Chapter 873 – Heart of the Abyss

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Chapter 873 – Heart of the Abyss

Above Giant Ship island, a blurry figure flew about.

Ji Changfeng rode the feilian, controlled the winds, and swung the flag. With his advantage of speed, he constantly attacked and disturbed the three Fire Devouring Kings.

In order to summon the fire god, the three Fire Devouring Kings had used up a lot of their strength. They also faced some suppression as they were directly over the ocean, and they had to maintain the formation and keep the region sealed, so there was nothing they could do to him for the time being. They just waited eagerly for the fire god to rush out and kill this annoying fly.

However, no matter how they waited, the fire god never appeared. They were met with a blizzard instead.

The peak of Main-mast mountain flashed with extremely blinding blue light. Gong Yuan raised the crystal sceptre high into the air. The light was emitted from a rhombus ice crystal embedded at the top of the sceptre. It was a huge piece of ancient ice, like a frigid star.

The light turned into snowflakes in the air.

The snowflakes landed on a river of lava and directly turned the bubbling, molten earth to frozen rock. It was melted once again by the flames of the earth very quickly, but as the snowflakes continued to fall, the flames on Giant Ship island were gradually suppressed. None of them continued to blaze away.

The flames of the earth that had sprayed out from the crust were not only the source of power for this formation, but it also gave the Fire Devouring Kings a geographic advantage.

Gong Yuan had noticed that. As long as she put out the flames, the fire devourers would not be able to last for too long. She thought to herself, Li Qingshan, oh Li Qingshan. You better hold on for just a bit longer!

“Why? Why hasn’t the fire god emerged?” Zhu Fen asked Zhu Yan.

Even Zhu Fen’s scarlet-red hair and beard had ignited as flames, like a furious lion.

“I don’t know! Something must have happened!” Zhu Yan said in a panic.

This was the first time he had summoned the fire god. He could only consult the ancient and incomplete records for some experience. He still could not use it as he pleased. Earlier, the fire god seemed to be infuriated and had completely broken off this fragile connection. He was unable to sense the fire god’s situation at all now.

“No, we can’t keep waiting. We have to steal the arcane treasure and release the fire god immediately!” Zhu Zai’s fire-red eyes stared at Xiao An on Main-mast mountain. She swore, “This blasted human!”

“Alright. Three flames as one, kill!”

Immediately, the three of them gave up on Ji Changfeng and turned into three streaks of fire before merging the flames of heaven, earth, and man into one. It formed a huge ball of fire in the air like a dazzling comet, falling towards Xiao An with a long tail.

“Fierce Dance of the Wind God! The Sand and Soil Flies, Blotting out the Sky!”

Ji Changfeng knew the arcane treasure in Xiao An’s hands was critical to this battle. If the fire god emerged, then no one would be its opponent, so he stopped holding back, striking with his full strength! He waved the flag furiously, and a colossal, black tornado whistled out.

For a moment, the surroundings were filled with the roar of wind. Even the burning sounds of fire had been drowned out. The feilian under his feet let out a furious roar and sped over, arriving among the tornado.

The black tornado twisted and surged as it turned into the feilian’s body, making it move several times faster. Even its shape changed, assuming a form with the face of a man and the body of a bird, giving off the slightest hint of a divine nature. It spread its three hundred meters long wings and lunged towards the Fire Devouring Kings.

The Fire Devouring Kings were immediately swallowed by the black storm!

“Break through!”

With a furious roar, the glow of fire erupted and penetrated the wind god feilian’s chest. The fierce winds dispersed!

The light grew dimmer, but it was still unstoppable, becoming even more scorching than before. As the most belligerent race among otherfolk, no one dared to underestimate their fighting spirit.

“Gong Yuan, stop them!” Ji Changfeng no longer cared about courtesy, directly referring to her by her name.

Gong Yuan’s cold face was slightly panic-stricken as well. She raised the crystal sceptre, and thousands of snowflakes whistled and whirled over, gathering into a pile that resembled a cloud. It stood right in front of the mountain, blocking the fire devourer’s path.

However, all of them knew this was nowhere near enough to stop the fire devourers!

“Get over here!” Gong Yuan turned around and called out at Xiao An, but she discovered that Xiao An had already vanished from her previous location. A pleasant, indifferent voice suddenly rang out behind her, “Don’t be afraid. The fire god has almost been defeated.”

“I’m not afraid!” Gong Yuan was alarmed. She had been concentrating on fending off the fire devourers, but she should not have lost track of Xiao An who was right beside her. If she carries out an assassination, that would be horrifying! Wait, the fire god has almost been defeated?

Gong Yuan wondered whether she had heard correctly or not. It was already unbelievable to her that Li Qingshan could keep the fire god busy. As for defeating the fire god, even she did not believe she was capable of a feat like that. No matter how powerful Li Qingshan was, he was equivalent to a great cultivator at most. How could he possess such strength?

She glanced at the Asura Field in Xiao An’s hand and thought, Just what is hidden inside?


The cloud of snow collapsed, and the firelight arrived right before her. The waves of heat attacked her before they had even arrived.

With the Divine Fire tablets in hand, a combined attack from the three kings was no weaker than a spear of flames thrown by the giant god of fire. It hurtled straight towards Xiao An!

“Even I would have to use everything I’m capable of to barely survive an attack like that. How can I still spare the strength to protect someone else? So be it!”

Gong Yuan made her decision and spat out a deep-blue pearl. It gave off a deep, distant aura of coldness and deathly silence, as if an entire abyss had been condensed into the tiny pearl. It was the Sea of the Abyss for connecting with the world of Ruin’s End.

“All Water to Ruin’s End! Eternal Silence of the Abyssal Sea!” Gong Yuan uttered softly, like she was singing and chanting.

An indescribably strange power suddenly emanated out of the Sea of Abyss!

The waves of heat immediately vanished. The sounds of wind and fire vanished too. Even Gong Yuan’s anxiety immediately vanished. It was almost deathly silent. Everything in the surroundings seemed to be sealed up in thick, deep-blue glass, frozen for good.

Ruin’s End!

Here, the ever-surging, flexible water that never received a moment of peace finally obtained eternal tranquility. It no longer had to surge and flow, nor did it have to turn into clouds, mist, ice, or snow again.

Here, the spirit turtles no longer needed to exert the effort to suppress the boundless ocean. They no longer had to exert the effort to forebode fate. They could sleep in peace, without worrying about being disturbed at all.

This was not a world for the dead like the Hell realm or the Hungry Ghost realm, but it was even more deathly than the Hell realm and Hungry Ghost realm. At the very least, the Hell realm still had boiling oil and the howls of fiends, while the Hungry Ghost realm had corpses and ghosts killing and devouring one another. Here, it was absolute tranquility, where ten thousand years was no different from a day.

This was not a sensation that any regular living creature could endure!

Even Gong Yuan could not. She used her last bit of consciousness to communicate with Xiao An. “Guard your mind. Don’t let it be devoured and assimilated into the aura. I hope what you said is true, or we’re all going to die!”

Afterwards, her eyes lost all ripples of emotion. She just powered the Heart of the Abyss coldly and mechanically, constantly drawing out the aura of Ruin’s End.

The leaping flames suddenly evaded the peak of the mountain. The violent and belligerent Fire Devouring Kings seemed to feel fear too, afraid to enter the field created by the Heart of the Abyss.

“This bitch has been frightened out of her mind by us! She’s actually powering the Heart of the Abyss like this! We don’t even have to do anything, and she’ll be devoured by Ruin’s End, becoming a part of it. All living creatures enveloped by it will die!” Zhu Zai sneered, but she was unable to hide the fear on her face.

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