A Heavy Author’s Note for a Million Characters

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A Heavy Author’s Note for a Million Characters

What should I say? If I speak my mind too much, the readers will find it boring. I’ll try to make it simple then!

Six months, a million characters, a chair and a computer upheld the passage of time. In the eyes of others, this should seem like a very lonesome life, right?

Lonesome? It is. Sometimes, I feel utterly flustered from loneliness, with no idea what to do.

Just admit it! There are no paths that will be smooth sailing all the way.

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid staggering along.

Sometimes, all you can do is look up.

Not looking up to others, but up to the you you wish to be.

“I want to become someone like that! I want to write novels like that!”

And then? You’ll achieve happiness?

I can never avoid asking myself this question, as I understand that life is not novels. There are no paths that definitely lead to happiness.

You don’t have to answer it—you’ll only know if you try!

Constant attempts, constant pursuits to see just how that future tastes. I want to write a decent novel, to show myself.

Alright, that’s the end of my boring thoughts. Now let’s get to the real stuff.

Look, give me votes!

Heh! I call this revealing real intentions at the end.

Why did I drag it out until now to write my author’s note for a million characters? That’s so I can write one less author’s note!

I have far too many boring thoughts, which readers will find annoying too. I hope my novel isn’t this boring.

Alright, I admit that this is a little heavy for an author’s note asking for votes. It’s neither enthusiastic, nor is it touching!

Then, let me add some things.

After a period of arduous cultivation, fellow Li Qingshan has finally become a Daemon General, taking a critical step forward in his life. It’s also a critical step for Legend of the Great Sage and a critical step for me.

After the baptism of a million characters, I’ve become even stronger in all aspects. Everything is about to unfold. I will do my best to write even more fascinating content!

There might be undulations in the plot, fluctuations in emotion. If I’m happy, then I’ll make you all happy with me. If I’m unhappy, then I’ll still make you happy. If you just can’t be happy, just give me a smile!

Notice for those who are waiting for more chapters. It’s already a million characters, so stop waiting! You can get butchering now! Notice for those who are currently up to date with the releases. If you have a subscription, you can give me an evaluation ticket for free. Read my lips. It’s free! You haven’t heard incorrectly. This is Qidian of Shanda. Come make an initial judgement for these one million characters!

Finally, taking in a deep breath and roaring out loudly.

Give me votes!!!

C’mon, Dream Teller, get it together!

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