One Year Anniversary

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One Year Anniversary

Legend of the Great Sage is turning one year old today, which makes me think about what I was doing this time last year. Ah, I remember now. I was writing! And for every day after that, I’ve remembered too. Yes, I was writing. Who said missing releases? Drag them out and rain them with bullets for five whole minutes. That was thinking about the plot~

Anyway, today is a special day. I’ve invited a special guest here, “Dark Dream Teller”. Please welcome him with an applause!

“Dark Dream Teller, after a long year of writing, is there anything you want to say today?”

“I want to die.”

“Woah, there are so many readers listening. You shouldn’t say something so terrible!”

“There’s nothing to say.”

“How pessimistic. Why don’t you share with us the greatest difficulties you faced during writing and how you conquered these difficulties and made it to today?”

“The greatest difficulty…”

“Oh, he’s finally starting to answer the questions seriously.”

“There aren’t any women!”

“Huh? I was asking about your writing…”

“The greatest difficulty is there aren’t any women, and the way I conquered it is to watch porn and then mastur- bzzzzz!!!!!”

“Hahahaha, there were some small issues with the signal earlier. Let’s get back to the conversation.”

“Women! Women! Women!”

“If you want women so much, then go fall in love, you bastard!!”

“I haven’t finished typing it, and I still need to think of the plot. Even if I think of the plot, I don’t even have an exact idea how to write it. Even if I know how to write it, I’ll suddenly hit a block. Anyways, just who will read such a horrible plot? I’ve missed another release, hehehehe, I’m going to get cursed again. I can even recite it now. Damn trolls, if I were the emperor, I’d record your IDs and drag you all to the chopping block! If it’s just writing a novel, then so be it, but the stupidest part about it all is that I still have to write some shitty thoughts and feelings. Sigh, writing is so tiring. I better change my career! No, I better just go die, die, die, die, die!”

“Oi, oi. Alright then, Dark Dream Teller has already snapped. The interview will end here for now!”

“Hold on!”

“Hmm? Who’re you? You look so similar to Dark Dream Teller!”

“I’m Dark Dream Teller’s elder brother, