Chapter 941 – Purging Demons (Nineteen)

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Chapter 941 – Purging Demons (Nineteen)

The buildings around the hall all collapsed, just like dead sticks and branches. It filled the air with dust, which enveloped the Myriad Poison cult.

The two powers clashed, and a coin fell to the ground loudly. Would it land firmly on its side, or would it collapse with a rumble?

Savage mountain.

“Qingshan is trapped and in dire straits. Xiao An has sent me to ask for help, senior!” Ru Xin arrived beneath the great banyan tree.

“What?” The Great Banyan Tree King was surprised as well. With Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan working together, regular Demon Kings were not their opponents at all. Even if they ran into multiple Demon Kings, they could always run away if they could not win.

He did not waste any time. He immediately gathered his focus and used his innate ability.

A while later, all of the wild grass and reeds in the swamp thousands of kilometers away became his ears and eyes. He saw the plumes of demon qi, as well as the conjured Demon Gods, which astounded him.

Just what kind of existence had they provoked that was capable of going so far? Even if the King of Southern Yue fell into a trap like this, he would struggle to break free.

The Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous supported by the twelve plumes of demon qi was extremely powerful, but it came at quite a large price too. The amount of energy that went into it was enough to carve out another twelve demon caverns, allowing them to send in even more demonfolk. However, it had all been used to deal with Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan.

Even if they had cleaned up a few demon caverns through their combined efforts, there was no reason for them to attract such attention. The King of Southern Yue had only suppressed and cleaned up more demon caverns than them, not less, yet he never received such treatment.

Qiongqi taking action was equivalent to a great general paying attention to a battle between individual soldiers in a corner of the battlefield. Any ambush he arranged, no matter how half-heartedly, would result in certain death. No matter how alert or skilled at battle the soldiers were, they could not escape it.

“Senior?” Ru Xin asked again. She was filled with concern.

“This’ll be troublesome!”

The Great Banyan Tree King sank into his thoughts. It definitely was not a Demon King that set up a trap like that. It probably was not the Demon Emperor who commanded this battle either, but a higher existence. Just getting through the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous would be extremely difficult, and he had to consider whether the existence who set up the trap had any back-up plans too. Even he became very hesitant.

There was a saying, “If gods were to openly oppose man, then no man would stand a chance.” They were all kings among cultivators, but Qiongqi was a Demon God that even the Bone Eating Shaman King worshipped.

In reality, Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan were only trapped. They were not in dire straits right now, which left the Great Banyan Tree King surprised enough.

“Qingshan went to purge daemons under your guidance, senior, so you can’t just stand by!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll go ask the King of Southern Yue. If it really doesn’t work out, then I’ll have to set aside my sense of shame and ask a few small friends,” said the Great Banyan Tree King.


The Silver Dragon King hovered in the air like a divine sword. The King of Southern Yue who resembled a handsome young man stood on there, overlooking the demon cavern below.

He smiled to himself, clearly in quite a good mood. He had just suppressed another demon cavern and made a Demon King stay for good. As long as he made the Demon Emperor in the Demon domain feel pain, the Demon Emperor would reconsider his target to invade. After all, this world had repelled every single invasion from the Demon domain throughout its lengthy history.

A larger reason for his good mood was the stability of the south. He could not help but admit that Li Qingshan had surpassed his expectations yet again. He actually managed to convince Gong Yuan to work with him, almost purging all the demon caverns in the south. It was said that he even killed a handful of Demon Kings. He truly did deserve his title of the king of the south.

Compared to these feats, the news that this revealed left him even happier. The Merfolk Queen Gong Yuan’s participation symbolised peace in the South sea. Li Qingshan was no longer a lurking threat either. If the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga found out how great of a help he had been, they would probably regret letting him come to the south.

And behind Li Qingshan was the shadow of a great Daemon King of the Mist province, which indirectly explained the stance he had taken. If he could obtain his assistance, then the threat of the demon plague would greatly diminish.

At this exact moment, he suddenly turned around and said to the tiny banyan tree bonsai on the desk, “Fellow, is there something you wish to talk to me about?”

“I’d like you to save someone.”


“Li Qingshan.”


“Li Qingshan, have you thought of it?” Gong Yuan said impatiently, but there was none of the restlessness or despair that came from facing death in her voice. She seemed more like a cold-faced wife complaining about her husband’s uselessness, who actually made them become lost in their journey.

“What’re you in such a hurry for? Aren’t I thinking right now? Stop disturbing me!” Li Qingshan was sick of the questions too, stroking his chin with one hand as he thought with furrowed brows.

“I think you can’t think of anything at all. I actually almost believed you. If I had known earlier, I’d rather just throw my life at them.”

“I’ve said it already, but don’t even think about dying in front of me. Stay right here. Didn’t you say you would collect my corpse for me?”

“Hmph, I think there’s no difference if it’s in front of me or not.” Gong Yuan scoffed.

“Then do you like it from behind or in front?” Li Qingshan smirked and slid his hand down her waist, but it was immediately frozen by her icy-cold gaze. He pulled back his hand awkwardly and rubbed his nose to hide his shame. “Fine then. I’m only trying to ease the nervous atmosphere.”

Gong Yuan rolled her eyes helplessly. Having been trapped until now, since when were they ever nervous? She sure would prefer a bit of a nervous atmosphere, but when she faced this careless bastard, even life and death seemed to stop mattering.

“Li Qingshan, you’re almost dragging me to your death. Can’t you show me some respect?”

Li Qingshan considered that seriously and smiled. “I can’t, Gong Yuan!”

“Why don’t I just make you perish with me right now?” Gong Yuan ground her teeth.

“Hold on, I’ve thought of it.” Li Qingshan took out the Asura Field and asked with a smile, “Which one do you prefer more, the Asura realm or the Demon domain?”


Li Qingshan shrugged and entered the Asura Field. Gong Yuan felt her entire body lighten up. Finally, she no longer had to press up close to him anymore. However, as she gazed at the endless darkness around her, she felt rather empty inside. Her expression gradually recovered its coldness too.

A while later, Li Qingshan left the Asura Field again and brought his arm around her supple waist without holding back at all, pulling her into his arms. He seemed extremely experienced with the entire movement.

“You win. You’re going nowhere.”

Originally, he thought he could enter the Asura realm through the blood-red swirl in the Asura Field, which would serve as a final path of retreat, but when he went inside and took a look, the blood-red swirl had sunk into darkness too. He had truly shattered the surrounding space thoroughly, such that even the Asura Field could not connect with the Asura realm.

“I knew it.” Gong Yuan snorted and adjusted herself into a more comfortable position.

“Seems bigger,” Li Qingshan said solemnly. Through her open collar, he could see a world of snow-white, as well as the deep, dim gully. He could feel her cool, full figure through the thin mermaid silk. Even though this was not his first time, he still found it quite nice.

Gong Yuan stared at him coldly.

“Alright, alright. Let me just ignore this nervous atmosphere then.” Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath and smiled. “This is the last choice left given the current situation. Yuan’er, are you ready to become a Daemon King’s wife?”

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