Chapter 946 – I am a Daemon King

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Chapter 946 – I am a Daemon King

Gong Yuan felt her heart fill up as she forgot about her pain. Her arms broke free from the restraints of the thorns and embraced Li Qingshan firmly, not just to break free from this despairing situation anymore, but as if she wanted to indulge in his embrace.

The All Water to Ruin’s End circulated rapidly, progressing with unprecedented smoothness. There was no longer the coldness and solitude from wandering the abyss alone. A pair of warm arms wrapped around him firmly. Her mind was at peace, and her lips pressed against his.

Strands of water from Ruin’s End flowed out of the Heart of the Abyss. Originally, this power was so mighty that it was beyond control, but it was just enough for them to share now.

Mentally connected, Li Qingshan could clearly sense she had already fallen in love, which also made his passion blaze. This was something that had never happened in any of the times they dual cultivated in the past. They were both so proud. Even when they depended on one another and fought together, their true emotions would never stir, until now.

In this deep demon cavern, they did not simply place their lives in each others’ hands. There was also absolute trust and an unchanging promise involved!

Sensing each other’s feelings, they stopped hesitating. The flames of passion cascaded like the waves, rapidly rising higher. The minds were completely linked together, getting along in perfect harmony.

This was no longer just out of love, but also because Li Qingshan’s cultivation had increased.

The Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine went from easy to difficult. Each layer would be several times harder than the one before, but the increase in strength would also be several times more.

When the Ox Demon Transformation and the Tiger Demon Transformation broke through to the fifth layer, he was in dire straits, and he had turned the tables with the breakthroughs. Now, the Spirit Turtle Transformation had reached the fifth layer. His bloodline of the spirit turtle became thicker, so he could obviously achieve even greater harmony with Gong Yuan.

Actually, if he wanted to, he could one-sidedly suppress Gong Yuan’s will. Of course, he would not do that, but unconsciously, some side-effects were still unavoidable. As long as she practised the All Water to Ruin’s End, he was her bane.

Hmph, to think you’d still enjoy these empty feelings of love! Kiss slowly! Kiss to your heart’s content!

The Black Thorn King sneered. Originally, he was still thinking about how he was supposed to pacify them, just in case they threw their lives at him. However, when he saw how they single-mindedly embraced and kissed each other, he felt that sure saved him some trouble. It would all be over as long as he brought them into the Demon domain anyway. They would not be able to stir up any more trouble by then.

Li Qingshan used the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression to conceal his aura and obscure the heavenly secrets, such that the Black Thorn King sensed nothing. The Black Thorn King even thought they knew they stood no chance, so they simply gave up!

The cocoon-like ball of thorns moved through the gloomy, long demon cavern with Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan, flying towards the Demon domain.

The four Demon Kings exchanged glances and followed along. They were thinking about how they could not let the Black Thorn King alone enjoy all the rewards following this battle.

The Black Thorn King was afraid that undue delays would lead to trouble, and he was also cautious of the four Demon Kings behind him, so he flew at full speed. Before long, a familiar figure appeared before him. He happened to be in a good mood, so he greeted him.

“Meditative Brain King, you sure fly slowly!”

The Meditative Brain King was not skilled at flying at all, and he was injured from the backlash, so he slowed down after distancing himself from the Black Thorn King. He was currently in deep thought when he suddenly sensed a tremendous demon qi approach him. Turning around, it was actually the Black Thorn King hurrying over, which made him widen his eyes and curse aloud. “You fool! Stay away from me!”

“Are you sick of living?” The Black Thorn King was angered too. I didn’t even provoke you, so why’re you cursing me?!

Black thorns twisted and grew. The Meditative Brain King was renowned for his caution in the Demon domain, but caution was also synonymous to cowardice. He was not skilled in direct combat either, so the Black Thorn King did not fear him at all.

The Meditative Brain King downright ignored him and tried to accelerate away, but he came to a halt. A black thorn had pierced through the air and wrapped around his waist. He turned around furiously. “Black Thorn King, are you asking for a battle?”

“Tell me first what you are fleeing away from.” The Black Thorn King questioned him closely.

Something was amiss. The Meditative Brain King had not made it to Demon King through caution alone. He was also renowned for his meticulous calculations, craftiness, and underhandedness.

“Alright, let me ask you, do the two of them want to go back to the Demon domain with you?” The Meditative Brain King had no other choice. He could only hope it would not turn out like he had imagined.

“Hmph, who cares if they’re willing or not now that they’re in my hands?” the Black Thorn King said.

“Let go of me. I’ll apologise to you. If you want to go to the Demon domain, feel free to!”

The Meditative Brain King was livid. He had not sensed anything, but the uneasiness within him grew heavier. That Li Qingshan had undergone the third heavenly tribulation after so much difficulty. He did not seem like he would simply roll over and die!

“If it weren’t for the fact that this is the only path… What are the two of you doing? This is impossible! How can the two of you still have power?”

The Black Thorn King suddenly cried out furiously. The sounds of freezing rang out from his body as cold air seeped out everywhere. Traces of frost spread along each thorn.

Within the thorns, Li Qingshan raised his head rather reluctantly. The time to fight back was here, as a Daemon King!

Gong Yuan opened her eyes. Her dark eyes were deep like the ocean. She glanced at Li Qingshan, and a smear of tenderness flashed through her eyes. Her wounds were still severe, but the energy flowing through her body had never been so tremendous before, and she could control it with ease.

“Seal of Ice!”

She moved her crimson lips gently, and a wave of coldness whistled out. The Black Thorn King was immediately frozen into a huge ball of ice.

“Black Thorn King, I still remember you. I defeated you once already. You won’t be able to escape this time!” Li Qingshan laughed before becoming serious. “Tremor!”

The ball of ice shattered loudly and filled the air with fragments.

Li Qingshan reached out and grabbed a demon heart wrapped in thorns. The thorns screamed, “Release me, or I’ll make you die with me!”

Li Qingshan spat out another word. “Suppress!” The spirit turtle’s figure appeared on him, and he completely suppressed the demon heart. “Make me die with you? You’re still not capable of that yet!” He looked up. “Alright, you can stop running too!”

The Meditative Brain King had decisively severed the thorn around his waist the moment cold air seeped out of the Black Thorn King, flying towards the Demon domain at full speed. Li Qingshan’s voice rang out by his ears, and he came to a sudden halt.

Li Qingshan extended his left hand in the Meditative Brain King’s direction and bellowed, “Get back here!” A great suction erupted forth, and the Meditative Brain King was immediately pulled back against his will.

Li Qingshan formed a claw with his right hand and accurately grabbed the Meditative Brain King’s demon heart with a Tiger Demon Rips Out the Heart.

“I know the details of the Demon domain! I can help you!” the Meditative Brain King said.

“Then do you know Qiongqi?”

“This…” The Meditative Brain King was mildly surprised. He never expected Li Qingshan to ask about a Demon God right off the bat, and he had done so while teeming with murderousness. Was he thinking about revenge?

“Then you can go die! Suppress!” Li Qingshan fished out a bloody demon heart and conveniently suppressed it before tossing it into his sumeru ring. Then he turned around and smiled. “You’ve come too. Come, come, come. I’ll send you all off!”

The four Demon Kings saw this the moment they caught up. They spent an instant to consider whether they should work together against Li Qingshan. Then all of them turned around and fled together coincidentally.

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