Chapter 879 – Not a Friend? Then a Foe! Friend or Foe?

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Chapter 879 – Not a Friend? Then a Foe! Friend or Foe?

Giant Ship island had basically vanished, covered by thick ice. It only bore some resemblance to the geography of the past from the three protruding mountains that had been frozen.

Half of Main-mast mountain had been forcefully swallowed by the Heart of the Abyss. The lofty mountain had become a curved valley of ice. The surroundings were filled with rising and falling ice mountains, all pointing towards the hovering Heart of the Abyss like thousands of desperate hands.

At the bottom of the ice valley, the tough ice split open with a crack. A group of shaken people emerged, composed of both cultivators and merpeople. As it turned out, there was a hall in the centre of Main-mast mountain similar to Savage mountain. It was the dwelling that Ji Changfeng specially used for secluded cultivation, and it was also the place with the strongest defence in the entire Cloud Sail sect.

When the giant god of fire had appeared, Ji Changfeng knew that these people could no longer interfere with the battle anymore, so he ordered the elders of the sect to lead everyone there to hide.

They worked together to maintain the remaining formation of the Cloud Sail sect, fending off the repercussions of the battle. There were several times when they thought they were dead for sure.

Whether it was the giant god of fire slamming into the mountain, the lava surging up from below, or the rapid expansion of the inky-blue force field from the Heart of the Abyss, all of it was enough to claim their lives. If the fire devourers won in the end, dealing with some people who managed to slip by like them would be a piece of cake.

In these terrifying, dire straits they had never faced before, they were in the same boat. Coupled with their reasonable luck, they actually managed to survive, only emerging from the dwelling after the battle had settled down.

“Is it over?” “That’s fantastic, the fire devourers have been defeated!” “Your majesty, are you fine?”

The group of people were filled with joy and grief, but before they could even celebrate the end of the nightmare, their faces all stiffened.

The Silver Dragon King had returned, bursting through the thick clouds and arriving above Giant Ship island once more. It shone with a silver, cold light, assuming an offensive posture. The pressure it gave off even surpassed the giant god of fire.

Awaking from their nightmare, there was a new nightmare waiting for them, and it was even more terrifying than the last!

The Silver Dragon King produced a beam of light that turned into a colossal projection. It assumed the form of a young man with delicate facial features. He smiled faintly.

“King of Southern Yue!” Ji Changfeng was startled. His voice was filled with a hint of fury that he struggled to hold back. How could he not know that this was all a scheme by the King of Yue’s estate? Coupled with the strike he had launched to free the three fire devourers, he had emerged from behind the curtains, completely establishing a feud.

“King of Southern Yue, have you decided to stand with the fire devourers and start an endless war with my race?”

Gong Yuan’s voice was icy-cold. Ignoring her wounds, she powered the Heart of the Abyss once again, and the pitch-black sphere suddenly grew in size, hovering in the air and confronting the Silver Dragon King.

The King of Southern Yue said, “They’re honoured guests of the King of Southern Yue’s estate, so of course, I can’t just let them die. However, I’m not a baby-siter either. They have to take responsibility for their own actions, whether it ends in success or failure. Don’t you think so too?”

That brought a slight relief to Ji Changfeng and Gong Yuan. The King of Southern Yue was clearly saying, “Feel free to find revenge with Fire Melt mountain. I won’t interfere!”

So far, Ji Changfeng’s greatest enemy was still Fire Melt mountain and not the King of Southern Yue’s estate. Otherwise, there was basically no opportunity for his revenge to succeed. All he could do was direct his hatred towards the King of Southern Yue’s estate and kill everyone related to it. However, the King of Southern Yue clearly would not be as kind-hearted as to put up with this in Fire Melt mountain’s place. He would definitely do something about it if Ji Changfeng turned his attention towards the king’s estate.

However, what Gong Yuan and Ji Changfeng were worried about even more was the King of Southern Yue completely leaning to Fire Melt mountain’s side. With that, the Merfolk of the South sea would definitely suffer heavy losses. Given the way the King of Southern Yue was currently behaving, anyone could tell he was up to something, but it was still better than if he was not up to something.

At the same time, it also indicated they were still temporarily safe.

However, Gong Yuan was still rather perplexed by why he had come here since he had no intentions of launching an attack. Was it just to explain his actions? Did the King of Southern Yue really have to be so careful?

As a result, she asked, “If that’s the case, why have you returned, King of Yue?”

“I haven’t come for you!” The King of Southern Yue looked away. His eyes pierced through the pitch-black sphere and landed on Li Qingshan. “Li Qingshan, is it time for me to kill you?”

Li Qingshan again!

Everyone’s gazes gathered on the pitch-black sphere. They were all surprised and at a loss, but with their limited strength, they could not tell what was going on inside.

“You aren’t capable of killing me!” Li Qingshan’s voice rang out from the black sphere, calm and filled with great confidence.

A kid who had not even undergone the third heavenly tribulation actually said the King of Southern Yue was incapable of killing him. Normally, everyone would definitely take it as a colossal joke, but they had all become numb to how he had fearlessly challenged those much stronger than him.

“Really?” The King of Southern Yue raised an eyebrow, perhaps out of intrigue or disdain.

“Really!” Li Qingshan replied. Although he had already used up his Nirvāṇa Rebirth, he definitely could not be killed so easily with his current speed.

“I sure am a little more tempted to try it after what you’ve said!” The King of Southern Yue was not one to be afraid of provocation. “However, before that, you should know that there’s still someone beside him. In my knowledge, you’ve known each other for many years now. Probably a part of the reason why you’ve come to the Mist province is for her!”

“You want to use her to threaten me?” Li Qingshan’s face changed. This was what he worried about the most. The King of Southern Yue had guessed incorrectly too. Right from the very beginning, the major reason why he came to the Mist province was because of Ru Xin.

“Looks like you were wrong. He still cares about you very much.” The King of Southern Yue turned around and smiled at Ru Xin beside him.

Ru Xin said nothing. She did not say any nonsense like “don’t worry about me”. Why would that man who loved going his own way listen to her? However, she also believed he was not a hesitant person who could be threatened.

The King of Southern Yue turned back and asked, “How’s that? Can I use her to threaten you?”

“Don’t you find something like that dirty for the mighty King of Southern Yue?” Li Qingshan asked.

The King of Southern Yue considered the question. “It’s alright! If I can make you serve me, turning you from a foe to a friend, then it’s nothing. Li Qingshan, I admire you very much, so become one of my honoured guests! I will give you ten times, a hundred times more than what you can obtain from the Green province!”

“Return her, and we can go our own way.”

“Perhaps there would still be room for negotiation if you were someone else, but between us, we are foes if we aren’t friends!”

“I don’t want to make some baffling enemies over some baffling reasons, but I’m not afraid of making enemies either. After all, the itching only reaches a certain point after so many lice. I will make those who should pay pay!”

“In other words, you’ve made up your mind about having me as a foe?” The King of Southern Yue squinted his eyes slightly. Li Qingshan’s staunchness both surpassed his imaginations and made perfect sense.

“Whether we’re friends or foes, the King of Yue can decide that with a single word! However, I, Li Qingshan, will never yield to another, will never serve another, and will never be threatened by another!”

Li Qingshan took out a series of stalks, black and white in colour, holding them in both hands!

They were the Lost Stalks of the King of Yue that Ru Xin had handed to him!

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