Chapter 881 – Forming an Alliance

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Chapter 881 – Forming an Alliance

“Fellow Gong, I’m willing to assist you in slaughtering the Fire Devouring Folk!”

Ji Changfeng tended to the remaining disciples and elders of the Cloud Sail sect before riding over on the wind. He was furious and sorrowful, but he was very motivated and in high spirits at the same time.

“With the assistance of your divine wind, fellow, we’ll definitely be able to take Fire Melt mountain and make the fire devourers pay with blood!” Gong Yuan roused in energy and also showed delight in her eyes. Her major objective of this trip was to rope in Ji Changfeng. This was the most important hurdle to going to war with the fire devourers. However, Ji Changfeng had evaded the request the entire time. She never expected the fire devourers to help her out tremendously in the end.

Afterwards, she secretly told Ji Changfeng about the existence of Stoneheart.

“Is that true?” Ji Changfeng gazed at Ru Xin in disbelief. He was very curious about what kind of face was hidden behind the bronze mask. He thought, “On one hand, she’s a disciple under the Myriad Poison Ancestor in-name. On the other hand, the King of Southern Yue has used her to threaten Li Qingshan. She even has some kind of connection with Gong Yuan. Who is she exactly?

“As authentic as it could be!” Ru Xin bowed slightly.

“If you really can achieve something like that, then my Cloud Sail sect will be indebted to you, fellow. Please accept a bow from me!”

For the sake of revenge, Ji Changfeng no longer cared about anything else, but he still did not have much confidence in taking Fire Melt mountain. Ru Xin’s vicious plan to cull the young suited his tastes far too well. He was basically like someone about to die of thirst finding a clear spring. He was so emotional that he bowed towards Ru Xin regardless of his identity.

It was quite easy to imagine that the descendants of the Cloud Sail sect would treat destroying Fire Melt mountain as their ultimate goal throughout the generations after surviving this disaster. This grievance would be passed down through the ages, with new flesh and blood to inherit and carry on this will. It would constantly deepen until one side destroyed the other.

Ru Xin returned the gesture in a hurry. “I don’t deserve that.”

Then Ji Changfeng said to Li Qingshan, “Fellow Li, I’m not going to say thank you, as that would only undermine how grateful I am to you. I truly am incapable of paying back your kindness. If you ever need me for anything, do let me know!”

“No problem!”

“Though, you did destroy the fire devourers’ plans this time, so they’ll never spare Savage mountain. The south is not as safe as the South sea…” Ji Changfeng analysed the situation for Li Qingshan. In short, he was just trying to say Savage mountain was in great danger and Li Qingshan was in great danger too.

Li Qingshan listened along sternly. He understood very well that Ji Changfeng was trying to rope him in so that he could offer his strength for revenge.

Gong Yuan added, “You’ve witnessed the power of the fire devourers. The Divine Fire tablets are heirlooms of the ancient divine kingdom, and they’ve probably only obtained them recently. They’ve yet to unleash their full power. Once they recover their strength, not only will Savage mountain fall, but even you will be in danger. However, considering how you saved me today, I will provide you with protection!”

Both of them chimed in together, which made Li Qingshan secretly sneer. Of course, he wanted to take Fire Melt mountain as well and obtain the legendary divine wutong tree, but there was no reason for him to be fooled into throwing his life at the fire devourers just because of a few empty words.

He had to be clear about the most important aspect. Gong Yuan and Ji Changfeng were in need of his assistance; he did not require their protection. As a result, he interrupted them.

“I’m very relieved to know that you want to pay back your debts, but I’ve already mentioned it back then in the Feilian hall. I don’t like these long-winded words. First of all, the south is indeed more dangerous than the South sea, and the fire devourers are indeed capable of destroying my Savage mountain. However, they do have to consider the consequences of otherfolk killing human cultivators, not to mention the fact that I’m a White Hawk commander of the empire. That’s the first thing I want to say.”

“Do you really think the fire devourers will care so much? The world is on the brink of chaos, and the strength of the empire is waning, so why would they still care about the south? They’ve already become honoured guests of the king’s estate, so there’s even less reason for them to fear a White Hawk commander,” Gong Yuan rebuked coldly.

