Chapter 872 – Fighting a God (Three)

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Chapter 872 – Fighting a God (Three)

However, no matter how low his chances of victory were, it was completely different from having no chance at all. The most obvious difference was his numerous innate abilities were of use now!

In the moment earlier, the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell had only lasted for a split second, but it reflected a part of the attack, such that the force of the attack had diminished by thirty percent at the very least. Thanks to that, he had managed to endure it.

If I get killed again, I’ll be dead for good, but this is what you call a true battle to the death. If I know I can be reborn and I constantly have the thought of escaping with my life intact, how am I supposed to break through to the fifth layer of the tiger demon?

Li Qingshan produced a violent tiger’s roar, but his eyes became as tranquil as the deep sea. Suddenly, he seemed to be able to make out the course of fate.

In a single moment, the giant god of fire arrived before him, surging with flames and radiating with heat!

I see it!

Li Qingshan’s eyes flashed; he saw a figure overlapping the giant god of fire with its left hand thrown as a punch and its right hand as a claw, ready to strike at any time. The most dangerous part about it was that the two dragons under its feet had rushed forward, entangling his feet.

His heart sank. If he tried to dodge after the giant god of fire had actually struck, it would be impossible. Once he was caught again, then the only fate awaiting him was being burnt to death.

In the next moment, the figure became reality. Sure enough, the giant god of fire had struck like that, unleashing its powerful instincts for battle within its endless fury.

“Gravity of the Earth!”

A powerful suction suddenly appeared between Li Qingshan and the giant god of fire, rapidly pulling him towards it, right into the fire god’s bosom, which made the fire god’s killing strike immediately miss. He extended a claw towards the fire god’s chest.

“The Tiger Demon Digs Out the Heart!”

Flames surged in the giant god of fire’s chest, and it sprayed with sparks, which collided against Li Qingshan.

Flames shot out, and with a rumble, Li Qingshan was launched away again. The burn wounds on his chest were bone-deep, but he smiled instead.

“So you aren’t without weak points!”

Li Qingshan suddenly unfurled the phoenix wings and rushed into the clouds. The place where he stood turned into a sea of lava, with the fire god standing there, roaring at the sky. It rose up into the air on the fire dragons.

The pitch-black cracks and scorching flames constantly interlocked in the air.

Two colossal figures circled and flew through the air, chasing and fighting, sometimes approaching each other and sometimes separating.

The several hundred kilometers of the Asura Field was far too small. To them, it was almost like a larger cage, preventing either one of them from escaping.

Li Qingshan was aware that he still lacked the strength to openly clash with the giant god of fire. Through the divination of the spirit turtle, he anticipated the enemy and could always nullify the danger in the heat of the moment, sometimes even fighting back.

The Water God Seal in his body rapidly delivered the spiritual qi accumulated in the Cloud Dream marsh to his body, which was the only reason why he could maintain enough daemon qi. However, there was nothing he could do about the mental fatigue. Divination that could anticipate the opponent was powerful, but he could not maintain it for too long. In particular, in an intense battle like this, his sea of consciousness surged slightly, producing countless ripples.

If it were not for the fact that the giant god of fire was not a true cultivator, just a powerful existence with a hint of the fire god’s aura, any great cultivator would possess the ability to interfere with divination. The current spirit turtle would not be able to anticipate them at all. Only if it reached the fifth layer and underwent the third heavenly tribulation could it overwhelm a great cultivator and overcome the interference.

The giant god of fire suddenly stopped and landed on the ground again, while the two fire dragons coiled around its body as if it had lost interest in going after Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan could finally catch his breath slightly. His calm, tranquil eyes turned back to normal, but there was a hint of heavy fatigue.

He had completely used up this move too!

However, before he could even ease up, a sense of danger he had not experienced even after fighting until now filled his mind.

The giant god of fire spread its arms and stood on the ground. The raging flames gathered in its right hand, forming a straight, scarlet spear. It gripped the spear of flames firmly and tensed up, raising its right arm and assuming a throwing posture.

It was just like a god raising a spear high into the air to hunt a colossal beast in the ancient times. It was an image frozen in cave paintings, one that was eternal.

This was not a technique or ability, but it surpassed all techniques and abilities. In that moment, the giant god of fire that had been condensed from tremendous power truly gained a hint of a divine nature that was highly-glorious yet primitive. A pair of eyes suddenly opened on its blurry face, staring at Li Qingshan.

That was not fire, but all the desire for survival, condensed into the spear.

Li Qingshan could sense that he was the colossal beast about to be hunted down and killed. He immediately suppressed his turbulent sea of consciousness, and his eyes became tranquil again. He saw the spear of flames’ course of fate, but he was unable to avoid it, like it was his destiny.

Fear and despair prevented his sea of consciousness from remaining calm anymore. Was he going to die here?

But so what?

Li Qingshan smiled. Life and death was but a common matter. Whenever he refused to die, he would just smile like that.

Since I can’t avoid it, then come!

The giant god of fire threw it!

The spear was like a rising meteor, immediately piercing Li Qingshan’s body! The violent explosion basically lit up the entire sky in the Asura Field.

No one could survive an attack like that, not even Gong Yuan and Ji Changfeng. That was strike enough to kill regular Daemon Kings.

The giant god of fire lowered its hands, and its flames became much dimmer yet again. According to the judgement of its battle instincts, Li Qingshan was dead for good, but due to the abnormality earlier, it continued to stand there without moving. It watched the fire in the air disperse, and its flames suddenly surged.

