Chapter 877 – Icebound Domain

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Chapter 877 – Icebound Domain

The sea seemed to have tipped over, and Giant Ship island was immediately swallowed by the water. The roaring flames of earth were put out. The entire island collapsed, only leaving a few mountains poking out from under the waves.

“Li Qingshan, I want you to die!” Zhu Yan roared hysterically. He struggled to understand how they had ended up like this from their flawless ambush.

Yes, all of this was because of Li Qingshan. He was the only variable, not only destroying the fire god, but even helping that bitch Gong Yuan stabilise the Heart of the Abyss, completely destroying their plans.

“Are you cursing me with death? Come fight!” The surging clouds condensed again, assuming Li Qingshan’s appearance that spoke.

“King Yan, don’t be caught up in this battle. We have plenty of time ahead of us. Once we get back, we’ll destroy his Savage mountain first!” Zhu Fen grabbed Zhu Yan by the shoulder. He also utterly resented Li Qingshan.

Zhu Zai also said, “That’s right. If we keep fighting, it won’t bring us any benefit at all. Let’s return to Fire Melt mountain first and give this some further thought! You’re dreaming if you think you can stop us from leaving!”

“Flames of heaven!” “Flames of earth!” “Flames of man!”

The three of them raised the Divine Fire tablets and sweeped them across the air at the same time, leaving behind three trails of flames. They linked together to form a triangle.

“Gate of Divine Fire, open!”

The flame triangle suddenly lit up with blinding light. Fire Melt mountain actually appeared vaguely inside.

The Divine Fire tablets really were the heirloom of an ancient divine kingdom. It could not be compared to regular arcane treasures. When they wanted to attack, it could conjure the Divine Fire domain and summon the fire god, and when they wanted to retreat or defend, they could open up a Gate of Divine Fire and move tens of thousands of kilometers. It was flawless.

If it were not that valuable, why would the proud Fire Devouring Kings lower their heads and become honoured guests of the King of Southern Yue’s estate?

Li Qingshan frowned heavily. He already had grievances with the fire devourers, and this only made things worse. Once the three of them recovered their strength and attacked Savage mountain, it was impossible to stop them even if there was the Great Banyan Tree King there to control the formations. The threat they posed was no less than the Dragon King of Ink Sea.

However, all of this was too late. The Gate of Divine Fire rapidly stabilised and took shape.

Right when the three of them were about to pass through the gate, a circular blade suddenly flew out of the space there, flying right into the Gate of Divine Fire and immediately melting away and shattering. A crack appeared on the Gate of Divine Fire. The three of them came to a swift halt, afraid to proceed through it. A spatial crack like that was extremely dangerous.

Yin Qing’s figure appeared from space. Originally, she had been hidden around the boundary of the Asura Field the entire time, having merged with space as she observed Li Qingshan’s battle with the giant god of fire. Only when the Divine Fire domain had shattered and it no longer sealed and disturbed space did she finally emerge, hiding in space and waiting for an assassination opportunity.

However, the three Fire Devouring Kings were far too powerful, and their auras were linked together. If she risked her life for an assassination attempt, it would achieve nothing at all. Instead, it was even likely for her to be killed instead.

She patiently waited until now, finally discovering this opportunity, so she struck and destroyed the Gate of Divine Fire.

“Nicely done!” Li Qingshan praised.

Yin Qing smiled gently, but she could not help but wonder whether he really was the person that the legends spoke of.

She purposefully flew around near the Gate of Divine Fire, provoking the Fire Devouring Kings and attracting their attention.

The three fire devourers all flew into a rage, but they held back their urge to strike. “Forget about her. The Gate of Divine Fire will repair itself. I’d like to see if she’s bold enough to come over here!”

The three of them wielded the Divine Fire tablets, standing on guard in front of the gate. They did everything that they could to block Ji Changfeng’s fierce winds and Li Qingshan’s huge hands of clouds.

Sure enough, the Gate of Divine Fire rapidly repaired itself, and it was unaffected by the repercussions of the battle! Only Yin Qing’s attacks and Li Qingshan’s powers of tremors could damage it, but neither of them could get close.

