Chapter 910 – Duty

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Chapter 910 – Duty

The storm had already travelled off into the distance. It rampaged for a little longer before dispersing.

The scorching lava made the lakes and puddles boil. White mist shrouded all four hundred kilometers of Fire Melt mountain, making it resemble a wonderland under the glow of the setting sun. The scarlet-red main peak jutted through the mist, like a lone island in the sea of mist.

Li Qingshan gazed at Feng Xiwu, quietly waiting for his response.

Feng Xiwu tidied his clothes and said all seriously, “You aren’t a suitable choice, but only those who carry the bloodline of the phoenix can perform this duty. Such individuals are difficult to find in the world. You can say it’s a form of destiny that we ran into each other in Fire Melt mountain. Come up the tree!”

Li Qingshan climbed up the divine wutong tree. The lush branches parted automatically, allowing him to pass through. Suddenly, the space before him opened up. All he saw was an exquisitely woven bird’s nest between the branches. He said to himself, “This is the phoenix’s nest!”

“Look further inside.” Feng Wuxi pointed, and the branches over the phoenix’s nest opened up. In the very centre of the next was a scarlet-coloured egg. The egg pulsed with light as if it was breathing. The eggshell was covered in complicated and beautiful patterns, which Li Qingshan found extremely familiar.

“A phoenix’s embryo!” Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed. He could not help but take a step forward. He wanted to take a closer look, but a hand pressed against his chest. Feng Xiwu had arrived before him in a flash, but he did not show any animosity at all. However, Li Qingshan understood that anyone who wanted to approach the phoenix’s egg would need his permission, or they would have to step over his dead body.

“Yes, one that possesses a truly noble and pure bloodline, but no one can find out about its existence, do you understand?” Feng Xiwu turned around and gently picked up the egg. An indescribably complicated expression appeared on his face. There was both fondness and reminiscence.

“Understood.” Li Qingshan nodded. As a divine bird that stood on equal footing with the dragon, the phoenix might have been even more precious to cultivators than the dragon. It directly touched on the mystery of eternal life. If the world found out about the phoenix’s embryo’s existence, who knew how many people would come to steal it.

“My duty is?”

“Hatch it so that it becomes a true phoenix!” Feng Xiwu stared straight at Li Qingsha. His voice became dignified and high-spirited, leaving no room for defiance.

“How… am I supposed to hatch it?” Li Qingshan had guessed this possibility, but he still found it absolutely absurd when he heard it for himself. He had never done something so advanced before!

“Walk over slowly. Don’t frighten it.” Feng Xiwu raised his hand and gestured for Li Qingshan to slow down as he carefully gazed at the phoenix’s embryo in his arms.

“It’s still just an egg…”

“Shut your mouth. It’s the noble embryo of a phoenix!” Feng Xiwu scolded him. The phoenix’s embryo suddenly began to pulse a little faster, so he stifled his voice in a hurry and stroked it gently. “It’s fine, it’s fine…”

Li Qingshan rolled his eyes. He’s off his rocker! However, when he thought about it, he could also sense the outside world when he turned into a phoenix’s embryo, so he slowed down as he entered the phoenix’s nest.

Immediately, he felt like he had stepped into another space. The phoenix’s nest that was originally only the size of a room had suddenly become as large as a gymnasium.

Before he could even admire the wondrous power of domains, extremely pure fire spiritual qi surged over from all directions. An indescribably wondrous aura filled it, even making his soul shiver. The Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa began to operate automatically with unprecedented smoothness and freedom.

Legends said that the phoenix did not perch unless it was a wutong tree. Sure enough, it was not without reason. This divine wutong tree, this phoenix’s nest, was basically a holy land for practising the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa. He could definitely push the Phoenix Transformation to the fourth layer. After that, all he had to do was merge fire and water, and he could set off the heavenly tribulation and reach Daemon King.

As Li Qingshan daydreamed about his perfect future, Feng Xiwu signaled to him from the centre of the “gymnasium.” “I only told you to be a little slower, not stand there like a fool. You’re even smiling in such a disgusting way!”

Li Qingshan arrived before Feng Xiwu after much difficulty and cut right to the chase. He asked, “How do I hatch it?”

“Regarding the details, I too am uncertain…” Feng Xiwu sighed.

“You don’t know either!?”

“Be quiet!” Feng Xiwu widened his eyes and growled.

“Alright… then…” Li Qingshan rubbed his forehead. He said slowly and gently, “Is… this… good.. enough…”

“It’s alright, but you don’t have to talk that slow!” Feng Xiwu nodded. “Anyway, that’s your duty.”

“Are you just going to push your responsibility onto someone else like this? Even you don’t know. How would I know?”

“I may be unfamiliar with the details, but only those with the bloodline of the phoenix can hatch it. That part can’t be wrong. Don’t look at me like that. Do you really think the legacy of the phoenix can be obtained that easily?”

“Who knows, maybe it’ll be even more effective if I eat it.” Li Qingshan gazed at the phoenix’s embryo and licked his lips.

“Don’t you dare!” Feng Xiwu was furious.

