Chapter 925 – Purging Demons (Three)

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Chapter 925 – Purging Demons (Three)

That’s- Ye Duanhai instinctively raised his guard. The Sea-splitting sword in his hand thrummed as he felt slightly surprised inside. Since when did the Mist province have a cultivator as powerful as that? Even I feel threatened!

The sword was primarily for slaughter. As a great sword cultivator, he had a clear heart of the sword, which gave him a clear judgement over the strength of others. Although there were plenty of great cultivators and Daemon Kings in the Mist province, there was an extremely small number that could actually threaten him. Even if he was not their opponent, he could escape with ease.

Yet, in that moment, he could clearly sense that if he faced the “comet” in battle, he could not even guarantee that.

The comet fell extremely quickly. Its target was the barren mountain. Ye Duanhai found the light to be slightly familiar and raised an eyebrow. It’s him!

The comet arrived right before him, and the wind and fire scattered loudly. A horned, handsome man with scarlet hair and eyes appeared. He was clad in crimson demonic armour as an asura armament hung on his waist. He dispersed his phoenix wings and clasped his hands. “Pavilion master Ye, long time no see!”

“Li Qingshan!” Ye Duanhai could not help but be slightly surprised. He sighed in amazement. “You really haven’t wasted this decade or so!”

“Time waits for no one!” Li Qingshan was about to hold a small conversation with him when the demon qi he gave off startled the Thousand Tendrils King. He called out, “You have a demon heart! You’re also a demon! Come and assist me in killing this sword cultivator. I have endless benefits to give you!”

Li Qingshan grinned, exposing his sharp teeth. He turned around and asked, “Brother flesh ball, why don’t you elaborate on what the endless benefits are exactly?”

Ye Duanhai became even more vigilant, silently gripping the Sea-splitting sword. He also doubted Li Qingshan’s intentions for coming here.

“How rude. I am the Thousand Tendrils King! Kid, the Demon domain can give you whatever benefits you want! Once we take this world, even inaugurating you as the lord of a province is not a problem.” The Thousand Tendrils King tried to tempt him.

“Really?” Li Qingshan behaved like he was interested.

“Really!” The Thousand Tendrils King swung his tendrils, like a human gesturing with his arms to increase his persuasiveness. However, he secretly snickered inside, These outsiders sure are foolish. I just happen to have a demon heart, and he’ll actually believe me?

Ye Duanhai pulled away from Li Qingshan and reminded him. “Li Qingshan, don’t forget about your identity!”

“Don’t worry, pavilion master Ye. I just want to see how much I’m worth exactly. I’ve heard that the Demon domain is offering up a lot of nice things in order to rope in cultivators of the nine provinces.”

Li Qingshan waved his hand, leaving Ye Duanhai and approaching the demon cavern. Soon, he arrived at the edge of the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous.

“That’s right. The Demon domain has opened its gates to convert all life into demons. It’s a great opportunity for people who possess a demon heart like you. The sea of bitterness has no bounds. Repent and the shore is at hand. Pick up the butcher’s blade and become a demon instantly. Stop hesitating. Convert to the Demon domain now. I can see that your demonic nature is quite strong, so you’ll become a Demon King very soon. You might even surpass me in the future and become a Demon Emperor!”

Seeing how Li Qingshan was tempted, the Thousand Tendrils King spared no effort in trying to convince him. The demonic mental pulses he gave off possessed some powers to sway the minds of people.

“But I don’t want to be the lord of a province. Can I get something else instead?” Li Qingshan tilted his head.

“What do you want?”

“Umm, such as that flesh ball!” Li Qingshan pointed straight at the Thousand Tendrils King’s main body.

“What did you say!?” The Thousand Tendrils King was infuriated.

“Heh, I think you can’t bring yourself to part with it. Whatever, I’ll just collect it myself!” Li Qingshan smiled resplendently and suddenly widened his eyes all the way.

Nightmare Tiger’s Demonic Eye!

