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Dream Teller’s Word

The month is finally over. I’m sitting in front of my computer and letting out a great exhale. I feel utterly tired and filled with joy.

I know I’m writing a book that’s completely different from the Chronicles of Xu Xian, or even a book that’s the exact opposite of the Chronicles of Xu Xian. One is about a gifted romantic, noble and graceful, while the other is about a fierce gallant, dyeing his blade with blood. One is about tending to his harem, while the other is about levelling up and training.

The previous book began as fan fiction and achieved success through its female characters, while this book went with the most common levelling stream. Afterwards, not a single, real female character appeared in four hundred thousand characters. There’s not a hint of romance in the plot.

Readers criticized the fighting scenes in the previous book, yet this book just happened to have a lot of fighting. Compared to calling it a risk, you might as well just say that I’ve lost my mind.

However, I need to do this. I must not be restrained to a single theme, a single style. Those good ideas in my head include countless worlds, whether they be science fiction, eastern fantasy, city, western fantasy, or apocalyptic. And, these stories require different methods to be narrated and different main characters to act out, whether they’re crazy, cruel, melancholic, or hot-blooded. You won’t see a single similar main character or story from me.

However, I’m just too weak. I must admit that I lack the ability to fulfil this dream. I lack the ability to tell so many beautiful dreams.

As a result, I wrote Legend of the Great Sage. I threw away the scenes of romance I was skilled in the most, to write scenes of battle that troubled me the most. I picked up the walking stick for levelling and training, learning how to set up and achieve climaxes, learning how to ensure constant releases.

Originally, the fixed storyline would have resulted in an epic fail, which would result in me turning around and going back to my original tropes. However, I managed to break through with the storyline with my own hard work and your support. That’s right, both were crucial. Writing webnovels has never been about a single person.

My attempts have also led to successes. My battles have become much smoother, and the plot is now planned and has gained its own rhythm. The novel aspect of this all was that I failed to even write four hundred thousand characters with my first book, Transmigratory Druid, and when I reached here with the Chronicles of Xu Xian, I was worrying about what I would write every single day. With Legend of the Great Sage right now, I have a grand, majestic world waiting to be displayed!

The results of the book so far are very good, but to me, it’s nowhere close to being enough. The first aspect is my own problem, as I still haven’t written well enough. The book has yet to reach the level of fascination I want, but I’ll turn this into a problem for you very soon.

Whether it’s training or killing people, it’s all just supplementary to the story at the end of the day. It’s impossible for Li Qingshan to eat pills and stomp enemies, levelling all the way until he meets the black ox beyond the Nine Heavens. That’s far too dry and far too boring.

I’ve been thinking hard just how to construct a cultivator’s world. I’ve also been thinking about how a cultivator’s life would be. There’ll definitely be quite a lot of these bonds of family, friendship, and love.

I purposefully set aside many things in the first four hundred thousand characters to learn many new things. However, setting aside does not mean giving up. It’s so that they can become even greater when I pick them up again. Learning is not about losing myself, but for perfecting myself.

I’m not nobody. I am Dream Teller.

A new month, a new beginning. Please believe in me. When I lack confidence, please support me, no matter how.

Let’s finish telling this dream together!

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4 thoughts on “Author’s Word

  1. Wow awesome, I’m a little unclear about whether this is a translation now…. Or.. this author has written a few novels already which is cool.


  2. I haven’t read those mentioned written novels by Dream Teller, but as a support for you once I caught up with the latest chap of this LN, I’ll give those titles a try. I may not give monetary support but my heartfelt wish for you to be a successful writer of more good LNs. Kambante!!!!


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