Chapter 876 – Flames Extinguish Where Clouds Fly

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Chapter 876 – Flames Extinguish Where Clouds Fly

Gong Yuan became dazed. She originally thought it would bring her great discomfort, but it was the exact opposite. She instead experienced peace and tranquility she had never experienced before. Ruin’s End no longer seemed so terrifying anymore.

Li Qingshan grinned at Xiao An. He also felt relieved and relaxed, as if he had finally returned home after toiling around outside for all those years. The aura of Ruin’s End entered the depths of the daemon core, giving him a deeper comprehension of the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression.

As the homeland of spirit turtles, the place of eternal slumber, Ruin’s End was far too compatible with spirit turtles. Gong Yuan needed Li Qingshan to stabilise her mind and eliminate her inner demons, while Li Qingshan needed Gong Yuan’s powers of Ruin’s End.

The inky-blue sphere rapidly shrank, reducing to half in size. It had turned pitch-black.

Ji Changfeng rushed out abruptly, gasping for air. He was a little shaken. The suffocating feeling was not something he wanted to experience a second time in his life.

The three Fire Devouring Kings could not afford to pay any more attention to Ji Changfeng. Although they were still rather uncertain about what was going on, the sense of danger was growing heavier and heavier. They exchanged glances and made the same decision at the same time.


“Why don’t you stay here?”

Li Qingshan’s voice rang out from the pitch-black sphere and the surrounding clouds mightily, filling the air.

The burning clouds in the air suddenly surged and churned. A colossal hand several thousand meters long condensed from water vapour slammed down, like the full-powered strike of a god from beyond this world, enveloping everything, blanketing everything, and suppressing everything!

“Raised to the Heavens!”

The three Fire Devouring Kings raised the Divine Fire tablets at the same time. With a clang, their tips struck together and flames gathered around them from the earth, surging into the air.


The cloud hand struck an invisible barrier and trembled viciously. The water vapour collapsed.

“Hmph, sure enough, it’s all just appearances. Hmm?” Before Zhu Fen could finish, he saw a palm condensed from flowing water after the cloud had shattered. It was much smaller, but it was also much more condensed, pressing firmly against the invisible barrier and inching down.

The sounds of cracking and shattering rang out in the surroundings.

“Nicely done, just like that. Destroy their seal over the region first!”

Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan communicated. It was even faster than communicating through soul sense. They basically sensed each other’s thoughts as soon as they occurred. That was called being mentally linked.

The tremendous power technically still belonged to Gong Yuan. It was power she had drawn out from Ruin’s End through the Heart of the Abyss, except she lacked the ability to wield it. However, if Li Qingshan wanted to wield it, he required her absolute cooperation, or it would be difficult for him to do whatever he wanted with it. After all, the power was far too tremendous.

“Little Li the second, I don’t need you to tell me. I know what to do!” Gong Yuan was rather displeased. She was still not accustomed to being ordered around by someone.

“As long as you know. You can stop having so many random thoughts, as well as so much precaution and displeasure towards me. Cast them aside obediently!” Li Qingshan bellowed. Their current level of strength was still not enough to prevent the three Fire Devouring Kings from leaving. Defeating them and killing them were two separate matters of completely different difficulties.

“You-” Gong Yuan’s chest heaved, but there was nothing she could do about the circumstances. As the Merfolk Queen, she had to take responsibility for the entire Merfolk race. She had to do her best to kill the Fire Devouring Kings, so she gritted her teeth and tried it. “Nope, I can’t do it!”

Opening her mind and letting Li Qingshan’s will into her sea of consciousness was already her limit. Making her drop her guard completely and becoming “mentally as one” was not something she could achieve through efforts alone.

Perhaps only her little sister could make her lower her guard completely and place complete trust in someone else. However, that was due to the affection they had built up for one another over countless years growing up together. How could a random man compare to that?

“You’ll have to do it even if you can’t. Don’t resist!” Li Qingshan sniggered.

“What? Ah!” Gong Yuan cried out.

Li Qingshan used the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression to directly suppress her thoughts. Since they could not get along happily, then he would dominate her one-sidedly!

“Bastard, don’t even think about it!” Gong Yuan was furious and embarrassed. She felt like a man was about to force himself on her, yet not only was she unable to struggle or resist, but she even had to adjust her posture and cooperate. This was not something her dignity could allow.

With an entire major realm of cultivation separating them, it was virtually impossible for the spirit turtle to suppress a Merfolk Queen’s consciousness. Gong Yuan was not just a little bit stronger than the Myriad Poison Ancestor. Her mind was as tough as frigid ice.

The two consciousnesses clashed together, devastating their compatibility. After all, they were not a true spirit turtle and the Ruin’s End. They were two independent existences with their own, firm beliefs.

The falling palm trembled and shattered, and the inky-blue sphere distorted in shape too.

“Go!” The three Fire Devouring Kings used this opportunity to rush towards the north without the slightest hesitation.

“Fucking hell, do you want revenge or not?” Li Qingshan roared inside. No matter how great the power was, it could not pose any threats when it was not under the control of a will. It might even become a backlash to the wielder of the power.

“Revenge!” Gong Yuan shivered inside and suddenly recalled that gentle face. She let out a gloomy sigh. “Little sister, I’m going to be avenging you today. This is probably retribution!”

As a result, she gave up on all resistance. All of her selfish and random thoughts vanished under the suppression of Li Qingshan’s consciousness.

For two minds to achieve perfect compatibility, they either had to have a foundation of very deep affection, or one side had to give up on all of their pursuits. Li Qingshan had used the latter, forceful method to achieve perfect compatibility.

Gong Yuan let out a gentle moan and leaned against Li Qingshan’s chest gently. She no longer possessed a queen’s coldness or pride at all. Instead, she showed a rare, delicate side, tempting people to show her tender care.

Li Qingshan was in no state to show her tender care. Their communication had been lightning-fast as they were mentally linked, so the three fire devourers had only just arrived on the northern beach of Giant Ship island.

Li Qingshan waved his hand. Within the thick clouds, another huge hand of water vapour appeared, twice as large as the one from before. It was almost the same size as Main-mast mountain.

As it descended from above, it was basically like a falling mountain.


The earth rumbled, and the ocean churned!

Spurt! Blood sprayed from the three fire devourers’ mouths at the same time. The flames on them dimmed slightly.

The Divine Fire domain was unlike the giant god of fire. The giant god of fire was merely a colossal puppet. It was extremely powerful, but its connection to them was very weak. There was not exactly any backlash if it was slain, but the Divine Fire domain was different. It was extremely closely-linked to them!

They never thought that when they trapped Giant Ship island with the Divine Fire domain, the water vapour gathered beyond the island would instead become their prison.


Li Qingshan was in high spirits. He swung his left hand and another huge palm slammed down, even more flexible and agile than before. He could wield it with ease now.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

After two colossal strikes, a huge, smiling face vaguely appeared on the thick clouds. It was Li Qingshan’s face.

Ji Changfeng saw that and was also dumbfounded. “Why’s it him? It really is him? How did he become so powerful? He’s just too powerful!”

The two hands of clouds pressed against the invisible barrier. Li Qingshan’s “cloud head” reeled back slightly before slamming down!

The Divine Fire domain shattered and water gushed in!

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