Chapter 993 – The Black Dragon’s Death Grip, Getting a Little More Serious

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Chapter 993 – The Black Dragon’s Death Grip, Getting a Little More Serious

The blood-red swirl began to spin!

The black dragon let out a cry, which echoed across the entire Asura Field. He lunged towards Li Qingshan in a threatening manner.

Apart from Yue Wuyang, the Unraging monk, Gu Yanying, and the Asura King, everyone else only saw a flash of black rushing towards Li Qingshan.

“Heh!” Li Qingshan laughed gently. His demon qi erupted like thick smoke, immediately swallowing his figure.

Bang! The black dragon ran head-first into a plume of smoke. A huge, metallic hand extended out of the surging demon qi, pressing down on the dragon’s head.

The black dragon put up a struggle, but he was unable to take another step forward. He roared inside, This is impossible! I’ve practised the Black Emperor Dragon Classic arduously! When I transform into a black dragon, my body is so tough that it even surpasses Daemon Kings. How can I be stopped like this!?

A colossal figure faded in and out within the demon qi. Suddenly, he took in a deep breath, and the demon qi flowed backwards, finally revealing an armoured giant that stood three hundred meters tall like a mountain. His eyes shone in a gloomy, demonic fashion, which abruptly lit up. The huge hand on the black dragon’s head tightened and wrenched backwards.

The black dragon and its body that was almost six hundred meters long rushed forwards powerlessly before another large hand grabbed him firmly. Li Qingshan swung him around violently, slamming him heavily into the ground.


Rocks shattered, and the ground cracked open.

The black dragon widened his eyes and felt his entire body ache. The pair of huge hands tugged him forcefully, swinging his colossal body at the air again.


Like a child flinging a snake around, Li Qingshan grabbed the black dragon and slammed him about. Laughter rang out from his heavy armour.

All of the spectators were at a loss for words. This was no nervous battle to the death. It was clearly a one-sided game.

“I’ve mistaken too. How can his strength be so great?” the Asura King remarked in amazement.

The black dragon’s body was even tougher than the Asura King’s. Even the Asura Kings that pursued physical strength could not block his full-powered lunge with a single hand.

Physical strength was not the only standard of measure for battle prowess, but once the difference in physical strength reached a certain point, especially when it came to close combat, then the outcome of the battle would be as clear as day.

The Asura King pursed his lips. “I sure do want to fight him!”

“The Demon Suppression Statuary really is a secret cultivation method of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. It’s even greater than the Black Emperor Dragon Classic!”

Yue Wuyang could not help but re-evaluate the monk who drank and ate meat right beside him. Even his disciple possessed such strength, so would he not be even stronger as the master?

The Unraging monk was engrossed by the battle. Only after returning to his senses did he smile. “That would be an inaccurate compliment, fellow. He probably had some kind of fortuitous encounter in the Mist province. Just the Demon Suppression Statuary alone isn’t this mighty!” However, he did frown slightly, as Li Qingshan’s appearance and behaviour was far too irregular.

The Demon Suppression Statuary did condense a demon heart, but their nature was still vastly different from demonfolk. However, the current Li Qingshan seemed no different from a Demon King. The completely-uncontrolled malice he gave off was even stronger and more terrifying than regular Demon Kings. The Demon Suppression Statuary had turned into something completely different in his hands.

Has he suffered from cultivation deviation? The Unraging monk soon dismissed this thought. Li Qingshan’s regular behaviour was very normal, without any signs of a drastic change in personality or becoming emotionally unstable. On top of that, cultivation deviation was a frightening state riddled with downsides. He had never heard about growing stronger after cultivation deviation.

Just what had he encountered in the Mist province?

“Li! Qing! Shan!”

The black dragon was tossed into the air again and let out a furious roar. Never had he felt so humiliated before. He opened his mouth and black water gushed out like a black river, surging right into Li Qingshan’s face.

“What’re you doing?” Li Qingshan asked with a chuckle.

With a hiss, a thick layer of his visor was eaten away, but there was more thick armour underneath. His demonified form was basically completely composed of armour, making his defences devilishly strong. It provided no other benefits.

The black dragon produced a forceful wriggle and slid through Li Qingshan’s hands. He smiled viciously, intentionally loosening his grip. Within the violent sounds of metallic scraping, countless scales were stripped and thrown into the air.

The agony akin to being subjected to slow slicing almost sent the black dragon into a frenzy. He coiled around Li Qingshan, digging into Li Qingshan’s vital points deeply with his four dragon claws while biting Li Qingshan’s neck viciously.

The claws and teeth thrusted in deeply. With the twisting sound of metal, the demonic armour distorted violently.

Black Dragon’s Death Grip!

Li Qingshan’s demon qi subsided, and his demon heart dimmed. It became wrapped with a thin, black thread that happened to be a miniature black dragon.

It wrapped around the demon heart firmly, preventing him from using his cultivation. This was not just a death grip over the body, but also a direct suppression of his energy reserves.

“I want you to die!” The black dragon roared with heavy killing intent.

“This kid has been far too careless, or in other words, he has absolutely no fighting spirit. Victory will be difficult to say now that he’s caught up in this attack!” The Asura King shook his head, but he was puzzled by why he still could not sense much fighting spirit even now.

I didn’t think I’d be suppressed today instead despite practising the Demon Suppression Statuary. But unfortunately, it’s still too weak. Even if the people I’ve once viewed as great enemies have been cultivating relatively quickly, they’ve already become so weak. Let alone powerful Demon Kings like the Martial Chief King and the Kings of Yin and Yang, even the half-assed Bone Eating Shaman King is stronger than you! A battle like this is far too boring! Li Qingshan thought to himself.

Li Qingshan could not feel his blood boiling at all. Although it was said that even a lion would use its full strength to catch a rabbit, that was because the rabbit would escape if the lion did not use its full strength. A rabbit that threw itself at the lion and gnawed away furiously would only make the lion very embarrassed!

But to the others, Li Qingshan was truly in a precarious situation. His colossal demonic armour constantly distorted and shrank, constantly being eaten away by the black water as the teeth and claws constantly dug deeper. No matter how thick and heavy the armour was, it would not be able to protect him very soon.

“Si Qing, I’m going to blow up my demon heart! I’ll take you down with me!” Li Qingshan bellowed.


Si Qing became conflicted. This was a powerful killing strike, but it possessed a fatal flaw. He could seal up the enemy’s cultivation, but he could not stop them from blowing themselves up. Once the enemy became determined to detonate themselves, it was very easy for him to die with them in his current state. He was not afraid of death, but a death like that would be far too regretful.

“Tsktsk, you didn’t think that a mighty crown prince like you would actually die here with a person like me, did you? Why don’t you admit defeat, and I’ll spare your life?” Li Qingshan smiled.

“Don’t even think about it!” Si Qing flew into a fury. Li Qingshan was clearly in dire straits, yet he still had the courage to threaten him.

“Then pershing together it is!” Li Qingshan said.

“Come at me!” Si Qing roared, using his full strength to kill Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan fell silent, and Si Qing’s heart sat in his throat. He was ready to pull back and dodge at any moment.

“Just kidding. You’re dreaming if you think I’ll perish with you!”

Li Qingshan laughed aloud, but the jokes stopped there. He made a total of two decisions.

First of all, he would not use the absolute strength from the Ox Demon Transformation to crush him anymore. He would not be using the powers of the other transformations either. He would use only the Demon Suppression Statuary against him. He would use this opportunity to test out his new powers, as well as to prevent himself from attracting too much suspicion from the spectators.

Second of all, he would be getting a little more serious.

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