Chapter 952 – New Abilities (Three)

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Chapter 952 – New Abilities (Three)

The other snake heads hissed together, flickering their brown tongues. Suddenly, they opened their mouths and bit towards Li Qingshan like numerous mountains falling on him.

“Obliterate! Obliterate! Obliterate! Obliterate!”

Li Qingshan bellowed out and four snake heads basically shattered at the same time, like the collapse of mountains, revealing the dark-red stumps. Demonic blood sprayed out, falling through the air like pouring rain.

The Kings of Yin and Yang had silently snuck behind Li Qingshan. Abruptly, they opened their mouths, but there was no sound. The demonic sound had already surpassed the senses of hearing, becoming silent. It struck Li Qingshan even faster than the speed of sound.

Li Qingshan’s figure twisted and collapsed in the demonic sound!”

“An afterimage!?” The Kings of Yin and Yang’s eyes bulged in disbelief. They were Demon Kings and yet they still saw afterimages?

A red flash swept through the air. That was the curved trajectory that the blood-red blade aura had left behind as it swept through the surroundings.

The colossal snake heads were severed without any prior signs, falling into the swamp. The rumbles all merged together, splashing mud and water into the air.

The red flash came to a halt, revealing Li Qingshan’s figure. He sucked in a deep breath. The wings of wind and fire on his back extended to three hundred meters across, and his blood boiled like it was about to be ignited. At this moment, he pointed his blade towards the Nine-headed King’s last head!

“Hiss, hiss! It’s useless! I admit you’re very powerful, but it’s useless. This must be all of your strength! But it’s still nowhere…”


The snake head turned into a sky full of broken flesh. Li Qingshan pulled his fist back and bathed in the demonic blood, but the Nine-headed King’s voice then began to ring out from behind him. “…near enough!”

The snake head that he had destroyed first had actually regrown. Mountains began to rise up around him. Those were the Nine-headed King’s regenerated heads, which spoke at the same time. Their voices echoed through the mountains.

“You can’t kill me. In here, I am a true hydra!”

The Nine-headed King had possessed some of the hydra’s bloodline in the first place. His vitality and regeneration were extremely powerful, where he could not die unless all of his heads were destroyed. However, he was still not a true hydra after all. The power of the demon heart was limited, so it was impossible for the snake heads to regrow endlessly.

However, as he stood in the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous, his vitality and regeneration had not just been raised to a whole new level. He had endless demonic energy supporting him, so it really did seem like he had turned into a legendary, unkillable hydra.

“How long can you last in this state? Just give up on resisting! You can’t win. Why don’t you have us put in a good word with evil god Qiongqi for you instead? Perhaps evil god Qiongqi will still be willing to keep you around as one of us out of his great generosity.”

The Kings of Yin and Yang’s voices suddenly changed. The male voice was magnetic, while the female voice was gentle like water, filled with an attempt to bewitch him. However, they were filled with vicious killing intent inside. Qiongqi’s order was to kill Li Qingshan, so they would never hold back and keep a potential source of trouble around.

They had said that because Li Qingshan’s strength had deterred them, but also because they could see that Li Qingshan’s frenzied state could not last for too long. He would definitely enter a state of great feebleness afterwards, and the corpse poison was still spreading through him. As long as Li Qingshan’s fighting spirit eased up and he was overcome with a hint of hope for survival, he would be dead!

All of the kings on the Silver Dragon King were sharp-witted, so they could immediately tell this was a trap, but only because spectators always saw the clearest. Caught in dire straits, who wouldn’t clutch at straws to save themselves?

The Great Banyan Tree King even hoped Li Qingshan would agree to it. Even with his wisdom, this was the only chance to survive. If Demon God Qiongqi really did view him favourably, perhaps he would spare his life.

However, this also happened to be the possibility that the King of Southern Yue worried about the most. After personally witnessing Li Qingshan’s strength, he basically struggled to imagine what kind of Demon King he would become after joining the Demon domain!

Having been born in this world, he was completely immune to the restraints of the world. He could leave the demon caverns and rampage through the world freely. Killing him would be even more difficult than killing ten Demon Kings. If he were allowed sufficient time to grow, perhaps he would even become the master of this new Demon domain.


Right as they thought through the various possibilities, laughter suddenly exploded in the distant battlefield, reaching their ears. The laughter was so resonant and high-spirited that even the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous could not obstruct it.

Li Qingshan laughed madly as if he had heard a joke. For a moment, the wind and clouds surged, the demon qi churned, and his figure rapidly swelled up.

Three meters… thirty meters… three hundred meters… nine hundred meters… one thousand five hundred meters…

Only when he reached over two thousand meters tall did he stop, assuming the towering form of the demonic and divine!

With a great rumble, his iron hooves stomped on the ground!

The curved horns on his head almost touched the low-hanging demonic clouds, standing at equal level to the twelve Demon Gods around him!

The Nine-headed King raised his heads as high as possible, but he still had to look up to see him. Compared to him, the Nine-headed King did not seem like a mountainous monster anymore. He was merely a strange snake with nine heads.

“My full strength? Haha! One of you? Haha!”

Li Qingshan’s laughter rumbled like thunder, resounding in the distance. Suddenly, he shook his arms, and tiger claws extended out, now on full display. The tiger tail on his back swayed with a huge, blood-red blade, ripping through the air.

“All of you can go die!”

At that moment, Li Qingshan began to move. He flailed his arms, stomped his feet, and leapt about, just like a blazing war dance from the primordial times. There was no pace or rhythm; he only expressed the wild joy within him, even if it was clumsy, even if his back was against the wall. He fought for the sake of survival!

The wind danced with the tiger. The roaring gales turned into a furious song, resounding through the entire world.

Li Qingshan’s colossal figure blurred, turning into a spiralling storm. The sharp claws and blood-red blade aura were like bolts of lightning within the storm.

The Nine-headed King had originally been hesitating over whether he should coil over and get in a few bites while Li Qingshan had gigantified, but he coiled backwards in a hurry when he saw this. However, the storm had already arrived before him in the blink of an eye, unavoidable, unstoppable!

“No!” The Nine-headed King hissed in despair, which merged with the sound of gales perfectly. How could a war song go without the cries of enemies?

The nine snake heads were sucked into the storm one after another, ground into blood rain. Even his colossal body was swallowed by the storm.


The great rumble of a demon heart’s explosion added a sudden rest to this furious war song.

The storm vanished!

The King of Southern Yue and everyone else was dumbfounded. The current sight had already surpassed their imaginations, making their hearts thump wildly. They were still submerged in the lingering charm of this battle.

Ye Weiyang pursed her lips. “What an impressive man!”

The demonic clouds were torn apart, allowing the silver moon to beam through the gaps like a glorious curtain.

Li Qingshan turned back to human form, leaning on his blade with both hands as he stood on the ground, basking in the moonlight. He raised his head and gazed at the sky. The words on his horns, “North” and “Moon” were so distinct, shining with light under the glow of the moon.

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