Chapter 900 – World-shaking

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Chapter 900 – World-shaking

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Tiger Demon’s Breath danced like a wind snake, slithering through the air and destroying the meteors one by one. The scorching waves of heat and flames reached several dozen kilometers away, and the storm paused because of it. The thick clouds were riddled with tears, allowing the resplendent sunlight to pass through and reach the ground.

The red stars continued to fall onto the world endlessly, turning into whistling meteors. Zhu Yan raised the Fire Tablet of Heaven high into the air, and the surging flames gathered on him. With Fire Melt mountain as his foundation, he could unleash attacks fearlessly. He would never stop in such a hurry like what he did above Giant Ship island.

In other words, perhaps this meteor shower would not be stopping before the battle ended. It would continue until one side was completely annihilated.

Li Qingshan extended his wings of wind, which suddenly unfurled to thousands of meters long, and smashed apart a few meteors. However, the never-ending meteor shower made him frown. This was no longer something he could fend off alone.

Within the mountainous clouds, many Merfolk could not help but raise their heads. The firelight illuminated their faces. Faced with this horrifying sight that resembled doomsday, they could not help but show a hint of fear.

The colossal battle formation the merpeople assembled devoted all of its strength to attacking. It was not capable of defending at all. If any of the meteors struck them, it would lead to lethal consequences.

“Focus! Devote your strength to attacking!” Gong Yuan ordered loudly and clenched her fist firmly, gazing at Fire Melt mountain from above. They had to attack. They had to attack, regardless of all consequences!

The battle this time was different from any other battle between the two races from the past. All they could do was penetrate the protective formations as soon as possible, or they would be in for a passive beating. They would not even be able to wear the enemy down. Yet at the same time, they also had to maintain their central forces, or they would be utterly exhausted by the time they had breached Fire Melt mountain, which would make their efforts utterly pointless. That was why she had been holding back the entire time. And, she could feel that the greatest danger did not come from these meteors, but the giant god of fire that stood on the main peak.

A great flag flew, and fierce winds swept out. Ji Changfeng rose up, and the gales whistled out, riling up the mighty storm in the process to blow the meteors askew, making them whistle past the battle formation. Even Li Qingshan could only look up to and admire his ability to control the wind.

“Leave these meteors to me. I probably won’t be able to do anything else for the next part of the battle. Please avenge me for the loss of my son and my sect!” Ji Changfeng stood above the battle formation resolutely and swung the Feilian flag until it rippled madly.

Controlling the direction of the storm basically required all of his efforts. For the sake of victory, he had even merged his mind with the storm alone, contending with Zhu Fen’s meteors as if he was trying to redeem the regretful battle from before!

“Don’t worry, Wind Gale King! I definitely won’t leave you disappointed!”

Li Qingshan finally received the opportunity to catch his breath. Along the way, he had not been as busy as Ji Changfeng, but it had still consumed a lot of his strength. Gong Yuan proactively extended her hand and grabbed his, helping him recover his strength through the method of dual cultivation.

Sensing her hand that was icy-cold and bone-chilling, emanating with the power of Ruin’s End, Li Qingshan said, “Stay calm. It’s still not time yet!” Her power was critical to this battle. When they worked together, his purpose was more for assisting her in stabilising her mind and controlling the power of Ruin’s End, so even if he was a little exhausted, it was fine. However, they had to conserve her power as much as possible.

Bang! Bang! Bang! bang!

The violent torrent piled up as water mountains with enough might to swallow everything, slamming against the protective formation wave after wave.

The passing storm continued onwards through inertia alone. Everywhere beyond Fire Melt mountain had become an ocean, surrounding the four hundred kilometers of burning flames.

Water and fire, the two tremendous powers, became locked in a maddening contest, clashing over every single inch of space!

The flames illuminated the thick clouds, dyeing them a magnificent colour. The torrential rain poured down through the wind, reflecting the fire and leaving thousands of bright streaks in the air.

Li Qingshan’s eyes glistened as he gazed at this magnificent view. He could not help but purse his lips. All the blood in him bubbled slightly while Tiger’s Fang in his hand thrummed gently.

Gong Yuan remained worried. Right below was Fire Melt mountain, the place that all Merfolk Kings had dreamt of conquering, but now that she had actually led an army here, she could not help but wonder whether she was actually in the right or not. What if they failed?

But as she gazed at Li Qingshan beside her, she gradually calmed down. Right now, he did not possess any of the arrogance and casualness that she loathed. He was completely relaxed, yet tense at the same time, like a vicious tiger ready to strike, lying in the jungle quietly. His heart was as firm as steel, without any fear or hesitation. He radiated with elegant and sedated murderousness, possessing an aggressive beauty of masculinity.

Just how great would it be if he was like this all the time? Gong Yuan could not help but sigh like that inside.

“What’s wrong?” Li Qingshan glanced at her in a strange manner.

“It’s almost time.” Gong Yuan pointed at Fire melt mountain below. “The exterior protective formation is close to collapsing.”

Under the constant invasion of the torrents, the protective formation’s glow rapidly faded and dimmed.

The attacks that several thousand Merfolk warriors unleashed under the lead of the three Merfolk Kings was far too vicious, and a range of four hundred kilometers was far too large at the end of the day. The fire devourers had tended to this place for many years, but the exterior protective formation was still extremely limited in defensive power. If Zhu Zai had not maintained it with the Fire Tablet of Earth in hand, it would have collapsed long ago.

“It’s all thanks to this storm. Fire Melt mountain sure is a tough nut that’s even harder than I imagined to crack!” Li Qingshan nodded in agreement. The storm had played a critical role, or simply breaching the exterior protective formation would have been extremely difficult. It would have been impossible for Ji Changfeng to hold off Zhu Fen’s meteors alone too.

The power of the formation originated from the flames of the earth, and the flames of the earth burned away forever. They could not be extinguished, and they did not run out. No matter how great the strength of cultivators were, they still stood no chance.

Only the might of the world could contend with the might of the world, and within the five elements, water regulated fire. Merfolk were not as belligerent as the fire devourers, but water truly did have a natural advantage over fire.

“It’s all just probing us out. Don’t drop your guard!” Gong Yuan reminded him. The three Fire Devouring Kings had yet to unleash their true strength. In particular, the giant god of fire that stood there with a furious expression made them wary. Who knew what kind of terrifying existence it would be.

“That goes without saying. If this is all that the fire devourers are capable of, that would be far too disappointing!”

Before he had even finished talking, a sense of warning suddenly sprung up in Li Qingshan’s heart. The falling meteors suddenly stopped.

“Do it!” Zhu Feng bellowed. From the tip of the Fire Tablet of Heaven, a red star rose up into the sky, growing larger and larger, brighter and brighter, just like a scarlet sun.

“Fire Dragons of the Land, Devastation of the Lightning Fire!” Zhu Zai cried out. The black plumes from the several thousand volcanoes suddenly twisted and gathered above Fire Melt mountain, turning into a black smoke dragon several tens of thousand kilometers long. It opened its eyes that resembled lava, and horns and claws jutted out. Lightning crackled through its body. It was like a creature from a nightmare.

The giant god of fire leapt up and landed on the back of the dragon. It raised a spear of flames high into the air, pointing at everyone in the sky. A scarlet sun fell down from above, illuminating the land and forming the backdrop.

Nothing happened when the three of them did nothing, but it was world-shaking the moment they did.

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