A scarlet tiger appeared behind him. It was as large as a mountain, shimmering about. Only its eyes were particularly consolidated, staring straight at the Thousand Tendrils King. Seeing its eyes from the side, the entire barren mountain fell into silence. The demons were all overcome with fear. The weaker demonfolk even felt like they had sunk into a nightmare.

The Thousand Tendrils King shook as well, splitting his focus momentarily. By the time he returned to his senses, Li Qingshan had already vanished from his previous location. He appeared in the centre of the formation, right in front of the demon cavern. He raised his hand gently, and with a clang, Tiger’s Fang left its sheathe!

In that moment, extremely sharp light whistled through the air, splitting apart the surging demon qi.

Ye Duanhai was alarmed. Even among great cultivators, his speed on his sword ranked towards the top, yet Li Qingshan actually surpassed him. The might behind that slash was even more shocking!

But that’s also because the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous has weakened me drastically. However, that’s terrifying enough. He hasn’t even undergone the third heavenly tribulation yet!

Among daemons, the fastest were obviously avians, and the phoenix was a god among avians. Li Qingshan had pushed the Phoenix Transformation from the second layer to the fourth layer, so his strength had increased drastically.

Li Qingshan made a flip and produced a circular blade aura, unleashing his second swing.

The twelve Demon Commanders could not even demonify in time before they were swallowed by the blade aura, torn to pieces.

After a seemingly lengthy time, the twelve stone pillars collapsed. The Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous was destroyed!

The demonic clouds in the sky dispersed, and the crescent moon sprinkled clear light onto Li Qingshan. The scarlet hair that had drifted up with his body had not even fallen down yet.

Ye Duanhai finally stopped worrying. Li Qingshan had not come to pledge himself to the demons. He was still the same Li Qingshan he remembered him to be. Even when his strength was lacking, he refused to lower his head, let alone right now.

The demon qi near the demon cavern was extremely heavy. Even if a great cultivator remained there for a while, they would feel discomfort. Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath, and the demon qi rolled over, gathering in his demon heart. His demonic armour became even more resplendent.

There was not a single part of Li Qingshan that feared demon qi. The ox demon and tiger demon were demons in the first place, while there was even less reason for the phoenix and spirit turtle to fear mere demon qi. The Demon Suppression Statuary downright used demon qi as its source of power. As a result, the greatest obstruction and hindrance to regular cultivators instead assisted him.

Li Qingshan lowered his head and took a look. Tiger’s Fang devoured the essence blood of the twelve Demon Commanders and glowed at full capacity once more. With a flick of his wrist, the edge rose up to the sky. A streak of light surged up into the air, extending straight towards the Thousand Tendrils King mid-air!

“You’re also a demon, so why do you serve as a lackey of the humans and oppose us demons?” The Thousand Tendrils King suddenly realised he had severely underestimated Li Qingshan’s strength. He did not have to undergo the third heavenly tribulation. He was already a Demon King right now. He had to sacrifice another dozen tendrils before he managed to block the strike.

“Damned lug, don’t put me on the same level as you!”

Tiger’s Fang in Li Qingshan’s hand used this opportunity to recover its glow, becoming even more eager and crazed for blood. It was not as precious as the Sea-splitting sword. It did not care at all if it drank the foul blood of demonfolk. It was fine as long as it was blood. It was not picky at all.

“Nice blade!” Li Qingshan praised. Although he had used Tiger’s Fang plenty of times in the past, he was often done with just a few swings, so it was not particularly useful, and it consumed his blood too. Only now did it truly unleash its wonders. Enemies of tremendous size with powerful regeneration were basically the perfect targets for him to try his blade on.

The shrill sound of wind rang out by his ears. The tendrils danced furiously and lashed towards Li Qingshan like long whips.

Li Qingshan let out a great laugh. He corrected his footing and stood right there.

A hundred strands of blade aura erupted at the same time, like the bloom of a hundred flowers. When the tendrils fell among them, they seemed to enter a meat grinder, torn apart to pieces. Demon blood fell down, but it was drained clean before it could even reach the ground.

