Chapter 989 – The Great Banyan Tree King’s Friend?

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Chapter 989 – The Great Banyan Tree King’s Friend?

Around noon, at the entrance of the Han estate, under the large gates.

“Back then, just for an engagement, we had to fight our way in from here.” Li Qingshan smiled.

“Yeah. Before we knew it, so many years have already passed,” said Han Qiongzhi.

“Really? You never mentioned it, junior sister. With how much of a talent fellow is, was general Han still unsatisfied with him somehow?” Yue Bing asked.

“We couldn’t help it. The school of the Military just likes to fight and kill. It was basically a special way to receive us!” Li Qingshan shrugged.

“And you don’t like it?” Han Qiongzhi said.

“If I disliked it, how could I have fought my way in? I’m almost tempted to do it again. This time, I don’t need the madam’s help. I alone would be enough to make it to old father-in-law Han.”

“You just want to fight, but there’s no one for you to fight.”

As they spoke, the gates opened, and Han Tieyi came out to receive them.

Li Qingshan climbed up the stairs and entered the fortress-like Han estate. There were no soldiers standing in formation, which made it seem slightly deserted. He followed the path in his memories until he arrived at the main building of the Han estate. Before he could even set foot inside, he heard the Unraging monk’s furious roar.

“Damned disciple, you tricked your junior brother into returning, saying something like you might end up getting back before him, yet it’s already been so long! What are you waiting for? Get your ass in here!”

It had to be mentioned that the Unraging monk was quite terrifying when he flew into a fit of rage. Yue Bin and Han Qiongzhi were both taken aback, glancing at Li Qingshan in worry. The last person to provoke in the cultivation community was their own master. When the master lost their temper like this, the disciple would probably have to suffer.

“Forget about it. You’re lucky that I even returned. You have no idea what the King of Southern Yue promised me. He was determined to make me an honoured guest. If it weren’t for your sake, I’d be having it easy in the Mist province.”

Li Qingshan waltzed into the hall without any regard. The Unraging monk was no different from before, dressed in a ragged set of monk robes and sitting there with his belly exposed. He stared at him furiously.

Beside the Unraging monk sat a dignified old man. His peppered hair was meticulously combed, and his dignified, square face bore some resemblance to Yue Bing’s. It went without saying that this was the Great General King, Yue Wuyang.

Yue Bing stared at Li Qingshan blankly. He might have been the Great General King’s son, but if he ever dared to disrespect his elders like this, he would have been beaten to death on the spot. It was no different even now.

The Great General King was rather displeased. His eyes narrowed slightly, and he released the murderousness of a powerful master from the school of the Military. It immediately turned into a great pressure.

The pressure of two great cultivators filled the hall, weighing down like mountains. Even Han Anjun held his breath, while Han Qiongzhi and Yue Bing could not even bow.

Li Qingshan was completely unfazed. He took a step forward and clasped his hands. “Greetings, master. Greetings, Great General King, as well as old father-in-law Han.”

“You sure do have a bit of boldness about you!” A sliver of surprise flashed through Yue Wuyang’s eyes. Even a great cultivator could not necessarily remain so composed under his pressure.

“That goes without saying.” Li Qingshan smiled.

“The King of Southern Yue wanted you to stay behind in the Mist province?” the Unraging monk asked. This was an issue that touched on his principles. The Green province and Mist province had their daggers drawn at each other. If it were not for the demon plague and locust plague, they would have become locked in battle already.

“Master, have you started posing around too? How can you not know about the King of Southern Yue’s stance?” Li Qingshan smiled.

“It’s just some puny tricks to drive a wedge between us. Damned disciple, you better answer any of the questions I ask honestly. Where’s One Will?” the Unraging Monk asked.

“She’s still in secluded cultivation. She’ll be emerging soon. By then, she’ll report back to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga herself,” said Li Qingshan.


Only now did the Unraging monk get some closure. When the news of Li Qingshan sweeping up the locusts reached the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, the Dauntless monk had been most concerned about Xiao An’s whereabouts instead. He heard how she was not with Li Qingshan, so he was worried something had happened to her. He waited for a little longer, but Li Qingshan showed absolutely no intention of reporting back to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga yet. The Great General King happened to be visiting the Unraging monk, so they ventured to the Clear River prefecture together.

“How biased of you, master. So much for being your direct disciple.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“Who told you to go without becoming a monk? We buddhists only take care of our own people.” The Unraging monk smiled. He had never been worried about Li Qingshan betraying the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, just like how he had never expected Li Qingshan to be loyal to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. Earlier, when he flew into a rage, he only wanted to show him what was what, except he failed to frighten him, to no one’s surprise.

“Master, I think you said something really impressive before. What happened to bringing salvation to all living creatures?”

“It was all drunk talk, drunk talk! You’re a scourge wherever you go. If you stayed in the Mist province, you would have done the Green province a great deed instead!”

“Oh right, you still owe me a demonic treasure!” Li Qingshan suddenly remembered the Unraging monk’s promise.

“Is that why you returned?”

“It’s really not. I’m known as the King of Savages in the south. I can get my hands on whatever treasures I want. Why would I lack your measly possessions?”

“What a King of Savages. None for you then.”

“You promised me, so how could you not give it to me? Hand it over!” Li Qingshan grabbed the Unraging monk’s collar.

“Damned disciple, let go!”

Their interaction left the disciples of the school of Military dumbfounded on the side. Even across the entire cultivation community, such a disrespectful way of getting along was quite rare. However, they could also tell that they actually got along very well as master and disciple. Yue Bing silently glanced at Yue Wuyang. At least they got along much better than this father-son duo.

Yue Wuyang glanced back and cold light seemed to flash across his eyes, which made Yue Bing shrink back. He gave a soldier’s salute and said powerfully, “Great General King, I’ve carried out your orders, escorting junior sister safely and inviting commander Li over!”

Yue Wuyang nodded gently before coughing softly.

The Unraging monk said, “Damned disciple, fellow Yue has something to ask you. Answer honestly.

Han Qiongzhi cast a pleading gaze in Li Qingshan’s direction too, afraid he would infuriate her master once he became carried away. If that happened, it would be tough for her.

Li Qingshan let go of the Unraging monk’s collar and said seriously, “Qiongzhi’s master is my senior, so please ask away, Great General King. I’ll definitely answer with everything I know.”

“Where did you get your Asura Field from?”

Yue Wuyang cut right to the chase. Asura Fields were no regular arcane treasures. The resources and energy that went into refining one was enough to refine ten regular arcane treasures. They bore an extremely special significance to the school of the Military.

“The Great Banyan Tree King gave it to me,” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“Gave it to you? Why?” Yue Wuyang was in doubt. The Great Banyan Tree King was renowned for being peaceful and generous, but no matter how generous he was, it was impossible for him to simply give a supreme treasure like that away.

“What’s so strange about gift-giving among friends?” Li Qingshan said it like it was common sense.

“You said friends? I haven’t heard wrong, have I?”

Yue Wuyang’s solemn, square face became bewildered. Just who was the Great Banyan Tree King? He had always been one of the Ten Daemon Kings whose name resounded through the nine provinces. Now that he had refined the Mist Province cauldron, he had become the god of the Mist province. Even he himself did not have the confidence of getting along with him as equals, so how could a measly White Hawk commander claim to be the Great Banyan Tree King’s friend? Was that not just absurd?

“Damned disciples, monks are forbidden from telling lies! Don’t talk rubbish!” The Unraging monk was unable to put up with this either. Even if he wanted to weave some lies, he could make them a little more believable.

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