She required Li Qingshan’s power very much, to subdue her inner demons and to increase her cultivation. And, only when they worked together could they push the Heart of the Abyss to the limit and contend against the fire devourers’ Divine Fire tablets. Otherwise, the battle this time would have ended extremely horrifically.

“That’s why I have a second point to make. If it really doesn’t work out, I’ll just go back to the Green province!” Li Qingshan shrugged.

Gong Yuan and Ji Changfeng were immediately rendered speechless. Li Qingshan had no grievance with the fire devourers great enough for him to exterminate them. There was absolutely no need for him to throw his life at them. Savage mountain was not the Crystal palace. He had stolen the cultivation dwelling in the first place, so there was nothing wrong with giving up on it.

Gong Yuan said, “Just a few threats from the fire devourers is enough to frighten the mighty King of Savages back to the Green province?”

“I’m not losing out anyway. I’ve just been sworn at. I can just come back to redeem myself after undergoing the third heavenly tribulation. Wouldn’t that be easier?” Li Qingshan said it like it was a simple fact.


“Your majesty, I don’t owe you anything! Instead, you still owe my five years with the Heart of the Abyss!” Li Qingshan reminded her.

I only held you. It’s not like I slept with you. Aren’t you taking me to be a little too simple if you can goad me into action with a mere few words?

Ji Chengfeng let out a long sigh. “Fellow, are you really going to just walk away?”

“No, I’m going to stay behind and assist you in taking down Fire Melt mountain!” Li Qingshan said, “However, I’m not your saviour. I don’t need your gratitude or protection, but actual benefit. Since it’s an alliance, you need to have the sincerity to form an alliance. We need to be clear about what each party deserves and what each party must contribute. Whether it’s the strategy before the attack or the allocation after the attack, none of it should be missing. We can’t just gather together in a clueless fashion. What do you think?”

“Looks like you’re the comprehensive one, fellow! That’s exactly what we should do!”

Ji Changfeng immediately agreed. He had begun thinking about what Li Qingshan said right at the start. When the weak and the strong cooperated, it was very easy for one side to be coerced and sacrificed. They needed a set of rules. That was why he said he was willing to lend Gong Yuan a hand, not requesting Gong Yuan to achieve revenge with him. He had just been unable to bring himself to be so straightforward and clear-cut as Li Qingshan.

Most importantly, he did indeed have an irresolvable grievance with Fire Melt mountain.

Now that Li Qingshan was actually interested in a formal alliance, of course he would welcome him with open arms. After all, the exact reason why the Cloud Sail sect had faced such a great disaster this time was still because of the Merfolk of the South sea. He deserved corresponding compensation. He had to find a new, suitable island for cultivation and rebuild the Cloud Sail sect.

“What kind of alliance do you want?” Gong Yuan asked after a moment of silence.

“First of all, your attitude. What I require is respect, not being used. Don’t use your high-class, elegant tricks on me.” Reaching there, Li Qingshan communicated to her secretly, “If you could be obedient like when you were in my arms, our cooperation would be much smoother.”

“Sure!” Gong Yuan squeezed out a reply from between her teeth.

“As for the rest, this isn’t the place to go into detail. We need time to consolidate our cultivation, so why don’t we all return and recuperate? We can gather again in the Crystal palace during the next full moon and discuss how to take down Fire Melt mountain together!”

Gong Yuan and Ji Changfeng agreed to that, so Li Qingshan took his leave, returning to Savage mountain with Ru Xin and Xiao An.

They flew away, leaving Giant Ship island in the distance.

The wind was gentle, and the moon was bright. The ocean was vast, and the sounds of waves continued as normal. All was peaceful.

The battle was like a dream, but the increase in his strength was a reality. Li Qingshan felt extremely delighted. The fifth layer of the tiger demon had allowed his strength to increase by several fold.

The third layer of the phoenix required another balancing of fire and water to obtain the third innate ability of the phoenix. If it was still Nirvāṇa Rebirth, then that meant he had two chances at rebirth. If he included the “eggification”, then that was three times. Just who could still kill him?

The Ink sea was already close now!

At this moment, Ru Xin said, “Qingshan, visit a place with me!”

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