Li Qingshan immediately became immobilised, like he was placed under numerous restraints. He understood that this place was Feng Xiwu’s territory, and it was not an external object like the Asura Field. It was a part of the divine wutong tree itself, so it was extremely powerful.

“It’s just a joke. Do you have to be so agitated? The most important aspect to getting along is trust. If you don’t even have this little bit of trust in me, how am I supposed to complete the duty?”

Feng Xiwu sank into silent thought before apologising. “You’re right. I’ve misspoken. However, it’s exactly because I care that I overreacted. I hope you can understand my feelings and not joke around.”

Li Qingshan was rather surprised. He never expected Feng Xiwu to be so reasonable. It was no wonder they said gentlemen could be fooled with reason. As a result, he also said sincerely, “Alright, I won’t joke around anymore then. I’ll accept this duty, but I don’t have any clues either, so I can’t guarantee I can complete it.”

“You’re not allowed to leave until you complete it!” Feng Xiwu said.

“Isn’t… that a little too unreasonable!?” Li Qingshan gasped. So much for praising you just then.

“The outside world cannot learn of its existence, so please forgive me, sir!” Feng Xiwu bowed slightly, once again apologizing deeply, even referring to him with an honorific. Afterwards, he even told Li Qingshan a small story. Three thousand years ago, there had once been a Fire Devouring King that broke the agreement, forcing his way in here and seeing the phoenix’s embryo.

And then, there was no and then…

“Forgive you my ass! This is house arrest, actually even threatening me! Is this the trust you speak of!?” Li Qingshan discovered that he had been far too naive. He actually believed a tree could be a gentleman.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just even more important than my own life. This domain is beneficial to your cultivation. I’m certain there’s no better dwelling in the world than here for strengthening your phoenix powers. You can also sense the aura of a true phoenix through the hatching process. For a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like that, it makes sense even if there are some restraints involved. What do you think?” Feng Xiwu explained patiently.

Li Qingshan nodded. Although it still left a bad taste in his mouth, that was true. He extended his hand. “Give me the egg.”

“It’s the phoenix’s embryo.” Feng Xiwu corrected him.

“The phoenix’s egg!”

“So be it. I’m not going to bicker with a ruffian like you.” Feng Xiwu handed the egg to Li Qingshan with great reluctance. “Be careful.”

In the moment he touched the phoenix’s embryo, the complicated, beautiful patterns suddenly began to swirl and glow brightly, completely illuminating the entire nest. It only dispersed after a very long while.

This sight invigorated both Li Qingshan and Feng Xiwu. Their confidence in the great cause of hatching the egg multiplied.

Sensing the heavy aura of life within the phoenix’s embryo, Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath. “I’m going to begin!”

Author’s Words For the End of the Volume—Alright?

A Dream in the Mist Province is the longest volume of Legend of the Great Sage so far, over two hundred pages in total. Li Qingshan started as an egg and ended with another egg. He went through a cycle, a very, very long dream. The various hardships and difficulties involved were the same to him and me, but I have to admit that I’m not as strong as him. I don’t have brother ox, I don’t have Xiao An, and I don’t even have beyond the Nine Heavens.

Sometimes, I feel lonely, and sometimes I lose my direction. Just climb up where you fell down—that’s true, but sometimes you want to lie down for a while and think about it.

Only life itself is worth the least thought, as you’ll never understand it. All you can do is allow reality to change everything. Only life itself is worth the most thought. Even if you can’t get an answer, making mistakes upon mistakes, it itself is a form of evidence!

But regardless, you still have to keep moving. Even my dreams are dominated by strange ones and nightmares, so there’s no need to have excessively harsh demands on life.

In any case, I’m still relatively satisfied with this volume overall. The overall composition and the weaving of plot are relatively complete. Although it’s still nowhere close to perfection, my writing ability has still increased drastically after over two million characters of practice, laying a better, firmer foundation for my future work. Situations like writer’s blocks basically shouldn’t happen anymore.

Though, I keep losing to my feelings, like when I’m bored, when I’m agitated, and when I’m depressed! Although I’ve been trying to handle these issues since I was young, and I can already manage them with ease, the feeling of worry really does creep up on you as you advance in age!

Anyway, I do need to adjust myself properly, like eating some more meat, reading some more books, and so on. The path to the Nine Heavens still isn’t over!

The next part will be the focal point among focal points for the entire nine provinces saga—the world in chaos, caught up between new and old love, old and new hatred coming in flocks—just how will Li Qingshan face it all?

The name of the next volume will be “Supreme Daemon King”!

Finally, I’d actually been working pretty hard at the start of the month, two chapters every day and no less than five thousand five hundred characters on average. Back then, I still thought we could go crazy this month, but the monthly votes for the past few days have all been single digits, which is a great blow to me!

I haven’t exactly been asking for monthly votes, but the more you don’t give me votes, the more I don’t want to ask for them! Alright fine, you really can’t be too proud as a person. Just cast a few votes, and I’ll demonstrate to you my true strength, alright? Alright? Alright? Alright… (super annoying)

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