Chapter 987 – Comprehension by Force, I Am a Demon King

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Chapter 987 – Comprehension by Force, I Am a Demon King

He was caught in a trap of his own spinning.

Li Qingshan immediately thought of this before spending three whole days and nights thinking under the Demon Suppression Tower. He thought of nothing.

Xiao An was powerless too. Unless he cast aside the Demon Suppression Statuary and switched cultivation methods, how could he expect a different seed he had sown to bear the same kind of fruit?

On the fourth day, the Chains of Demon Suppression jangled noisily, and Li Qingshan stood up. He said restlessly, “Whatever! Am I really unable to break through and become a Demon King just because I can’t comprehend the Demon Suppression Statuary?”

Li Qingshan took out a handful of demon hearts. The demon hearts were all crystalline, containing tremendous amounts of demon energy. They were his spoils from purging demons in the south, the hearts of Demon Kings.

The demonic natures within the demon hearts varied, but basically none of them lacked malice and murderousness. He collected the portion of power that conformed with his own demon heart. He wanted to comprehend by force and forcefully break through to the realm of Demon King.

With a wave of his hand, the demon hearts of various colours and shapes hovered in his surroundings, shining with a gloomy light.

Xiao An had completely eradicated the consciousnesses within them already, so he did not have to worry about any backlash. The only existing worry was cultivation deviation, but that was exactly what Li Qingshan was trying to achieve!

As the demon hearts lit up one by one, the Demon Suppression Tower grew to ten times its original size, towering like a mountain and suppressing all of the demon energy.

Li Qingshan’s shoulders sank as he felt the pressure multiply, but he continued to stand there firmly, without budging at all! How could a single Demon Suppression Tower overwhelm his strength of the ox demon?

He opened his mouth and sucked in deeply. The demon energy flowed out from the demon hearts, gushing into his mouth and raging through his body like a flood. If he were only a Demon Commander, then he would have blown up right then and there. Comprehension by force was not all fun and games.

However, as a Daemon King, how tough was his body? It was like the sturdiest dam available. The flood of demon energy could only rage through it. Meanwhile, his demon qi rapidly climbed higher, becoming stronger and stronger.

The Chains of Demon Suppression became larger and thicker, bounding his joints firmly almost to a point where they swallowed him.

Li Qingshan disregarded it all, gulping in the demon energy as he forcefully circulated the Demon Suppression Statuary, drawing the demon energy into his demon heart.


The demon heart shone brightly, but it became riddled with cracks. His body was tough, but the demon heart was not as tough. It could not endure this overly tremendous power, so it immediately reached the brink of blowing apart.

“The Spirit Turtle Suppresses the Seas!” Li Qingshan was unfazed as he called out sternly.

The figure of the spirit turtle appeared over the demon heart, shining with a gentle glow and easily suppressing the demon heart. He used external force to forcefully maintain the demon heart’s stability.

Why would he still care about enlightenment or not? He would do it forcefully, using quantity to create quality.

Regular cultivators would never be bold enough to do something like this, but what he was most skilled at was using force, and he had the ability to back up the force he used.

The demon qi swelled, and the light armour on Li Qingshan spread across his body, covering it all up and turning back into a set of heavy armour. Apart from the ox horns on the helmet and the face of the tiger on his chestplate, the armour had changed completely. The visor was the vicious face of a ghost that constantly twisted and changed, assuming various expressions.

As the demon energy constantly surged in, the demonic armour became heavier and heavier. Eventually, it no longer resembled armour anymore. Instead, it was more like the mechas from science fiction movies. It clashed against the Chains of Demon Suppression around him, producing the grinding sound of metal.

If there are any problems that can’t be solved by force, then it must be because you don’t have enough force!

That might not have been an appropriate saying on planet earth in his past life. The natural laws and cycles of life could not be defied no matter how much authority or wealth there was. However, in this world of cultivators, it was the truth. As long as he was strong enough, he could trample over the laws of the world just like everything else.

Li Qingshan used his own strength as a foundation to practise a method that others dared not think about. The demon heart had already become covered in cracks, completely relying on external force to maintain. However, he continued to absorb the demon energy, allowing the cracks to become even denser. The demon heart cracked into pieces even finer than dust.

Whenever his demon qi grew stronger, the pressure from the Demon Suppression Tower and the restraints from the Chains of Demon Suppression grew stronger as well, forming a deadlock.

However, while it was true that the might of the Demon Suppression Statuary would grow with the “enemy’s” demonic nature, it was impossible for the Unraging monk to suppress Demon God Qiongqi even if he tossed out the Demon Suppression Tower. Everything had a limit.

Li Qingshan used a handful of Demon King hearts as a foundation and pushed the Demon Suppression Statuary to the limit very quickly. A crack suddenly appeared on the towering, mountainous Demon Suppression Tower. He grinned and continued to refine the demon energy. The crack spread across the entire tower very soon.

Li Qingshan had already turned into an armoured monster that stood over a hundred meters tall. He no longer cared about the poses of the Demon Suppression statues, just throwing fists after fists at the Demon Suppression Tower with the heavy Chains of Demon Suppression around him. The chains creaked as they extended and twisted.


Li Qingshan shuddered all over and extended his arms as hard as he could. The Chains of Demon Suppression crumbled around him, and he threw his head against the tower.

With a great rumble, the Demon Suppression Tower collapsed loudly before turning back into demon qi and surging back into him. His demonified form swelled up yet again, only stopping once he exceeded three hundred meters in height.

The demon heart that had always been on the brink of shattering began to condense together again, turning into the heart of a Demon King.

The colossal demonic armour was entangled with chains, but they were no longer a restraint, but a weapon! A straight, sharp horn protruded from the centre of his helmet, pointing at the skies, shaped just like the Demon Suppression Tower.

Li Qingshan felt the brand-new power within him and became delighted. Were there any butterflies who were not caught in a trap of their own spinning, and did they ever worry that they would not be able to break free from this trap, this cocoon?

There were still many problems for him to resolve such as his energy lacking refinement, leaving his demonified form clumsy. Additionally, he was stuck in an uncontrollable state once he demonified, and the quality of his demon heart was much lower without the refinement of the heavenly tribulation.

However, a Demon King was a Demon King. All of the issues could be resolved slowly, and he was confident he could control himself no matter what state he was in. That was enough!

With a thought, Li Qingshan assumed his form of the demonic and divine that stood over two thousand meters tall, clad in a set of dark-red demonic armour. To his surprise, it was quite a fit.

In the end, he returned to human form and released the demonification, only to discover he was covered in demonic markings and reeking of demon qi. He could not hide it. If he ran around like this outside, cultivators would notice a great Demon King like him even from a hundred kilometers away. He definitely could not set foot in the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga in his current state. Fortunately, he had the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression. Not only could it suppress the demon qi, but it could even remove the demonic markings too.

Li Qingshan left the Asura Field and passed the remaining demon hearts to Xiao An. Spiritual medicines and spiritual stones were basically useless to her, but demon hearts grew with demonfolk. They were unlike golden cores, which were pure crystallisations of energy. They instead bore some resemblance to the śarīra of buddhist cultivators. She tossed the demon hearts into the Blood Sea Banner to digest them slowly.

Time flew. Xiao An continued to forge the Skull Prayer Beads, while Li Qingshan began to refine his demon heart. In the blink of an eye, several months passed.

On this day, a woman in red arrived outside the dwelling and called out with uncertainty, “Qingshan?”


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