Chapter 898 – To War

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Chapter 898 – To War

“Your majesty, I think the practice of you Merfolk is far too outdated. How can you let a minor detail determine a major affair of life? You know, I’ve always respected you very much.” Li Qingshan explained to Gong Yuan very seriously.

“Respected me?” Gong Yuan’s voice immediately increased drastically. Apart from the damned fire devourers, she had never met someone who disrespected her so much in her life. As a matter of fact, it was even possible to say that those fire devourers respected her more than him as the Merfolk Queen, even if it was only respect for the enemy.

“Yeah, basically…” Li Qingshan also found that a little farfetched. He extended two fingers. “Though, you have to admit that I’ve saved you twice. For the sake of that at the very least, we’re still friends, right?” He spoke with utter sincerity, placing special stress on the word “friends”.

“Hehe, to think that there are times when even you are afraid.” The corner of Gong Yuan’s lips curled into a slightly-mocking smile. She was accustomed to his fearlessness and unscrupulousness, so she found his current shape quite novel. It also left her a little surprisingly furious.

“Afraid? What am I supposed to be afraid of?” Li Qingshan laughed dryly. He did feel a bit of regret. He should not have gone overboard with her. She might have been beautiful and enchanting, where her noble identity and cold personality were particularly rousing for a man’s urge to conquer, but he really should not have.

“If you’re not afraid, then why’d you back away? What, the mighty King of Savages is bold enough to do it, but too afraid to admit it?” Gong Yuan pressed closer and felt utterly delighted. “If you regret it, then drop down onto your knees and apologise. Perhaps I can forgive you.”

“Aha, you wish!” Li Qingshan would never kneel to anyone. Instead, it roused his rude and unreasonable side. “So what if I admit it? Can a mighty Merfolk Queen like you bring yourself to marry a human like me?”

He could tell that Gong Yuan was not truly interested in him. Who knew how far away she was from being “lovesick”. Moreover, the existence of this practice entirely depended on her word right now. Even if it did exist, would she really submit to a man she loathed simply because of a measly practise? Definitely not. She was clearly using this opportunity to threaten him.

After seeing through this, he immediately recovered his unscrupulous demeanour.

“I’m bold enough to marry you. Are you bold enough to marry me?” Gong Yuan stared at him coldly, but that instead made him even more confident about his conclusion. He crossed his arms. “There is nothing that I’m not bold enough to do!”

“That’s what you said!”

“That’s what I said!”

The conversation ended there, and the two of them glared at each other viciously. It was like they were not talking about marriage, but were trying to perish together with their mortal enemy.

Quite a while later, Gong Yuan sucked in a deep breath and shut her eyes. She continued with All Water to Ruin’s End, beginning her breakthrough.

Li Qingshan secretly eased up. Fortunately, I was bold enough and wasn’t bluffed by her. If this were a decade ago, perhaps this is something I would have dreamed of.

Actually, after dual cultivating with her, his opinion of Gong Yuan changed very drastically. Deep inside, she was not as cold and proud as she seemed on the outside. She also had her indescribable pains and soft sides, which made him feel a hint of sympathy. When he kissed her, it was not like he was not interested in her at all.

This was probably equivalent to falling in love at first sight for cultivators. Such a deep level of dual cultivation had an extremely great influence on both of their minds, far more memorable than a kiss or actually sleeping together.

Even if it were two men, if they could dual cultivate like this, they would become best of friends and view beauties as something no different from muck. If there was not such a great difference between them, if they were not so proud, then becoming cultivation partners actually would have made perfect sense.

Otherwise, with Gong Yuan’s pride, she definitely would have done everything within her control to get revenge after having a kiss forced on her. She would never use this as a threat. She had not even shown any actual hatred.

Li Qingshan silently practised the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression as well, giving off a tranquil, clear light that penetrated the pitch-black power of Ruin’s End and landed on Gong Yuan.

Gong Yuan opened her eyes slightly and glanced at him before closing them again. The power of Ruin’s End drew in, which she rapidly absorbed. A layer of black, rippling water covered her.

Much later, the black water dispersed, having merged with her body completely. Suddenly, she opened her eyes, and they had become dark and deep, just like the Heart of the Abyss. Her aura did not climb higher. Instead, it became even deeper and more withdrawn. The rolling water spiritual qi gathered towards her.

“Congratulations!” Li Qingshan knew that she had finally broken through and reached late third heavenly tribulation. If she continued like this, reaching the peak was only a matter of time. There was even a chance for her to ascend.

His ears suddenly pricked up. He could vaguely hear the whistling of wind and the roar of thunder from the distant surface of the ocean.

The undercurrents became more intense. The storm was currently passing by.

Gong Yuan stopped cultivating, and the colour of her eyes turned back to a deep-blue. She raised her head. “It’s time!”

“That’s right! Today is the day we take down Fire Melt mountain!” Li Qingshan smiled. This period of dual cultivation had brought him numerous benefits too. His body and mind had recovered completely. Even the Tiger’s Fang on his waist had drunk enough blood.

“Don’t forget about what you said,” Gong Yuan said softly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget. I’m waiting for that day!” Li Qingshan was already certain she was bluffing him, so he did not care. The upcoming battle had already drawn his mind away. He was ready to fight.

“Let’s go!”


The three Merfolk Kings waited on the cliff behind the Crystal palace. They discussed whether they should venture down or not, just in case Gong Yuan missed the timing to go to war. However, they were stopped by “granny”. “Gong Yuan’s cultivation takes priority!”

“The storm this time is a one-in-a-century event. If we missed it, who knows when it’s going to occur again. Undue delay brings trouble!” said the Merfolk King who resembled a middle-aged man with some worry.

Not only was this Li Qingshan’s opportunity to take down Fire Melt mountain, but it was also a heaven-sent opportunity for the Merfolk. There was not only the storm on their side, but also two powerful allies, the King of Savages and the Wind Gale King. The Divine Nun of the South Sea had agreed to lend them a hand too. If they had to wait another century, who knew what might happen!

“Granny” frowned as well. Leaning on her cane, she peered into the abyss. Suddenly, she roused enthusiastically. “They’re here!”

In the abyss, a stream rushed upwards. Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan arrived side-by-side. Although they maintained the slightest distance between one another, their auras were linked, and they moved with startling speed. In the blink of an eye, they had rushed out of the abyss, flying directly towards the surface of the ocean without stopping.

Gong Yuan’s voice rang through the entire region. “Today is when we take down Fire Melt mountain and exterminate the fire devourers!”

Thousands of merpeople called out loudly in the Crystal palace. “Take down Fire Melt mountain and exterminate the fire devourers!”

The three Merfolk Kings exchanged glances, all inspired with force and spirit. They followed close behind.

They waited for quite a while. Several thousand Merfolk warriors rushed out of the Crystal palace and stood in battle formation, following their kings into battle.

On a tower, the Divine Nun of the South Sea said sternly, “One Will, if you must go, I won’t stop you, but stay close to me, understood?”

“Yes, great master.” Xiao An gave up on fighting. She planned on only assisting from the side with the Chant of Deva-Nāga.

The Divine Nun of the South Sea nodded in satisfaction and caught up with the army of merpeople with Xiao An.

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