Whenever a blade aura cut through a tendril, it drank the demon blood at the same time, allowing him to recover immediately and swing his blade even faster than usual, which seemed like he had unleashed a hundred swings at the same time. Moreover, the might behind each swing was even greater than Ye Duanhai’s sword qi, preventing the Thousand Tendrils King from getting anywhere close despite his number of tendrils.

“Haha, I really am suited to using the blade!”

The traces of the path of the sword that still lingered in Li Qingshan’s blade style were gradually vanishing for good. He swung his blade as he pleased, and he moved according to his will, fighting to his heart’s content.

Ye Duanhai recovered his strength as he sighed in amazement inside, This kid already seems extremely powerful. It is even clearer in battle! Suddenly, he noticed something and said in warning, “Be careful!”

The Thousand Tendrils King that had remained still in the air the entire time suddenly erupted with speed that was completely disproportionate to his size, hurling towards Li Qingshan’s head. A single, large eye opened up on the ball of flesh, completely bloodshot and covered in strange demonic glyphs. It stared at Li Qingshan and emitted a powerful mental pulse.

Li Qingshan halted, and the tendrils all swarmed in, swallowing him completely. In that moment, rocks were sent flying, and the entire mountain shook!

He’s too careless! As a Demon King, how can he be dealt with so easily? Ye Duanhai had once suffered before that move too, which was why he constantly remained vigilant and refused to expend his full strength. He drew his sword and stood up, about to assist Li Qingshan when a metallic resonance suddenly rang out from the mass of tendrils. “Nice ball.”

Li Qingshan’s figure swelled up, turning into a daemon the size of a mountain. He broke free from the tendrils and spread his pitch-black arms, grabbing the huge ball of falling flesh firmly and resting it against his shoulders.

Boom! Li Qingshan’ legs sank into the earth. The barren mountain seemed to become a tiny mound of earth, immediately collapsing in the process. Li Qingshan’s waist bent over as his bones produced the sound of twisting metal.

However, he had the Strength of the Earth. The strength rose up from the ground in an endless fashion. He forcefully caught the Thousand Tendrils King.

After being severed, the Thousand Tendrils King’s tendrils would always regrow very quickly. They entwined around Li Qingshan, layer upon layer, wreaking havoc. They pierced his skin sharply and injected him with the poison of the Demon domain.

From the corner of his eye, Ye Duanhai suddenly discovered a beautiful woman dressed in plain and neat clothes. She had appeared above the Thousand Tendrils King before he knew it. Even he had almost failed to sense her. That was no longer just concealing aura. That was having no aura at all, just like a piece of dead wood.

Pale-white flames burned in the depths of Xiao An’s bright eyes. She gripped a shiny bone sword in her hand.

That sword! Through his sharp senses for the path of the sword, Ye Duanhai immediately sensed the irregularities with the sword in Xiao An’s hand. It did not give off a particularly sharp aura, but it made him feel horror for some reason; he felt like he definitely could not allow that sword to harm him!

Xiao An swung the sword casually. There was not the faintest aura of violence, as if she was simply doing calligraphy. During the past decade, she had not just followed the Divine Nun of the South Sea to study the buddhist dharma. She had also completely comprehended and mastered the path of the sword within the Cursive Sword Calligraphy, even leaving a great sword cultivator like Ye Duanhai amazed.

The Buddha Slaying sword plunged into the Thousand Tendrils King’s body. Compared to his colossal size, it was only equivalent to a needle, while the wound was basically no different from the eye of a needle.

“Argh!” The Thousand Tendrils King howled out. With his regenerative powers, even if he took on a slash from Ye Duanhai or Li Qingshan, it would not harm him for good, much less make him behave like this.

However, after receiving a gentle thrust from Xiao An, he was like a balloon with a hole in him. He rapidly deflated. Demon blood combined with demon qi sprayed out from the tiny “eye of the needle”.

“Bitch, what did you do!?”

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