Chapter 875 – You’ve Offended Me and You Still Think You Can Leave

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Chapter 875 – You’ve Offended Me and You Still Think You Can Leave

Li Qingshan extended his hand and caught the object, taking a look. It was a stone disc over thirty meters across, enveloped in a faint, blood-red light. It was engraved with the image of hundreds and thousands of weapons, as well as many profound glyphs.

What is this? Surely I’m not supposed to throw it at someone. It looks a little like an altar. Whatever, I’ll just ask Yin Qing when I have spare time. She should recognise items from the Asura realm.

Li Qingshan gazed at the sky again and felt extremely curious. Was the voice really the will of the Asura realm? Did the World of the Nine Provinces have a will too?

But now was not the time to consider that. Within his jagged, metallic rib cage, a scorching-red heart shone with resplendent light!

It was the heart of the giant god of fire he had just swallowed. Not only did it contain pure and scorching fire spiritual qi, but it also possessed a rare hint of divine nature.

Li Qingshan immediately practised the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa and began refining the heart of the fire god.

Right now was the most optimal time for him to break through to the third layer of the phoenix!


Three balls of fire chased after a whirlwind, whistling around above Giant Ship island. The three Fire Devouring Kings wielded the Divine Fire tablets and went after Ji Changfeng.

Ji Changfeng obviously was not their opponent. He had tried several times to break out of Giant Ship island, but it all ended in failure. With no other choice, he dove head-first into the inky-blue sphere created by the Heart of the Abyss.

By now, the sphere had already swallowed half of Main-mast mountain, turning into a colossal object several thousand meters across, hovering quietly above Giant Ship island.

Each wave grew higher than the last, like huge mountains that slammed towards Giant Ship island. It was reduced to steam by the flames, amassing in layers and extending all the way into the sky, linking up with the drooping clouds.

As a result, an extremely spectacular sight unfolded. The entire Giant Ship island was enveloped in thick clouds that were illuminated red by the flames.

Rain was not all that fell from the clouds. Instead, there were streams and rivulets as well, gushing towards the Heart of the Abyss. They turned to steam mid-air from the flames, turning back into clouds.

Just like that, the cloud layer constantly pressed lower.

“The Divine Fire domain can’t last for much longer!” Zhu Yan said.

“Don’t worry! We’re definitely not going to be the first ones to give way! That bitch Gong Yuan is close to qi deviation and assimilating with Ruin’s End. The Heart of the Abyss will shatter completely. Once the power erupts, they’re all going to die. Though, we need to be ready to leave too so that we don’t get sucked in!”

As the oldest Fire Devouring King, Zhu Fen had lived for several thousand years. He was highly knowledgeable and experienced. He could tell with a single glance that Gong Yuan had already reached her limit.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out from the abyss, echoing in the surroundings.

“You’ve offended me, and you still think you can leave!?”

The three fire devourers were alarmed. Only then did they realise an armoured figure with a horned helmet had appeared in the centre of the sphere. A pair of scarlet eyes shone sharply, staring through the thick, blue sphere and penetrating their souls.


After refining the heart of the fire god and breaking through to the third layer of the phoenix, he immediately stepped out of the Asura Field and sensed the heavy aura of Ruin’s End, refreshing his mind.

Then he saw Xiao An sitting with her legs crossed and her eyes firmly closed, contending against the intense pressure from Ruin’s End. He scooped her up in a hurry and said softly, “Are you alright?”

The pressure all vanished. Xiao An opened her eyes and let out an enchanting smile. “I’m fine.”

Li Qingshan smiled. He just happened to hear what Zhu Fen had said, which made him turn around and bellow that.

“Li Qingshan?” Zhu Yan said in disbelief, as well as in some uncertainty.

“It’s your grandfather, me!” Li Qingshan raised his head.

“There’s no need to say anything to him. He’s just someone on the brink of death!” Zhu Fen said in disdain.

Before he had even finished talking, the inky-blue sphere suddenly stopped expanding. This was a sign of collapse.

“Let’s see who dies first!” Li Qingshan pulled Gong Yuan into his arms, holding a woman in each arm.

Right when the fire devourers were left at a loss, thinking that he was just trying to take advantage of her right before death, the inky-blue sphere that was close to collapse actually stabilised.

Gong Yuan’s hollow, deathly eyes suddenly shone slightly.

When the Heart of the Abyss began connecting with the deep and mysterious Ruin’s End, she could not see anything more. There was only endless darkness and silence. That was the bottomless abyss named Ruin’s End.

She had already forgotten her body somewhere. It must have been crushed by the pressure already. Only her soul continued to fall into the abyss, into depths even darker than darkness. She could not put up any resistance, nor did she want to put up any resistance.

Compared to this eternal silence, what was a transient existence supposed to be? Compared to the torment of day and night, perhaps death was instead liberation.

She thought like that as the darkness infiltrated her soul strand by strand. She let out a gloomy sigh. My sister, I’m so lonely! Afterwards, she shut her eyes and allowed the dark abyss to swallow her.

Suddenly, warmth wrapped around her quietly and gave off a tranquil, intimate aura.

Sister, is that you? Have you come to receive me? I miss you so much!

Her heart trembled, searching around in the darkness. At that moment, she seemed to return to many years ago, playing hide-and-seek with her younger sister in the corals of the deep ocean, but she was unable to find her no matter what. She was both furious and worried.

She suddenly stopped falling. Even Ruin’s End had a bottom?

In the deep abyss, a giant spirit turtle floated up, rising with her on its back.

Gradually, a ray of light appeared from above, growing brighter and brighter. She seemed to have approached the surface of the ocean already. Her eyes gradually went from pitch-black to a brilliant blue. The various scenes and sounds around her became clearer and clearer.

With a splash, they burst through the surface of the ocean. Various sights immediately entered her field of view.

The burning Giant Ship island, the cascading, burning clouds, the violent fire devourers…

Her memories immediately returned to her. Gong Yuan discovered she was currently being carried by a man, which left her both embarrassed and furious. She put up a struggle, wanting to break free.

Her waist tightened, and an irresistibly great power instead embraced her even more firmly, pressing her up against the man’s sturdy body. A voice rang out beside her ear like an order, “Stop moving around!”

How could the mighty Merfolk Queen listen to the orders of someone else, let alone the fact that it was coming from a human? However, as if it was a curious coincidence, she stopped struggling, allowing Li Qingshan to hold her.

What exactly is happening? Gong Yuan rubbed her forehead and was also perplexed. She was not a little girl who lost her senses after being hugged by a man after all, so she tidied through her thoughts very quickly. She recognised the demonic armour. “You’re… Li Qingshan!?”

“If you have something to say, save it for later. Open your mind and work with me to butcher those three bastards first!” Li Qingshan said sternly.

He had no interest in taking advantage of her right now. Although holding Gong Yuan was quite a nice sensation, he mainly did it to pacify her mind and control the tremendous power from Ruin’s End so that they could fight back.

“Alright!” Gong Yuan was mildly taken aback. She obviously understood the severity of the situation, and Li Qingshan had already struck while she was “weakened” when her consciousness had almost assimilated with Ruin’s End. The spirit turtle that appeared in her sea of consciousness was Li Qingshan’s consciousness, which was why she would subconsciously follow his command.

She understood it was impossible to control this power with her strength, so she simply opened her mind completely and allowed Li Qingshan to control her.

For a moment, their auras blended together, and their consciousness intermingled. They were extremely compatible, entering a state akin to dual cultivation.

Xiao An’s cheeks swelled up, and she threw her head against Li Qingshan’s chest.

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