened!?”

It was not just the giant god of fire. Even Li Qingshan had vanished. A figure with red hair and blood-red eyes appeared in the air, clutching the Asura Field. With a flash, it returned to Main-mast mountain and handed the scorching-hot, rumbling Asura Field to Xiao An before vanishing.

Xiao An said indifferently, “The big fire person has been temporarily sealed. If you’re not going to try and put up a fight right now, when are you waiting until?”

“Alright. The King of Savages truly does live up to his reputation. Today, I’ll fight the fire devourers to the death!”

Ji Changfeng ripped off his large, wide robes and revealed his elderly but robust body. Then he waved the Feilian flag in his hand, and the Feilian hall collapsed loudly, producing the shrill howls of wind. A whirlwind through the smoke and ash and whistled over.

Ji Changfeng leapt up and landed on the whirlwind perfectly, like he was riding it. Only then did everyone see that the whirlwind was actually the feilian divine beast in the mural.

If Zhurong was a god of fire, then Feilian was a god of wind. Although it was nowhere close to the giant god of fire summoned by the divine fire talismans, it had received several thousand years of worship and sacrifice from the Cloud Sail sect, so it was still quite powerful. It was enough to rival early Daemon Kings, and its speed was alarming.

Ji Changfeng and the feilian blurred. Only a whirlwind could be seen in the sky, hurtling towards the three Fire Devouring Kings. Gong Yuan lifted her crystal sceptre and produced a streak of azure light that targeted the weakest among the three, Zhu Yan.

“What happened? Zhu Yan, get the fire god to destroy the arcane treasure!” Zhu Fen roared, swinging the Fire Tablet of Heaven to block Ji Changfeng’s swift attack.

They had worked together to summon the giant god of fire. This should have been when they were the strongest, but instead, it had become when they were the weakest.

“No, great god Zhurong’s aura is too powerful. I can’t control it precisely!” Zhu Yan frowned heavily, dodging the incoming azure light while clutching the Fire Tablet of Man firmly to order the giant god of fire to attack, to attack indiscriminately.

The giant god of fire was far too powerful, so it was impossible for him to control it with ease. He could only issue some simple commands. Actually, there was only a single command, which was “attack”. At most, he could choose the target. As for how the attack unfolded, that would all depend on the giant god of fire’s instincts.

The giant god of fire was extremely powerful, but it had no intelligence. The only thing it had inherited was a hint of fire god Zhurong’s will to advance boldly and destroy anything, which was why it dove head-first into the Asura Field. Otherwise, if it had been any other third heavenly tribulation cultivator, they would have never become trapped by the Asura Field so easily.

“You’re two men, yet you aren’t even as great as me, a woman. What’s there to be afraid of? It’s just an arcane treasure with a space of its own. The fire god will destroy it before long, and that’ll be their deaths. There’s the three of us working together, with the Divine Fire tablets in our grasp, so what, do you think they’ll escape?”

With that from Zhu Zai, Zhu Fen and Zhu Yan realised the situation too. The Divine Fire tablets definitely were capable of much more than this. Just the tablets themselves possessed a formation for a combined attack. They stabilised the formation and only remained on guard, waiting for the giant god of fire to break free. No matter what Ji Changfeng and Gong Yuan did, it would be impossible for them to get through even the most simplistic three-man formation in a short time.

The giant god of fire did not break free as quickly as the fire devourers had imagined. Both sides of the battle were extremely anxious.

What had happened exactly? It was impossible for a mere arcane treasure to possess such great sealing powers. Was there some kind of powerful existence hiding within that kept the giant god of fire busy, or was it just Li Qingshan? But that was impossible! Even if he underwent the third heavenly tribulation, he would still be crushed and annihilated by the giant god of fire in the same way.


Within the Asura Field, Li Qingshan stood on the ground and gazed up. He found the giant god of fire to be even more impressive and indomitable, giving off the pressure of a god.

He sucked in a deep breath and said with determination, “Come!”

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