Chapter 969 – The Guardian Hawk God, a Confrontation Between Kings

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Chapter 969 – The Guardian Hawk God, a Confrontation Between Kings

A hawk’s cry pierced the air!

“Great Banyan Tree King, as one of the Ten Daemon Kings, how dare you destroy one of the nine cauldrons! Are you aware that the law is blind?”

What might!

Li Qingshan shivered inside. Looking up, he saw a man in black standing high in the air. He was on the horizon with his arms behind his back. The sky full of atmospheric winds surged with his voice, spreading across the entire forest like the might of heaven.

He was extremely valiant in appearance. His long, golden-brown hair flowed freely behind him, and his hooked nose added a sense of severity to him. However, the most eye-catching part of him was his eyes. There was a rim of gold around his dark irises as if he could see through everything.

“So it’s the Hawk God! Please forgive me for failing to welcome you from afar!” the Great Banyan Tree King replied modestly. His voice was broad and mighty, echoing through the land and matching the Hawk God’s aura.

Sure enough! Li Qingshan thought. There were not a lot of people in the world who dared to talk to the Great Banyan Tree King like that. With his aura, with his bearing, who else could he be apart from the legendary Guardian Hawk God?

“It’s the bird woman’s bird father!” Xiao An communicated to him.

Li Qingshan burst out laughing. He felt very delighted inside. This girl’s sense of humour had grown after undergoing the tribulation.

In that instant, a pair of hawk eyes pierced through the foliage and landed on him, just like a pair of blades. In this world, there were not a lot of people who dared to laugh while the “Hawk God’ and the “tree god” were talking.

“Greetings from subordinate Li Qingshan!” Li Qingshan’s smile vanished as he remembered his identity as a White Hawk commander. He clasped his hands at the distance. He met the eyes fearlessly.

Although he controlled the renowned Hawkwolf Guard and maintained the reign and laws of the Great Xia empire, “Hawk God” was still only a title at the end of the day. He was not a true god. Meanwhile, Li Qingshan had even witnessed Demon God Qiongqi in person, so he did not believe he had to be all cautious around a Daemon King, no matter how revered or powerful this Daemon King was.

“The King of Savages, Li Qingshan.”

The Hawk God narrowed his eyes, and the pressure on Li Qingshan immediately skyrocketed. He actually felt like his breath was stifled. He thought, Among those I have seen in my life, he should come first when it comes to “stateliness”. Though, this probably isn’t just from his own bearing, but also the stateliness of the laws of Great Xia. Just like how the might of gods is absolute, that should be the origins of his title, the Hawk God!

Qiongqi’s strength far surpassed the Hawk God’s, and he had only descended with a clone. The pressure he gave off was startling, but it had nothing to do with stateliness. Though, there was a great deal of slyness and playfulness instead.

“You recognise me, sir Hawk God?” Li Qingshan was slightly surprised before smiling. “Though, the title of the King of Savages is far too tasteless. I’ve already relinquished it.”

The Hawk God glanced at him deeply as if he did not want to spend too much time on an “insignificant figure” like him. Instead, his eyes paused on Xiao An for a moment, and his gaze became rather amazed. Undergoing the third heavenly tribulation was equivalent to making it to the apex of the nine provinces. With her age and cultivation, she could no longer be described by the word “genius” anymore.

Of course, he never would have thought that the exact person who shattered the Mist Province cauldron was this “insignificant figure”. This was the effect that Li Qingshan wanted too. Even if this Hawk God became extremely fond of him, he could not rope him in as a son-in-law, so anything was fine as long as their relationship did not become hostile.

“You’ve come such a long way, fellow, so why don’t you come in and take a seat in my Towering city?” The Great Banyan Tree King invited him.

“That won’t be necessary. Do you admit to destroying one of the nine cauldrons?” the Hawk God asked.

“I do,” replied the Great Banyan Tree King.

“From today onwards, you will be removed from your position as one of the Ten Demon Kings and added to the very top of the wanted list managed by the ministry of penalty. The Hawkwolf Guard will do everything to capture you. If you dare to resist, you will be slain on the spot…”

Li Qingshan became more confused the more he listened to that. The Great Banyan Tree King had already gone so far, so why would he still care about some position among the Ten Demon Kings, let alone being added to some wanted list by the ministry of penalty? The Hawkwolf Guard was renowned in the world, but they were basically dreaming if they thought they could capture or kill him. Was there something wrong with this “Guardian Hawk God’s” head?

