Chapter 886 – The Bloodjaw Blade

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Chapter 886 – The Bloodjaw Blade

“The Asura realm sure is generous!” Li Qingshan praised. He wanted a handy weapon, and it directly gave him an entire armoury. Then he asked Yin Qing, “Oh I forgot to ask you, but was that voice really the Asura realm itself?”

This was what he was most curious about. Did a world also possess life and consciousness?

“Apologies, I don’t know about that. As an Asura Commander, I’ve yet to touch on a secret as profound as that. You’ll have to investigate it yourself. If you really are the person of legends, then you’ll definitely learn about this secret!”

After spectating Li Qingshan’s battle against the giant god of fire, she held Li Qingshan in even greater respect. She had stopped brushing him aside indifferently like she did in the beginning, without any regard for her own life. She now showed respect from the bottom of her heart.

“I’d like to ask something. What is a person of the legends?”

“The Asura realm and Heaven realm are at constant war with one another, but they suffer more defeats than victories, all because lord Śakra has united the heavens. All beings of the Heaven realm pool their efforts together, while the Asura realm is stuck in a state of disunity. The legend speaks of the birth of an asura demon god, who will rally everyone against heaven and achieve an unprecedented victory.”

“That sure does sound interesting. Do you think I resemble the person of legends?” Li Qingshan spread his arms and stood in a pose.

“I’ve never seen the person of legends, so how can I answer that question? However, since the mysterious existence has given you the Asura Altar of Armaments, you must bear some resemblance!”

Yin Qing admired Li Qingshan, but even she could not say Li Qingshan was the “person of legends”, as there were simply far too many of these “people of legends” in the Asura realm. Every single Asura King she had seen believed they were the “person of legends”. There were countless asura that had obtained the mysterious existence’s words of inspiration or even reward.

From a certain perspective, if Li Qingshan did enter the Asura realm, then he could be regarded as an elite among asura. He possessed the spirit and strength to dominate an entire region. He was worthy of her fealty. However, he was nothing special compared to the other elites.

Li Qingshan smiled. “It’s not like you’ll die if you just suck up to me a little. Whatever. Let’s try out the Asura Altar of Armaments first. Though, just what weapon should I exchange for?”

“If you can’t decide, why don’t you let the Asura Altar of Armaments make the decision?”

“That works?”

“My original weapon wasn’t the circular blade. It was exactly because of the revelation from an Asura Altar of Armaments that I exchanged for the ‘Void Ring’. Unfortunately, it was burnt to a crisp.” Yin Qing sighed.

“Don’t worry. You fought for me, so I’ll help you get a weapon that’s no weaker than the Void Ring.” Li Qingshan patted Yin Qing on the shoulder.

Yin Qing smiled. “Anyway, asura all believe that a warrior chooses a weapon based on the desire in the depths of their soul. It’s a form of destiny.”

“Then let me try. What’s my destiny supposed to be?”

Li Qingshan strode over and stood on the Asura Altar of Armaments. He shut his eyes and spread his arms, merging his mind with the Asura Altar of Armaments under his feet.

In that moment, he saw thousands of weapons appear out of thin air, far more than the eighteen main weapons of Chinese martial arts. However, they were all shaded over.

With a wave of his hand, a sword flew into his hand, and he unleashed all the swordsmanship he had learnt in his life freely. Sure enough, sword qi criss-crossed wondrously, but something seemed to be missing. The darkness over the sword never faded away.

He shook his head and tossed aside the sword. Then he picked up a large hammer.

Time trickled by. Yin Qing and Xiao An watched on from the side. All they saw was Li Qingshan constantly gesture around with his empty hands like he was wielding various weapons. The weapons engraved on the Asura Altar of Armaments lit up one by one before dimming one by one.

Li Qingshan furrowed his brows firmly, having tried around seventy or eighty weapons in the blink of an eye. Just with the sword-type weapons alone, he had tried over a dozen, like the huge sword, long sword, short sword, and dual swords. The rest went without saying, but he was unable to find one that suited him.

Yin Qing drew a comparison between picking weapons and picking wives. What he lacked right now was love at first sight.

He looked around. Was something missing here? Hold on, why weren’t there any blades here?

Among the various weapons, the one that was the most common with the most number of designs would definitely be blades, but in this space, there was every single weapon but blades. There was not a single blade at all. There were no blades!

As a result, he roared, “Give me a blade!”

And then there was a blade!

It was a very inconspicuous little blade, both short and small, perhaps better described as a knife. It could hardly be labelled as a weapon at all, but Li Qingshan found it to be extremely familiar.

He held the knife in his hand and casually swung it around. He suddenly remembered it. This was once the first “weapon” he had used in his life!

In the run-down cowshed with the meat soup bubbling away on the bonfire, he had wielded this knife and forced back his harassing brother and sister-in-law. It was exactly this blade that assisted him in killing his first enemy after getting drunk on that night with the brilliant moon.

Li Qingshan came to a sudden realisation. He howled, “There are no gods watching over up above. Justice lies within the knife!”

With a clank, the two spiky clubs were tossed beside his feet first, followed by the various spiritual and arcane artifacts he had obtained through his battles. They all piled up on the Asura Altar of Armaments.

Ten, a hundred, three hundred, five hundred…

Only when he had placed down the five hundred and twenty-seventh weapon did the Asura Altar of Armaments suddenly light up. Li Qingshan sensed something and knew this was already the limit, not because the legendary Armoury of War and Chaos had no better weapons, but with his current cultivation, killing intent, and breadth of mind, he could only exchange for a weapon of such a standard.