Li Qingshan said to Gong Yuan, “Stop staring blankly. They’re running away. Hurry up and use whatever you have!”

Gong Yuan had begun charging up as early as when the three of them had first opened the Gate of Divine Fire. Right now, she held the crystal sceptre high in the air. Without the restraint from the Divine Fire domain, the vast South sea once again became her home field, and she no longer had to worry about losing control. She could use the All Water to Ruin’s End fearlessly.

The ancient piece of ice condensed again, becoming extremely resplendent. The crystal accessories like her earrings, necklace, and bracelets all shone with dazzling, cold light. She seemed to become a goddess of ice. She sang loudly.

“Icebound domain!”

Twelve pillars of ice jutted out from the surface of the ocean, straight into the clouds. They were distributed evenly as a dodecagon, freezing the spatial region within several dozen kilometers.

The Gate of Divine Fire immediately became dyed with a layer of icy-blue. The three Fire Devouring Kings all changed in expression. They never imagined that she could use this move alone.

Within the Icebound domain, the surging ocean immediately froze, and the cascading rain turned into hail and snow. Not only did it freeze the Gate of Divine Fire, but it also severely suppressed the fire devourers, making their horrible situation even worse.

Actually, even Gong Yuan herself was extremely surprised. She glanced at Li Qingshan and thought, I didn’t think we could actually unleash such power by working together!

“Little Li the second, I’m going to concentrate on maintaining this Icebound domain. The rest is up to you!”

“Leave it up to me!”

Li Qingshan laughed and raised both hands before pressing down slowly. The thick, dark clouds pressed down like a blanket.

After breaking through to the fifth layer of the tiger demon and the third layer of the phoenix, he already possessed the confidence to clash with the three fire devourers. However, while the three of them had heavily depleted their strength and had just been on the receiving end of the backlash, they still possessed the Divine Fire tablets after all, so they definitely could not be underestimated. He had to help Gong Yuan suppress her mind too. Surely he could not charge into battle with her in his arms.

But fortunately, the power from within the Heart of the Abyss was extremely powerful, even surpassing his own power. He could use this oppressive strength to crush the three Fire Devouring Kings.

“Fellow Li, allow me to lend you a hand!” Ji Changfeng originally thought he was already in dire straits. The sudden reversal of the situation made his face glow red, rousing his remaining strength as he leapt up into battle. He began swinging the Feilian flag once again.

The great snow and hail immediately turned into a blizzard, whistling towards the three Fire Devouring Kings with the delight of revenge!

“Fellow Ji, you’re truly old but vigorous!” Li Qingshan said.

“Now you’re the valiant and impressive one, fellow Li! You have my admiration! I will never forget how you saved my life!”

Ji Changfeng waved the flag furiously, ruffling in the wind. As he watched how the Fire Devouring Kings roared furiously under his attack but were helpless, he laughed until tears ran down his face, as if an invisible shackle on him had shattered. He had broken through, reaching mid Soul Nascence. The whistling wind immediately became a little swifter and sharper.

“Hold onto this Fire Tablet of Earth. I’ll pave a path. Never forget about this grievance!” Zhu Zai raised her head and said with determination.

“Do I need a woman like you to save me? Both of you, move aside. The Fire Tablet of Heaven must be passed down successively!” Zhu Fen said.

Li Qingshan sneered. Did they think they could escape just like this? Basically the Tiger Demon Transformation and the Phoenix Transformation determined his speed. Now that both had increased by a layer, he had yet to find out what the effects were!

“You mustn’t, fellow kings. Only when the three of us work together can we unleash the might of the Divine Fire tablets. In our current state, we probably won’t be able to leave the South sea even if we make it out of here!” Zhu Yan immediately disagreed.

“Then what do you say we do? Are we supposed to just wait here for our deaths?”

“We’re not waiting here for our deaths. Someone will save us. Don’t forget, we’re honoured guests of the king’s estate now!”

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