Before he knew it, the existences he had once viewed as supreme cultivators and tremendous forces ceased to be so unattainable. He could brush them aside now.

“… all those that collaborate with you will become enemies of Great Xia!”

When the Hawk God reached there, he glanced at Li Qingshan. He had rushed over in a hurry, so he was not aware that the Great Banyan Tree King had received Li Qingshan from hundreds of kilometers away, inviting him into Towering city. He had his suspicions about Li Qingshan and the Great Banyan Tree King’s relationship.

“Then wouldn’t Great Xia have just a little too many enemies? Please act prudently, fellow!” The Great Banyan Tree King smiled.

“What a Great Banyan Tree King! So much for treating you as a virtuous senior! You actually did something like breaking the laws of Great Xia! Our Hawkwolf Guard will never spare you!” Li Qingshan rebuked loudly. As if that was not enough, he even stamped his foot a few times on a branch, clearly expressing the side he was taking.

The corner of the Hawk God’s eye twitched. He could no longer say what he had prepared beforehand anymore. He had seen plenty of troublemakers before, but he had never seen a troublemaker like him. The same thought that Li Qingshan experienced earlier occurred to him too. Was there something wrong with this bastard’s head?

Smiles oozed out of Xiao An’s eyes. He really was an expert when it came to destroying the atmosphere. He could already tell that the Hawk God’s visit this time was purely a formality, expressing that the Great Xia empire could not allow something like this to happen. However, when it actually came to capturing or killing the Great Banyan Tree King, probably even he himself was not interested in such a lofty aspiration.

“Sigh, I’ve been abandoned and betrayed so quickly! If that’s the case, then please do it!” The Great Banyan Tree King sighed with a smile.

“Rise, winds!”

The Hawk God spread his arms like a hawk spreading its wings. The atmospheric winds within hundreds of kilometers immediately entered a frenzy. Then he waved his arms forcefully, and they swept down from the sky, immediately slicing several clouds to pieces. If it had been a regular forest, it would have been razed to the ground immediately. Even the roots buried deep beneath the ground would be sliced to pieces, eliminating all life.

He really is impressive! Li Qingshan thought.

The atmospheric winds and the magnetic fields basically demarcated the upper and lower boundaries of a world. To be able to wield the atmospheric winds so easily, the Hawk God had already reached the peak of the third heavenly tribulation, basically on the cusp of ascension. He paid close attention to the clash between the two members of the Ten Daemon Kings, making preparations for when he went dragon slaying in the Ink sea.

The Great Banyan Tree King raised a dim, green barrier. The atmospheric winds immediately lost their sharpness when they entered the barrier, turning into regular glasses.

The winds surged, producing waves through the sea of trees. The thousands of banyan trees rocked and swayed, forming a forceful and high-spirited symphony.

Li Qingshan stood on the branch and watched the wind and clouds surge through the world. Powerful auras built up in the sea of trees. While the confrontation between the Hawk God and the Great Banyan Tree King unfolded on a tremendous scale, enough to steal his breath, it did not seem like a battle to the death at all. He thought, Since he’s only come out of formality, then I’ll carry out my formalities too, just in case it leads to trouble if I don’t.

“Sir Hawk God, allow me to lend you a hand!” Li Qingshan roared and demonstrated his powerful strength as a Golden Core cultivator, as well as the acting skills he had spent many years developing. He launched a vicious attack at the Great Banyan Tree King, personally demonstrating the meaning of an ant trying to shake up a tree.

With him making trouble, the great show of the clash between kings came to an end very quickly. However, before the Hawk God flew away, he left behind a message.

“As I command, the White Hawk commander of the South Sea commandery, Li Qingshan, has demonstrated impressive loyalty and performed well with upholding the law. He is to be transferred to the Dragon province to take office immediately, without any delay!”

Li Qingshan was speechless. Xiao An sighed. “Qingshan, I’ve been wanting to tell you this a long time ago. Your behaviour is too exaggerated.”

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