Chapter 949 – The Demon God’s Game

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Chapter 949 – The Demon God’s Game

“So the Shadow Queen is here already!” The King of Southern Yue shivered inside. She truly was the Mist province’s king of assassins to be able to infiltrate the Silver Dragon King silently.

“Greetings, your majesty,” Ye Weiyang bowed before drifting over to the Great Banyan Tree King’s side gently. She placed her elbow on his shoulder. “You really are going all out for that kid, aren’t you? How envious.”

“You have no respect for your elders!” The Great Banyan Tree King slapped away her hand and shook his head. “He’s in a perilous situation right now. What’s there to envy?”

“The Shadow Queen is right. Li Qingshan has either surrendered or died by now. If Qiongqi really is involved, anything we do will be futile. Who knows how many people will die to the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous if we launch an attack!” the King of Southern Yue said.

Ye Weiyang was not the only one who did not want to approach the formation. Even the King of Southern Yue refused to, but just the long-ranged attacks of the Silver Dragon King definitely were not enough to get through the formation.

Ye Duanhai rode on his sword and circled around the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous. He also maintained his distance, refusing to approach it. After that, he returned to the Silver Dragon King. “Greetings your majesty, as well as senior. Just what is going on with this demon cavern?”

The King of Southern Yue explained everything that had happened so far, as well as their theory about Qiongqi.

“Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan are inside!” Ye Duanhai frowned. After all, they had fought alongside one another in the past, and they had purged the demons in the south, which greatly reduced the pressure on him.

“What do you think?” the King of Southern Yue asked.

“There’s almost no hope,” said Ye Duanhai.

“Look!” The Great Banyan Tree King pointed out and four Demon Kings rushed out of the demon cavern in the centre of the formation.

“What great lengths they’ve gone to. With four Demon Kings working together, they stand no chance even without the formation!” Ye Weiyang said.

“Though, they seem like they’re fleeing?” The Great Banyan Tree King noticed that the four Demon Kings did not come out calmly like they were receiving them in battle. Instead, they seemed to be quite hurried and frantic.

“That’s a demon cavern though. Just who can make them flee? Don’t tell me…” The King of Southern Yue and the Great Banyan Tree King exchanged glances. Neither of them really believed this. Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan definitely did not possess the strength to achieve that, much less achieving that in the demon cavern.

However, the Demon Kings glanced at the Silver Dragon King in the horizon and did not assume an offensive stance. Instead, they turned around and guarded the entrance to the demon cavern, peering inside, which only verified the Great Banyan Tree King’s theory—they were fleeing!

Compared to the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous falling to the attacks of the enemy, they were more afraid of having their path of retreat severed.

“We wait!” Ye Duanhai said. If the Demon Kings truly were fleeing, then there must have been someone chasing after them. He believed they would find out very soon.

“Hiss, hiss. Kings of Yin and Yang, Flying Zombie King, we’ll ambush Li Qingshan right here if he dares to chase after us. We will catch him off-guard. What do you think?” the nine snake heads of the Nine-headed King swayed about and said together.

“Alright! He’s definitely not our opponent in the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous!” a male and female voice said together.

The Flying Zombie King nodded silently, expressing his agreement.

“He’s here!”

The Demon Kings did not wait for too long. In a short while, there was a flash of light in the demon cavern, but the Demon Kings did not immediately intercept it with an attack. Instead, they dispersed. None of them were stupid enough to trust the Nine-headed King and directly confront Li Qingshan.

Apart from when they had an absolute advantage in strength or numbers, it was basically impossible for Demon Kings to work together against a strong enemy. On top of that, the deaths of the three other Demon Kings had left far too deep of an impression on them.

The people on the Silver Dragon King looked at one another. They were not just being chased down. They were basically frightened out of their wits. They possessed such a powerful geographic advantage, yet they still refused to fight. Were they still the same heinous Demon Kings in their memories?

In the blink of an eye, wind and fire rushed into the air.

“It’s them!” The Great Banyan Tree King’s eyes lit up.

Ye Duanhai’s expression changed, but only because of the flood of sword qi tailing behind them. He was very familiar with the path of the sword. A Demon King could not launch a sword attack like that. The path of the sword involved far surpassed his. Was it the Demon Emperor!?

“We’re finally back!”

The flood of sword qi collapsed, and Li Qingshan eased up. He still ended up fleeing. It was still a little too soon for him to take on a Demon Emperor. Raising his head, he saw the Silver Dragon King in the distance and waved his hand with a smile.

The gazes of the twelve Demon Gods formed a tremendous pressure, which was almost suffocating. However, having returned to the ground, the Strength of the Earth began to work again. Endless strength flooded through him, contending against the pressure.

After becoming a Daemon King, all of his innate abilities had become even stronger. His physique had changed in a drastic manner too.

Li Qingshan saw how Gong Yuan was a little pale, so he pulled her closer in his arms. “We’ll be able to leave here very soon!”

Then he looked down at the four Demon Kings below. Seeing how none of them had any intentions of fighting, he relaxed even more.

Originally, he was worried he would not be able to escape from here, but looking at it now, the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous was not as terrifying as he imagined it to be, and he had assistance from outside too. As long as the Silver Dragon King tore open a gap in the formation, he could successfully escape.

The King of Southern Yue raised an eyebrow. Everything seemed to exceed his imaginations more and more. The four Demon Kings were being chased down instead, a Demon Emperor was tailing right behind them, and Qiongqi had vaguely appeared too. Just what had Li Qingshan done?

“I see! So he’s already undergone the third heavenly tribulation!” The Great Banyan Tree King laughed in great delight, but Ye Weiyang shook her head. “Yet it’s still certain death for him!”

The scale of the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous was so great that even the King of Southern Yue dared not approach it, afraid he would be sucked in, so let alone them who were stuck in the formation. They had no chance at all.

The Great Banyan Tree King said to the King of Southern Yue, “Fellow, please launch an attack at full strength and pave open a path to save them!”

“Alright!” the King of Southern Yue said. He was about to activate the main cannon, the Dragon’s Roar, when a voice directly rang through his head, “Enough. If you’ve had enough, go back!” Ye Weiyang and the others’ faces all changed as well. Clearly, everyone had heard the voice.

“Evil God Qiongqi!?”

As if he had sensed their apprehension, Qiongqi sneered. “I have no interest in your mediocre world, so don’t flatter yourselves. Stop getting in the way of my game, or I wouldn’t mind paying a small price.”

The Silver Dragon King fell silent. All of the attacks stopped. Infuriating an evil god was not a clever decision, but it also led to a lot of uncertainty. Since Qiongqi was not after this world, why on earth had he descended here?

No matter how powerful of an evil god he was, he would have to pay quite a price to cross through the boundaries of worlds and contend against the suppression of the laws of the world. Just what was the game he was talking about?

“What’s going on?” Li Qingshan said in confusion. An intense killing intent overwhelmed him. The four Demon Kings that originally had no interest in fighting him actually gathered over again.

They had been waiting for the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous to unleash its might and crush the two of them, but nothing ended up happening. Instead, a voice answered them, directly ringing out in their heads, “Stop being cowards. Go kill him!”

The voice was not vicious or dignified. Instead, it was teeming with enthusiasm, filled with anticipation and joy.

The four Demon Kings dared not defy that. A Demon God had directly given them an order. If Li Qingshan did not die, they would be the ones to die!

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