Chapter 945 – Purging Demons (Twenty-three)

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Chapter 945 – Purging Demons (Twenty-three)

Gong Yuan opened her eyes and gazed at his large, wound-ridden figure. Her heart pained for some reason, feeling both relieved and as if she had been wronged. She was almost overcome with the urge to cry.

Li Qingshan turned around and gave her a toothy grin. “I’ve made you wait.”

“You took too long!” Gong Yuan grumbled.

Suddenly, the Bone Eating Shaman King’s headless body leapt back rapidly. As if he had already been anticipating this, Li Qingshan casually pressed his hand against his chest without even looking back, walking towards Gong Yuan.

The Bone Eating Shaman King backed away and roared hysterically through his furious consciousness, “Li Qingshan, you- this- no!”

Black cracks emanated out like spider webs until they reached the surrounding space. His body was like the cracked earth, while the demon heart buried deep within him shattered under the tremors, dying for good!


The power that the Bone Eating Shaman King had accumulated from devouring countless lives for over a millennium immediately swept through the entire demon cavern. The expressions of all the Demon Kings changed in shock, retreating in defence.

“Watermirror’s Image!”

A smooth, mirror-like surface appeared behind Li Qingshan. The moment the terrifying power from the explosion came into contact with the mirror, it was reflected, colliding with the rest of the power and forming the perfect defence.

When the mirror shattered, the fierce wind only lifted up his scarlet hair, but the encirclement of Demon Kings was completely broken. Only two Demon Kings remained in his path. His gaze was firm, and his heart was placid like water. Everything was within his expectations.

From beginning to end, he had not demonstrated any aura of murderousness at all. If they closed their eyes, they almost would have missed his presence altogether. Even when they looked at him, he seemed extremely feeble and exhausted, which only shocked the Demon Kings even more. He had casually slain the Bone Eating Shaman King in that exact state. Was he intentionally putting on a weak front?

Actually, Li Qingshan’s condition was even worse than what the Demon Kings guessed. He had just emerged from a battle of life and death against the terrifying heavenly tribulation, without any time to recuperate or recover. He did not even have the time to familiarise himself with his new innate abilities, and he had to fight these seven Demon Kings. The danger involved was tremendous. If he did not strike first and destroy their encirclement, he was in danger of dying.

But fortunately, he had not faced the heavenly tribulation for nothing. The power behind his swing and palm strike could not be regarded as particularly impressive. After becoming a Daemon King, his strength had increased qualitatively. He could completely wield the Ox Demon Transformation and the Tiger Demon Transformation’s power now.

If he were a burly kid in the past who regularly swung a large blade around carelessly, his threatening manner was frightening, but who knew how many times he would have to swing his blade before he hacked his opponent to death. Now, he had finally grown up. Even if he was extremely feeble, he could kill with a single strike even if he had a dagger!

Coupled with how he struck to kill right from the beginning, he managed to kill the Bone Eating Shaman King so easily. However, after blocking the blast from the demon heart, he became even more feeble. He was standing inside the demon cavern too, which was nowhere close to the earth. The surroundings were all space, so the Strength of the Earth was useless. However, he showed none of it, holding on through willpower alone.

“Stop right there! Do you want her to die?” The Meditative Brain King released a terrifying aura and threatened Li Qingshan. His will turned into invisible hands, ripping away at her soul and shaking her mind.

A smear of pain appeared in Gong Yuan’s eyes. She gritted her teeth firmly. “Don’t worry… about me… Kill… them!”

Li Qingshan furrowed his brows and shot a glare at the Meditative Brain King, but he did not stop.

Gong Yuan suddenly felt her mind lighten up. The Meditative Brain King’s control suddenly vanished. Raising her head in surprise, every single fold on the Meditative Brain King that resembled a brain trembled.

The Meditative Brain King originally wanted to stun Li Qingshan’s mind through fear and use Gong Yuan to coerce him. However, he experienced even greater and even deeper fear from Li Qingshan’s eyes of the tiger demon. A mental clash like this had always been the most dangerous, so he immediately suffered an intense backlash!

“Meditative Brain King, what are you doing?” A sharp, ear-splitting voice rang out from the black thorns around Gong Yuan. “Li Qingshan, do you still recognise me? I’ll kill her first, and then you!”

Thousands of black thorns swarmed over like the tide, filling Li Qingshan’s eyes.

“So it’s the Black Thorn King!”

As he sighed, he unfurled his glorious wings. The fierce wind danced, and the flames burned. He swung his blade without the slightest hesitation and charged into the forest of thorns, arriving before Gong Yuan and pulling her firmly into his arms. This was already his last bit of strength.

In the next moment, the thorns wrapped around him firmly, piercing his skin, drinking his blood, and containing his daemon qi!

“Why did you still return?” Gong Yuan blinked her eyes. How could she not sense his current feebleness? Just making it to her side had come with the risk of lethal danger.

“I said that if they want to kill you, they’ll have to step over my corpse first!” Li Qingshan smiled.

“Don’t misunderstand. I mean nothing with this!” Gong Yuan suddenly raised her head and kissed his lips.

The black thorns enveloped them as a huge cocoon, and the four Demon Kings that had been forced back by the explosion all gathered over again.

“Don’t be frightened by him. He seems to have just undergone the third heavenly tribulation. Even if he’s rather capable, he’s a spent force now. He no longer has the ability to fight back now that he’s fallen into my forest of thorns!”

The Black Thorn King laughed complacently. Actually, Li Qingshan’s demeanour earlier had also frightened him. Only after a slight probing did he realise it was all a front, and that was all thanks to the idiot, the Bone Eating King. Now, it would be him who completed the mission. He would definitely receive the good graces of Demon God Qiongqi.

The Demon Kings looked at one another. They never expected this to be the end result either. The Bone Eating Shaman King had racked his brains for this, only to lose his life. Now, it was instead easy pickings for the Black Thorn King.

The Meditative Brain King recovered from the backlash and said frantically, “Black Thorn, quick, kill them!”

“Meditative Brain King, I don’t need you to tell me, the Black Thorn King, what to do. Demon God Qiongqi might want him alive!” the Black Thorn King said. Not only did he refuse to, but he also dared not to.

Without the Meditative Brain King’s control, Gong Yuan could easily choose to end her life then and there. Even if the Meditative Brain King was around, he could only control one of them at the most. The Black Thorn King was not foolish enough to force them into perishing with him. Instead, he planned on leaving them with a ray of hope so that he could bring them back to the Demon domain and offer them to Demon God Qiongqi.

The Meditative Brain King reverted to his normal form. With a sunken face, he dove into the Demon domain without even looking back, as if he was fleeing from something.

Within the cocoon of thorns, Li Qingshan widened his eyes first. Then a smile spread across his face as he lowered his head to kiss her deeply. Their blood flowed and merged together. They were completely unaware as if they had forgotten about the surroundings, even when they were deep within the jaws of death.

Their minds had never been so connected. Her soft, gentle tongue was not all that Li Qingshan savoured greedily. There was also a cool sphere that turned in their mouths, releasing slivers of cool, profound power of Ruin’s End.

Indeed, that was the Heart of the Abyss, the one that she had hidden away in her belly.

With that as a foundation, connecting with the distant Ruin’s End, the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression and the All Water to Ruin’s End circulated at full strength at the same time, supporting one another and compounding each other.

Li Qingshan’s daemon qi rapidly recovered. The slivers filled his body, wanting to become a true Daemon King!

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