Chapter 884 – White Jade

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Chapter 884 – White Jade

A blinding yellow filled their eyes, bubbling, burning, roaring! This was a sight that never changed in the magma.


Near them, an earth bubble burst suddenly. The violent force slammed against the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell and riddled it with cracks. The scorching heat poured in through the cracks, and the heavy smell of sulphur was suffocating. Even more terrifyingly, scorching fire poison whistled in through all the openings.

If it were not for the fact that both Li Qingshan and Ru Xin possessed natural fire bloodlines, they would have been at the risk of dying from just that. However, the most terrifying part was still the invisible underground magnetic field, which prevented his innate abilities from functioning as usual. It took him quite the effort before he managed to patch the hole in the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell.

“It’s too deep here. Even I can’t last for long!” Li Qingshan communicated to Ru Xin. Once the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell shattered, he could escape with his life intact, but Ru Xin would die.

“Go forward a little more. We need to be close to the centre of Fire Melt mountain!” Ru Xin pointed in a direction.

“Alright!” Li Qingshan slowly advanced through the magma with Ru Xin in his arms, even having to carefully avoid the regions of instability. If he accidentally set off even more earth bubbles at the same time, they would be done for.

“Right here!” Ru Xin said suddenly.

“We’re several dozen kilometers below the surface at the very least. Will your virus work?” Li Qingshan voiced his doubts.

“If we go further up, we’ll be approaching the formations of Fire Melt mountain. Don’t worry. With a casual wave of his hand, the Myriad Poison Ancestor can contaminate a river over a hundred kilometers long. This is a product of his efforts too. Water primarily flows down, but fire surges upwards. This is equivalent to being upstream of a river. It’s perfect for poisoning!”

Li Qingshan had noticed this a long time ago too. The flames of the earth in this region were extremely unstable, rapidly flowing upwards. The fire devourers must have drawn the flames of the earth to the surface intentionally for devouring and cultivation, equivalent to how humans dug and used wells.

However, he was a little curious. “This is the same as rivers?”

“Water and fire mutually conflict, yet they also share similarities. Kid, your comprehension is still insufficient. Just sit by and watch!” Ru Xin said with a smile.

Ru Xin crossed her hands together and rapidly formed seals, which seemed like a blooming lotus. She suddenly became extremely stern.

Li Qingshan quietly backed away, only to see a ghostly figure gradually appear on her. It was the plague ghost she had refined over all these years. It was the strongest secret technique of the school of Medicine, possessing a wondrous power of infecting enemies with severe diseases.

The plague ghost was wrapped in bandages, deformed and disfigured, covered in boils and pus. It gave off a smell of decay. Apart from that, its skin was also greyish-white, which gave off a chilling aura of death.

It was like a patient that had been disease-ridden and bed-ridden for many years. It had grown numb to all the pain from its body and mind, even losing the desire to live, just waiting for death.

The plague ghost broke away from her and turned around, facing her.

In that moment, Ru Xin hesitated. She had spent all these years refining the plague ghost. Originally, it was for revenge against the fire devourers.

Now that it was finally time for her to do it, a dark, old face appeared before her eyes.

Doctors had a heart of compassion. Her master Hua Ci’s influence on her was even greater than she imagined it to be. Her name, “forgiveness”, was the greatest hopes he held for her.

She sucked in a deep breath and murmured, “Sorry, master. I’ve let you down. I can’t forgive anyone.”

“You don’t understand your master’s intentions at all. The old man thought you’d never be able to achieve revenge in your life, so he didn’t want you walking to your own death. If he knew the current situation, why don’t you take a guess at what he’d say?” Li Qingshan said.


“Fuck forgiveness! Forgive my fucking ass! Go kill these fire devourers!” Li Qingshan roared.

“My master is nowhere as vulgar as that!’ Ru Xin burst out laughing as if anything that left her conflicted would become particularly simple in his mouth. She really could not pick up and replicate his resolve of “in for a penny, in for a pound”.

As a result, she pushed it gently, and the plague ghost flew out of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell, burning away violently. The flames were almost as greyish-white as rocks, merging with the flames of the earth and rising upwards.

At the same time, like a last gesture before death, it let out a scream, filled with bone-deep pain and despair.

Ru Xin watched this unfold blankly. That had once been the voice that echoed through her mind day and night. She could only constantly dilute it and suppress it with the Water of Oblivion so that she could avoid descending into madness before she achieved revenge.

She suddenly felt her heart empty out, as if a huge boulder had been put down. She had never felt so relaxed before, yet there was also an indescribable feeling of emptiness.

“Oh no! Let’s go!”

Li Qingshan picked up Ru Xin and flapped the phoenix wings. Soon after he had flown away, an earth bubble burst loudly behind him, setting off another chain of explosions.

An intense feeling of danger surged through his mind. Li Qingshan constantly used divination to change directions, shooting past exploding earth bubbles within a hair’s breadth at every single moment. More and more cracks appeared on the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell.

All the volcanoes in the Fire Melt mountains, all four hundred kilometers of them, erupted together. In particular, flames surged straight into the sky for the main peak. Countless specks of fire rained down.

The fire devourers all cheered, extending their arms and welcoming the falling fire rain, entering a state of ravishing joy. Even in the Fire Melt mountains, a great eruption like this was not common. It was regarded as an auspicious omen of jubilance. It was a fantastic opportunity for cultivation too. Flames of the earth from greater depths were more pure.

“Hmm? Right now doesn’t seem to be the time for an eruption to occur!” Zhu Yan was rather puzzled.

“Did you hear a voice?” Zhu Zai turned her head and listened closely. She felt like she had heard a scream, but among the rumbling of the volcanos, it also felt like a false impression.

“The flow of the underground magma has always been difficult to predict. Perhaps this is an auspicious omen from the fire god. Let’s not worry about this. We need to focus on cultivation and strike as soon as possible. Let’s destroy Savage mountain first!” Zhu Fen said.

“Yes, king Fen!”

Zhu Yan and Zhu Zai also felt like they were thinking too much. Were enemies supposed to burst out of the underground magma to attack them? That was basically digging their own graves, and unlike the Cloud Sail sect, the geographic advantage of the Fire Melt mountains could not be destroyed through any methods.

As a result, they settled down and continued cultivating.

A while later, over five hundred kilometers away, the tranquil surface of a lake surrounded by mountains suddenly began to surge.

With a boom, a scarlet figure burst out of the lake. Flames tailed right behind it, rushing into the air and reaching several hundred kilometers away before finally dispersing. The lake immediately began to boil, turning into rolling, white steam.

Li Qingshan landed on the ground heavily. The Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell had shattered a long time ago. He opened his furled phoenix wings, only to reveal Ru Xin staring straight at him with her eyes that resembled black jade, smiling away enchantingly.

Seeing how she was safe and sound, Li Qingshan let out a sigh of relief. His eyes suddenly narrowed. Originally, her clothes were an impressive arcane artifact, but under the flames of the earth, they had also been reduced to ashes. It was all thanks to the Heavenly Tome of Cloud Furnace that made her body as tough as jade, which prevented her from being injured by the flames of the earth. However, it did reveal her beautiful body.

Li Qingshan’s heart shuddered. He lowered his head and kissed her on her pink lips. She let out a squeak, and her jade-like body in his arms softened.

So she can still turn soft! Li Qingshan thought in quite some relief.

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