Chapter 953 – Last Reflection of the Setting Sun

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Chapter 953 – Last Reflection of the Setting Sun

The storm had lifted away an entire layer of the swamp, revealing the fresh soil underneath that was drenched with the Nine-headed King’s demonic blood.

A cool breeze drifted through the air, making Li Qingshan’s scarlet hair float. The soil in the distance rustled, and a strange, distorted conjoined twin crawled out. It was the Kings of Yin and Yang.

Li Qingshan glanced at them and could not help but smile. “I was looking for you!”

The Kings of Yin and Yang laid on the ground, their body covered in a few bloody gashes from the storm. They glared at Li Qingshan resentfully. However, they struggled to hide their fear. They did not want to face the terrifying storm a second time. If it were not for Qiongqi’s order, they would not have dove into the ground. They would have directly fled instead.

“Li Qingshan, stop putting on a bravado! You’ve already lost! Just like last time, we’re the final victors!” The two mouths opened at the same time, and a male and female voice overlapped together.


Li Qingshan’s expression was as placid as water. Under the glow of the moonlight, his skin was so pale that it was almost transparent. Purplish-black patches covered him as brown traces spread across his body. This was the price he had paid to kill the Flying Zombie King and the Nine-headed King. Even he could not completely brush off the power that came from detonating demon hearts.

The feebleness that came after his frenzy had already reached deep into his bones. Even lifting his feet seemed rather difficult. Originally, he should not have been so feeble, but he was standing in the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous right now. If it were not for the support from the Strength of the Earth and the Heart of the Abyss, he might have collapsed already.

However, he raised his blade slowly, which shimmered in the moonlight.

With a flash, the Kings of Yin and Yang suddenly retreated to five kilometers away, gazing at him in complete fright.

“The Demon King has been frightened out of its wits, but he no longer has the ability to fight!” the King of Southern Yue said with some pity. The violent power earlier was basically unheard of. If he had not been in the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous, it might have been even more terrifying, but decline would always follow prosperity.

The Great Banyan Tree King said nothing.

Li Qingshan laughed aloud, but his laughter was filled with feebleness. He lowered his blade powerlessly. “I’m too tired. Let me get some rest first!”

Just like that, he laid down with his limbs sprawled out, gazing at the moon through the cracks in the clouds. He said softly, “Brother ox, it’s so satisfying! This is the only way for a life to be worth living!”

“You dare to bluff me!?” The Kings of Yin and Yang fell into a complete rage, leaping high into the air and howling out with terrifying sounds, but they maintained a sufficient distance from Li Qingshan.

“You bastard, you’ve blocked the moonlight. Whatever, I better just butcher you first!”

Li Qingshan said, but he continued to lie there without budging. The Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell flew over and formed a smooth mirror surface.

The demonic sound landed on the mirror and was completely reflected, landing on the Kings of Yin and Yang!

Spurt! Blood sprayed from the Kings of Yin and Yang’s mouths, sending them flying backwards. Every inch of their body convulsed violently, clearly experiencing the power of their own demonic sound.

This was Li Qingshan’s third new ability—Last Reflection of the Setting Sun!

This was rather similar to the ox demon’s new innate ability. They were both developments of pre-existing abilities, turning them from “useless” into independent innate abilities that covered an entire base alone. Unlike the Ox Demon Forges its Hide, the Last Reflection of the Setting Sun was more suited for techniques. It could be considered as complete with offence and defence from a certain perspective.

Perhaps this innate ability would achieve a wondrous effect in another time and location, but it seemed rather powerless given the current situation. The abilities of the spirit turtle had always leaned towards defence and support.

“Last Reflection of the Setting Sun! Tsk, how ominous!” Li Qingshan pouted and wondered whether he should change the name.

“Is this your trump card!? What a pity! Just watching you die is enough for me! Die! Die!”

The Kings of Yin and Yang wiped away the blood from their mouths and gazed at Li Qingshan from high above. Their three bulging eyes were completely bloodshot as they let out a hysterical howl.

