Some Words on Making it onto the Front Page – Through this Ocean

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Some Words on Making it onto the Front Page – Through this Ocean

First of all, thank you. I thank you readers for your support, and I thank the editors for your kindness and generosity. You are the reason why I have the opportunity to say this here.

So far, I’ve reached six hundred and sixty thousand characters for Legend of the Great Sage. It’s a very lucky number1. As for speed, I haven’t been very fast, but I haven’t been slow either. At the very least, I haven’t missed any releases, even when I faced some extremely grim circumstances. Gotta applaud myself for this. This is a huge improvement on my behalf!

Let me just say, from tomorrow onwards, I will be returning to my release schedule of eight in the morning and six at night. I’m just good like that. That’s a given.

With the plot so far, Li Qingshan has only begun on his path. You’ve yet to see the Academy of the Hundred Schools, while the daemon city underground has already shown an inkling of itself. As a person who wanders between these two worlds, he can only pave his own path of humans and daemons with his own hands. The path of humans, the path of daemons, I walk my own path.

Not only do I want to write out the glory, scenery and eventual success of this path, but I also want to depict the hardships, the conflicts, and the struggles.

Li Qingshan will never be able to reach a prominent level with morality, and he will not be able to keep killing enemies with his special advantage all the way until the very end. I hope that one day in the future, when you read those last two words at the end, you feel like you’ve gone through his grand, magnificent life with him.

Not only will there be joy and sorrow, but there will also be good and evil.

Focus on your life worth living, without any regard for how you will be remembered.

Whether it’s clear streams or turbid flows, the boundless ocean welcomes and holds all. Living and dying without regret is the path of great sages.

When you close the page at the end, there’s no need to specially leave behind anything, but it shouldn’t be empty either.

Of course, perhaps these attempts will all just be arduous and fruitless. Being aware that some parts of the plot will displease people, yet still forcing it and writing it really is just asking for trouble.

But how can you go without any trouble at all in life? This is called practising what you preach, right? Heh.

But I still believe there will be people who will like it. At least, there’ll be me. A single person might be a little less, but you can say it’s enough. If there’s you too, then I’ll offer you a lift. Now, let’s sail towards the goal and cross this ocean!

Look, I’ll handle the steering and you handle the rowing, alright?

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1. Contrary to western culture, six is a lucky number in Chinese culture.

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