Volume 8 Afterword

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Volume 8 Afterword

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written an author’s word, so let’s use this opportunity to say something. However, despite being an author who’s written several million characters, I always find it difficult to express what I want to say every single time. How strange!

What should I say? Can I make it moving? Can I make others smile?

If I can’t, then what’s the point?

I’ve never been a confident person, but I do have a great pile of things I take pride in!

I proudly believe that I can reach beyond the nine heavens some day and pluck the moon and stars from the sky. Afterwards, I’ll lower my head and discover I’m just at the level of the “‘Three Talents of the Crouching Ox’”. I’ll ask myself with a bitter smile whether I can call someone “strong” if they can just kill a tiger with a single punch.

As a result, when I see comments of criticism, I’ll read through them all carefully if they have substance.

But when I come across some over-the-top praises and commendations, I’ll regularly stop reading half way out of embarrassment, giving it an upvote before closing the window. Woah, I can relax a little. I’m very happy, but it feels so embarrassing!

As a result, I often can’t even bring myself to ask for things like votes. I always have to pluck up my courage and cast away my shame every time I ask. Hah, it’s like a confession! Hehe, please view my requests for votes like how you would face a confession! Even if there aren’t votes, at least you can say “you’re a good person”!

Anyway, I want to become better, so good that I can eliminate this feeling of lowliness and inability, so good that I can confidently accept these praises.

This volume is the shortest volume of Legend of the Great Sage. I’ve written exactly what I’m least skilled in and least inspired and passionate about, but it is the most complete. It has the complete composition of a piece of writing, filling in holes, digging new holes, twists, suspense, and the development and closure of foreshadowing clues.

In writing, this is a summary of one and a half million characters, using a very clever way to realise my attempt at the ordinary~

I don’t lack inspiration or writing style. I need this ordinariness. Another word for it would be “foundation”.

To me, this has been another case of practice and improvement. I believe I can offer up an even better novel now.

Actually, if I wanted a better income and results, I would continue to use my talent to write female characters and write a love story of ambiguity. That should be the more correct choice. Instead, it shouldn’t be abandoning what I’m good at to go for what I’m bad at, writing a story of levelling up and battle.

However, I won’t be able to reach beyond the nine heavens like this.

Don’t be confused by why I’m dripping with sweat, digging around randomly in the soil. I’m currently cultivating a plot of land. Don’t be confused by why I’m burying steel and rocks underground. I want to build a proper foundation so that I can construct a great skyscraper.

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2 thoughts on “Volume 8 Afterword

  1. i like this, it’s inspiring to see how pumped up and dedicated to the craft this author is. kind of like an mc cultivating his writing instead of qi levels. nice I hope I’m pleasantly surprised with this stories progress in the future I’m liking it a lot so far.

    Liked by 1 person

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