Li Qingshan, who had clearly been blasted to pieces, actually appeared before the giant god of fire once again. He was covered in burn wounds, all the way to his bones, but they were not lethal. He said, “Round two is over. It’s time for the last round!”

Within his body, the universal, multi-coloured Divine Talisman of Great Creation had basically lost all of its glow. He had used all of its energy to condense a fake body to take on the spear in his place.

Originally, he did not hold a lot of hopes for it, as the giant god of fire’s consciousness had locked onto him firmly. Perhaps because the Divine Talisman of Great Creation had been drenched in the Clam King of Mirage Sea’s blood, the existences it could create were as realistic as a dream, surpassing what regular Divine Talismans of Great Creation were capable of, which was why he could fool the giant god of fire’s consciousness.

The giant god of fire stood right there as its body rapidly shrank. In the blink of an eye, it was less than six hundred meters tall. Even the two fire dragons had melded into its body, but its flames burned away vigorously again. It lifted its right arm again, assuming a throwing posture. The flames condensed into another spear, pointing at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan rushed madly towards the giant god of fire. If he waited until the spear was thrown, only death would be awaiting him.

The wind whistled past his ears fiercely, and his heart thumped so hard that it seemed like it was about to shatter. The distance he could originally cover in a single breath actually seemed so vast now. He watched helplessly as the giant god of fire pulled its arm back to the limit before suddenly hurling it forwards. The tip of the spear pointed right at his forehead.

There was no fear. There was no hesitation. In a battle between cornered beasts, there was only madness! He let out a mindless howl, which turned into a tiger’s roar!

Murderousness surged, and battle intent bubbled. The blood-red swirl did not stop revolving, but no more Asura Commanders descended. In that moment, it seemed to have merged with the Asura Field to connect with the mysterious and boundless Asura realm. A wondrous and tremendous consciousness projected from the depths of the swirl and condensed on him as if it was filled with great approval and delight.

Li Qingshan’s body suddenly lightened. New power surged through his body, and his speed suddenly doubled as he lunged straight ahead!

The giant god of fire threw hard, but the spear did not leave its hand. It was caught firmly by a vicious tiger claw before collapsing and shattering!

With a great rumble, flames whistled dozens of kilometers away!

The flames dispersed, and the giant god of fire shrank by several dozen more meters. A vicious skeleton over three hundred meters tall towered right over it, its flesh completely devoured by the flames but still standing. The bones shone with a metallic lustre, without a single crack at all.

After countless battles and being killed twice by the giant god of fire, he had finally broken through to the fifth layer of the tiger demon. His hollow eye sockets gazed at the giant god of fire before him, no longer with any sign of weakness.



The giant god of fire and Li Qingshan produced furious roars at the same time. The flames and wind collided together violently, well-matched in strength.

Soon afterwards, the two figures of almost the same size collided violently!

Iron fists tremored and meteors flew, violently barraging one another, but neither of them took a step back. They fended off the attacks by attacking!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Like claps of thunder erupting in the Asura Field, the blood-red swirl spun rapidly, and another Asura Commander descended. He was sucked into the crossfire of the battle, beaten to a pulp to no one’s concern.

Li Qingshan’s tiger bones turned bright-red from the heat, like steel that had just been tempered in a furnace. Not only did they show no signs of softening, but they instead became sturdier and even more refined under the tempering of the flames.

However, Li Qingshan still did not have the upper hand. Even after breaking through to the fifth layer of the tiger demon, he still paled drastically in comparison to the weakened giant god of fire in terms of pure strength.

“But right now, my chances of victory are a hundred percent!” Li Qingshan said with utter confidence.

As a result, the tables began to turn!

Li Qingshan landed a punch on the giant god of fire’s face, and it gave way, taking a step backwards. Since the beginning of the battle, this was the first time it had retreated!

After that was the second time, the third time…

Li Qingshan advanced with his iron hooves, ignoring the giant god of fire’s counterattack. Attack, attack, attack!

The giant god of fire stumbled backwards, and balls of flames erupted on its body. Its blurry face became even more of a mess. The fire on its body weakened at a visible rate.

Li Qingshan had the Strength of the Earth and the Water God Seal. His strength was endless and his daemon qi was limitless. He gradually adjusted to the new powers brought by the fifth layer of the tiger demon and became stronger as he fought!

On the other hand, the giant god of fire had absolutely no support. Growing weaker with time while its opponent grew stronger, the giant god of fire rapidly shrank. Soon, it was a head shorter than Li Qingshan. As if it could sense the arrival of defeat, it let out a reluctant roar, but it could not change the situation where it was rapidly losing ground. The measly ant in the beginning had already become a vicious beast it stood no chance against!

A huge, boney claw gripped the giant god of fire’s neck, and the huge mouth filled with jagged teeth whistled with wind. It was a mad laughter!

The Tiger Demon Digs Out the Heart!

Li Qingshan’s right claw thrusted deeply into the giant god of fire’s chest and dug out a scorching, fire-red heart, casually tossing it into his mouth.

Within the furious and reluctant roars, the giant god of fire collapsed and dispersed!

Within the raging flames, Li Qingshan spread his arms and roared at the sky!

The blood-red swirl rapidly enlarged, like an opening gate. An obscure calling rang out.

“Come, natural warrior. Begin an endless battle of blood as an asura!”

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