Chapter 874 – You’ve Lost

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Chapter 874 – You’ve Lost

Fire primarily surged and leapt, so Ruin’s End where all water gathered severely suppressed fire devourers who were naturally endowed by the fire element.

If the three of them worked together, they were completely capable of rushing into the field created by the Heart of the Abyss and killing the immobilised Gong Yuan. However, once they were contaminated with the aura of Ruin’s End, they would develop severe inner demons. The flames in their heart might even dim or be put out.

As a result, even with how fierce and tough fire devourers were, they dared not force their way in.

“Hahahaha! We’ve already won!” Zhu Fen laughed madly.

Zhu Yan and Zhu Zai exchanged glances and also began laughing aloud.

Their strongest enemy, Gong Yuan, had dug her own grave, while Ji Changfeng no longer stood a chance against the three of them after losing the feilian divine beast. Even without the assistance of the giant god of fire, victory was already firmly within their grasp. All that was left for them was to see how Gong Yuan would die.

“Delays may lead to unnecessary trouble. Let’s kill this old man first!”

“Ji Changfeng, are you prepared to die?”

The three fire devourers ignored Gong Yuan and targeted Ji Changfeng with their Divine Fire tablets.

“If you want to take my life, you better offer up your own in exchange!”

Ji Changfeng stood in the air with the Feilian flag, gasping for air gently. After a bitter battle, he was exhausted too. However, the fierce winds that flowed around him became even more intense. He was fearless.

His sect had been destroyed, his disciples had been slaughtered, and even he himself was in dire straits. This was a miserable state enough to drive any regular person mad, but he felt strangely light as if an invisible burden had been lifted from his shoulders. His realm of cultivation that had stagnated for all this time showed signs of breaking through.

He was naturally endowed with the Zephyral Spirit constitution. He carried everyone’s hopes from the moment he was born, ardently doted by thousands. He climbed up to the throne of the master of the Cloud Sail sect step by step, becoming a great cultivator that lorded over a region and was held in high regard by the entire South sea cultivation community.

It seemed like smooth sailing, but he was burdened with heavy responsibilities. The hopes of his seniors, the dependence of his juniors, and the existence of the entire sect laid on his shoulders, forcing him to carefully maintain a balance. Even his romantic and frivolous nature when young had been completely worn away.

My name is Changfeng, but since when have I ever been unfraught and free like the wind?

When the fire devourers had destroyed the Cloud Sail sect that he had devoted his entire life to, they had also forcefully severed his attachments, reawakening his fighting spirit through hatred. It allowed him to see the possibility that his cultivation could improve.

“If you don’t kill me today, I’ll definitely destroy your Fire Melt mountain in the future!”

“Then we’ll give you what you want. You can die!”

The three fire devourers said at the same time, making their voices overlap as if it came from a single person. They raised the divine fire tablets high into the air. Right as they were about to strike, a calm, emotionless voice rang out from behind.

“You’ve lost.”

The voice was rather heavy, like it had originated from the depths of the ocean, but it was still very pleasant to the ear. The three fire devourers turned around at the same time and saw Xiao An emerge from behind Gong Yuan. Her steps were rather clumsy, but her expression was just as calm as before.

“You’re actually unaffected by the aura of Ruin’s End! But what nonsense are you saying? Heh, seeing how you’re quite pretty, hand over the arcane treasure and beg on your knees. If you pledge yourself to us as a servant, we can consider sparing your life!”

“You’ve lost.”

Xiao An repeated calmly. Her tone was exactly the same as before, which made the three fire devourers restless for some reason. It felt like they had actually missed an important detail. They cursed, “Die, bitch!”

Xiao An slowly raised the Asura Field, and a smile actually appeared on her face, alluring and utterly enchanting.

“You’ve lost!”

Suddenly, Zhu Yan’s face changed, becoming filled with disbelief. He was shocked!

“What’s happened?” Zhu Fen asked with a frown.

“T- the fire god has been slain!” Zhu Yan said with great difficulty. In the moment the giant god of fire’s heart had been dug out, the intense fury and reluctance penetrated the barrier between domains and reached his heart.

“That’s impossible!” “Didn’t you lose track of the fire god? Don’t lie to us!”

Zhu Fen and Zhu Zai rebuked at the same time. The strength of the giant god of fire was close to the apex of this world. Although it had an extremely great weakness, only those legendary figures whose names echoed through the world could kill it. Was a powerful cultivator like the Great Banyan Tree King hiding within such a tiny arcane treasure? That was absolutely impossible.

“There must be something up with the arcane treasure!”

Zhu Yan ignored Zhu Fen and Zhu Zai. His eyes blanked out as he murmured to himself. The will that the giant god of fire had emitted before being slain impacted his mind tremendously. It was almost akin to a backlash.

The news made Gong Yuan’s heart ripple slightly as well, but she immediately returned to deathly silence again. The inky-blue force field continued to expand. The Heart of the Abyss had already lost control. The All Water to Ruin’s End revolved rapidly as it assimilated with Ruin’s End. Even the crystal sceptre in her hand had become dull and colorless, and the indestructible piece of ancient ice on the top gradually melted.

The blue sphere rapidly expanded, swallowing the entire mountain in the blink of an eye before continuing to grow.

Swish! Swash! The sounds of the ocean tide suddenly rang out in the surroundings. The sea water that had been forced out by the Divine Fire tablets was drawn in by an invisible force, turning into colossal waves that slammed into the island. Clouds gathered from all directions, forming a thick layer in the sky. The combined efforts from both inside and out wore down the Fire Devouring Kings’ seal over the region.

Zhu Fen suddenly punched Zhu Yan in the face and roared, “All he did was destroy a puppet with a hint of great god Zhurong’s aura. We can just summon it again in the future. Stop being so easily overwhelmed like a woman!”

Zhu Zai shot Zhu Fen a glance. “What’s wrong with being a woman?” She said to Zhu Yan, “Don’t listen to the nonsense of that little bitch. Our efforts won’t go to waste as long as we kill that bitch Gong Yuan. If we can kill that old man Ji Changfeng as well, then it’ll be a complete victory! Lose my ass!”

“Thank you for your guidance. I’ve lost my composure!” Zhu Yan lowered his head to accept their criticism before glancing at Main-mast mountain. He thought, No matter what, it’s all over already!

Xiao An suddenly felt like she was drowning. Although she could endure the deathly aura from Ruin’s End, the power of the Heart of the Abyss was growing stronger and stronger, truly pressuring her now.

The mountain peak silently collapsed and disintegrated. The gardens and buildings were all reduced to nothing.

She frowned slightly, but it was not because of the pressure. She murmured softly, “Qingshan!”


Li Qingshan stood under the sky, gazing at the centre of the blood-red swirl. He felt an irrepressible urge to dive head-first into the Asura realm and begin slaughtering.

The wings of wind unfurled in an unprecedented state. He only needed a gentle flap, and he could fly into a brand-new world.

Suddenly, he thought of a face and sucked in a deep breath, comforting the eager tiger demon. He furled up his wings of wind and called out to the sky, “I will go, but not right now, and not to partake in some endless battle of blood!” He paused and added, “I will defeat all the asura, establish dominion over the entire Asura realm and end this endless battle of blood!”

The obscure voice fell silent as well. Only after a while did it say, “Establish dominion over the Asura realm. How exciting. Perhaps you are the one spoken of in the prophecy. I’ve already waited for too long, but I don’t mind waiting a little longer…”

The blood-red swirl gradually closed up, and the voice drifted away. Right when the swirl was about to close up completely, a tremendous object fell out from the centre!

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