Chapter 995 – Say Your Last Words

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Chapter 995 – Say Your Last Words

Time passed slowly, so Li Qingshan just focused on cultivation, continuing to refine the demon heart. Meanwhile, Yue Wuyang constantly shrank the range of the battlefield.

After who knew how long, a wisp of black clouds rose up from the stream and spread between the mountains. Thunder boomed in the clouds as the figure of a dragon faded in and out.

“Finally!” A smile spread across Li Qingshan’s face as he said loudly, “Stop dilly-dallying and come and put an end to this!”

In the blink of an eye, the dark clouds reached over from the horizon and shrouded the sky above Li Qingshan. Black rain poured down from above, stirring up his protective demon qi and producing clouds of white mist.

At this moment, another two hours had passed, so Yue Wuyang shrank the battlefield further. The empty land surrounded by the mountains, as well as some mountains and rivers in the surroundings, were the entire region available to them now. They were all enveloped by the black clouds.

“Li Qingshan, your moment of death has arrived!”

The figure of the dragon flew about. Si Qing’s voice rang out from the dark clouds, coupled with the rumbling thunder like an order from heaven.

This move was called the Dark Clouds Overhead. Originally, it was a move used for sieges from the Black Dragon Emperor Classic. It possessed extremely great destructive power, but it was not suited for individual clashes, or the enemy could rise up above the dark clouds with a single flash.

However, Si Qing had grasped the timing and the geography, so Li Qingshan could not avoid it. All he could do was directly confront the attack.

“You spent half a day preparing just to give me a shower?” Li Qingshan stood on the battlefield and exhaled deeply, tearing apart the curtain of rain and ripping apart the clouds. He saw the black dragon’s tail and the Chains of Demon Suppression whistled out.

With a swing, the tail evaded the Chains of Demon Suppression, vanishing into the dark clouds again. The dragon constantly spat out mist from its mouth, making the clouds grow thicker, weighing heavily over the battlefield. The torrential rain poured down, pooling up to Li Qingshan’s ankles before long. The black water seemed to be alive, tossing and turning to swallow him.

Li Qingshan shuddered, and the water turned into countless droplets, shooting off in all directions.


The surging demon qi turned into a colossal set of armour around three hundred meters tall. The sharp horn on his head almost touched the clouds, but compared to its clumsy shape from before, it seemed a little more slender.

A demonic eye was condensed on the forehead of the armour, which produced a streak of light that searched for the black dragon’s location in the clouds.

Suddenly, he saw a dragon flash by, so he threw a punch!

A great hole tore open in the clouds before gradually closing up again, but the black dragon was nowhere to be seen.

Si Qing remained hidden until the dark clouds had amassed to the limit. The rolling sound of thunder in the clouds could not be suppressed anymore either. He abruptly let out a cry.


With a flash, a bolt of lightning rained down with the wrath of revenge, falling on Li Qingshan’s head. The electricity was blinding, turning into sparks that coursed through his body. It vanished with a flash.

Li Qingshan’s entire body turned numb. Blinding electricity filled his eyes as rumbles filled his ears. A string of lightning crashed down!

The Unraging monk frowned slightly. The Three Graves and Five Classics of the imperial clan really were something else. Even the protective formations around an entire sect could fall to an attack like that, and lightning was relatively effective against demon qi. If it had been some regular Demon King instead, they definitely would have perished to the lightning!

Han Qiongzhi’s eyes were filled with worry, but she did her best to hide it. Yue Bing watched without blinking. His eyes were glued.

As for Yue Wuyang, he lamented over how the younger generation was here to take over the old. After all, they had both only undergone the third heavenly tribulation recently, but when it came to fighting, even he, the Great General King, did not have absolute confidence in emerging victoriously.

He used this opportunity to scold and teach his son. “Yue Bing, do you still dare to call yourself a genius and neglect your cultivation now?”

“I would never!” Yue Bing said obediently, but he thought, Since when have I ever neglected my cultivation? Am I really not a genius for possessing such a cultivation at my age? The two of them are just complete deviants, especially that Li Qingshan. I heard Qiongzhi say that he’s only a few dozen years old. Don’t tell me he’s a Reincarnated Celestial?

The Demon Suppression Tower that jutted towards the sky on Li Qingshan’s helmet basically became a lightning rod. The scorching lightning ripped through his demonic armour and left marks as the black water at his feet constantly surged up, furiously eating away at the armour.

The dragon cries lingered around, filled with the delight of revenge. Si Qing controlled the white lightning and black water as he tried to obliterate Li Qingshan. Only then would he be satisfied.

Li Qingshan did not move at all as if he had lost all ability to resist, allowing the lightning to strike him. His lips curled into a smile.

The reason why his demonified form was so clumsy was because it had not been refined by the tribulation lightning, and the demon energy he had devoured from the various Demon Kings could not merge together completely. He just happened to be most in need of refinement, only for Si Qing to go out of his way to help him and make up for this shortcoming for him perfectly.

What else could he say? All he had to do was stand there obediently and let the lightning strike him. It was a joke to consider he would actually die to the lightning. Even without using the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, his powerful physique was still something. Even if he got rid of the armour and let Si Qing strike him with lightning for a century, it would be nothing.

Li Qingshan silently circulated the Demon Suppression Statuary, and the speckled impurities in the demon heart slowly faded away under the refinement of lightning. His demonic nature surged, but it was no longer the tiger demon’s fighting spirit, but the ox demon’s endurance, silently enduring the lightning strikes.

His colossal body rapidly shrank, reaching less than a hundred and fifty meters tall very soon. Meanwhile, the black water rose up rapidly, forming a black lake and reaching up to Li Qingshan’s waist. The fierce waves slammed against his body, but he was like a black piece of reef, standing there without budging.

A while later, the black water reached his chest.

Qingshan, just a little longer! the Unraging monk thought. The lightning strikes had already begun to weaken. Without any pills or spiritual stones, even Si Qing could not maintain an attack of such intensity for too long.

Just a little longer!

Si Qing gritted his teeth and used every last drop of energy in him. Victory was right before his eyes. Li Qingshan had already reached his limit. As long as he continued for a little longer, it would end with his success. He would redeem himself from his humiliation and take back his Asura Field!

However, Li Qingshan also happened to be thinking, Si Qing, a little longer! The effects of the refinement were quite impressive. This short moment had saved him half a year at the very least.

Li Qingshan turned smaller and smaller. Another while later, Li Qingshan was completely swallowed as a wave slammed down.

The rumbling thunder eased up, and the dark clouds began to disperse. The black dragon glided around a few times on the surface of the water and wondered, Has he died?

“Qingshan!” Han Qiongzhi took a step forward in concern.

The Asura King glanced at her. “What’re you panicking for? Your man has won. He’s even stronger than I anticipated him to be!”

“He’s won?” Han Qiongzhi said.


A Chain of Demon Suppression burst out of the water, wounding around the black dragon’s neck before tugging downwards suddenly.

The black dragon fell heavily into the water, and the lake surged violently. The dragon tail would surface from time to time, slamming against the water and producing colossal waves, but the head remained submerged.

With a boom, the black dragon burst out of the water. Among the splashes, Li Qingshan stood high on the dragon’s head. He had turned back into human form, his demonic armour stripped away. Layers upon layers of demonic markings riddled across his robust body.

He held the Chain of Demon Suppression in his hands like a rope, reining in the violent black dragon under his feet.

“Say your last words!”

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