A while later, a few more patches and a few more wisps of brown appeared on Li Qingshan’s body. Even when he unleashed the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression at full strength, he could not suppress it.

Suddenly, Li Qingshan took a step back. He swung his right arm as hard as possible and tossed out the blade, which shot into the horizon as a streak of blood-red light.

“You really think you can injure me with something like that?” The Kings of Yin and Yang showed contempt. Suddenly, light filled their eyes. The smooth, mirror surface composed of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell turned, reflecting the silver-blue moonlight into their eyes. They showed even more scorn. “To think that you would even resort to a trick like this! How pitiful!”

A hand extended out of the resplendent moonlight and gripped the hilt of Tiger’s Fang firmly. The Kings of Yin and Yang widened their eyes as if they had just seen a ghost. All they saw was Li Qingshan in high spirits with his scarlet hair flying. He did not seem like he was injured at all.

“How is this possible!?”

The Kings of Yin and Yang retreated in a hurry, but the blade had already been swung, sweeping over as a silvery-blue arc with the moonlight, just like a crescent moon hanging in the sky.

The Kings of Yin and Yang’s path of retreat happened to overlap with the crescent moon as if they had adjusted themselves into the position themselves.

Moonlight flew, and demonic blood splattered. The Kings of Yin and Yang were split into two!

They widened their eyes, but all they could see was Li Qingshan standing exactly where he was before, staring at them calmly. The Li Qingshan before them bore the same expression, and then he produced another crescent moon with a swing!

“What a powerful clone!” The King of Southern Yue and everyone else saw this very clearly. The second Li Qingshan had flown out of the smooth mirror that reflected the moonlight.

“If he were outside, the clone alone would possess the strength of a Daemon King!” Ye Duanhai sighed.

“No, even stronger than regular Daemon Kings. Isn’t the strength of two fused Demon Kings much greater than a regular Daemon King?” Ye Weiyang pointed at the battlefield again.

“If I want to kill you, I don’t exactly have to use a new ability!” Li Qingshan smiled. Now this was his true trump card, the second innate ability of the Spirit Turtle Transformation, the Watermirror’s Image!

The strength of the mirror clone was directly correlated with his main body. After undergoing the tribulation and becoming a Daemon King, the strength of his clone had risen as well. Coupled with how the ability itself had grown stronger, the power it could unleash was no less than before he had undergone the tribulation despite the suppression from the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous.

Perhaps some people would be wondering something like this. Even when Li Qingshan and Gong Yuan worked together before the heavenly tribulation, they were not the opponents of the fused Kings of Yin and Yang, so how could he win now when he was alone?

It was the same power, but it led to completely different results when it was under the control of a Daemon King as opposed to a Daemon Commander.

The Kings of Yin and Yang experienced this first-hand. The power of the mirror clone was clearly beneath theirs, but Li Qingshan seemed to read their thoughts, grasping all of their movements before they could make them. They were riddled with openings.

Li Qingshan held the Heart of the Abyss in his mouth, and his eyes turned pitch-black as if he was gazing at the Kings of Yin and Yang on the horizon, yet also as if he was gazing into the endless void.

After the Spirit Turtle Transformation broke through to the fifth layer, he could see the heavenly secrets and fate much more clearly. It came at tremendous mental effort, but he could still calculate the Kings of Yin and Yang’s movements and course of action, which was enough for the mirror clone to grasp the upper hand.

However, there was no joy on his face at all. The difference in strength still existed. The suppression of the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous on his mirror clone was much greater than on his main body, or he would have summoned his mirror clone a long time ago. It would be very difficult for him to deal a lethal blow to the Kings of Yin and Yang.

On top of that, it was even more difficult for him to maintain his current state than the Frenzy of the Tiger Demon, as this had not become an independent innate ability yet after all. If only the innate ability that the spirit turtle had condensed this time was in this aspect instead. However, there were no ifs in life. All he could do was accept fate calmly.

He closed his eyes gently. Already utterly exhausted, even his mind was close to the tipping point.

Would his desperate battle and struggle really just result in a glorious reflection of the setting sun, a glorious swan song?

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