Li Qingshan felt a slight sense of pity, but Yin Qing on the side was very surprised. She had once witnessed an Asura King using an Asura Altar of Armaments to exchange for a weapon, but the number and quality of weapons he ended up offering was around the same, or even a little less than that.

Stronger weapons did not make them better. Once they surpassed the limit of the wielder, the wielder would immediately face a backlash. It was even possible for them to dominate the wielder instead. Something like that was commonplace in the Asura realm. Divine weapons had spirits. They would never recognise a weakling.

With his cultivation at the second heavenly tribulation, he can actually receive so much recognition from the Armoury of War and Chaos. That’s unbelievable! If he went to the Asura realm, he’d basically be a prodigy chosen by the heavens, an elite among elites!

“Sacrifice!” Li Qingshan bellowed.

The five hundred and twenty-seven weapons flew up into the air, revolving, entering the Asura Altar of Armaments and vanishing.

When the last weapon vanished, a streak of blood-red light suddenly rushed into the air.

When the blood-red light dispersed, a weapon was planted on the Asura Altar of Armaments.

“Hmm? Why is it a sword? I clearly asked for a… blade!”

Li Qingshan’s expression changed and realised he had mistaken. It really was a blade. The blade was just slender and straight, without any curves at all. If it were not for its single edge, it really would have resembled a sword more.

The blade was dark-red in colour, like layers of condensed blood. It seemed a little dull. Apart from that, there was nothing worth mentioning. There was no crossguard or patterns. Even the hilt was completely straight. Not only did it seem extremely tasteless, but it did not even give off a sharp aura befitting of a weapon either.

“This is the treasured blade I exchange for using over five hundred weapons? Why does it look like a clumsy product of an apprentice blacksmith? And it even seems like they were trying to forge a sword in the beginning, but it only ended up as a blade because of their inexperience!” Li Qingshan had his doubts as he grabbed the hilt.

Yin Qing furrowed her eyebrows and racked her brain. She just found the blade to be rather familiar for some reason, but it also made no sense. After all, the Asura realm was far too vast, and there were countless weapons in existence. No matter how knowledgeable she was, it was impossible for her to know all of them. Only when Li Qingshan gripped the hilt did her heart suddenly skip a beat. Don’t tell me it’s that blade?

“Be careful, my king!”

Li Qingshan suddenly felt a sharp pain from the palm of his hand. The hilt that did not even have the slightest pattern suddenly seemed to be riddled in spikes, and these spikes constantly twisted and penetrated deeper into his hand, greedily drinking his blood.

“There really is something up with it!”

Li Qingshan rejoiced instead of being surprised. He was not afraid of obtaining a demonic blade that attacked its master. He was only afraid that the blade would be of inferior quality. It had managed to pierce his skin instantly, which proved its uniqueness, even though he had not raised his defences.

He ignored the pain from his hand and drew the blade from the Asura Altar of Armaments, only to see numerous red lines that resembled blood vessels light up on the dark blade.

Li Qingshan held the blade before him horizontally and gently stroked the edge with his left hand. The densely-packed capillaries extended from the blade and penetrated his hand, sucking up his blood.

Li Qingshan did not stop it. He allowed the strange blade to drink away. He wanted to see just how the blade would change!

“You want to drink my blood? You might as well drink to your heart’s content then!”

Li Qingshan held the blade in a reverse grip and stabbed it into his heart. The strange blade was like a person in the desert, on the brink of dying from hydration, only to suddenly see a spring. It drank his essence blood madly.

Gradually, Li Qingshan’s figure shrivelled and paled, but his eyes became brighter and brighter. While the strange blade was desperately drinking his blood, he took advantage of the situation to refine the strange blade.

The refinement process was surprisingly smooth, but it was not because the strange blade was not intelligent, but because the strange blade welcomed him as its master very much. However, the reason for that left Li Qingshan with a rather strange expression. He murmured.


That was the name of the blade. The blade was intelligent, but it only had a single demand, which was blood, whether it was the blood of enemies or the blood of its master. The thicker and more pure the blood was, the stronger it would be.

It had not put up any resistance while Li Qingshan refined it because there was no blood to drink in the Armoury of War and Chaos and because Li Qingshan’s blood left it extremely satisfied.

Li Qingshan practised the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine. There were a total of four bloodlines gathered on him. Every single bloodline could be regarded as unrivalled. None of them had reached the ninth layer, so they could not be regarded as truly pure, but they were rare enough.

Quite a while later, Li Qingshan slowly drew out Bloodjaw. His entire figure had thinned down, and his face had become extremely haggard. However, the blade in his hand shone with blood-red light exuberantly.

He had a feeling that with a swing of this blade, even treasured swords like the Fogbow sword and the Demon Dragon sword would be cut in half. This was truly the most powerful weapon he had obtained so far. And because it was shaped like a sword, it would assist him in gradually converting the path of the sword he had developed so far to the path of the blade.

The blood-drinking is a little vicious though. My current body is even stronger than regular Daemon Kings, and I have the Tiger Demon Transformation, so I can ignore bodily injuries. The Phoenix Transformation is there to maintain my vitality and make it endless too. If someone else had used this blade, they’d probably be sucked dry before they can even kill anyone!

Yin Qing sighed. “I really don’t know if you’re fortunate or misfortunate, my king. The Bloodjaw blade has quite the infamy in the Asura realm!”

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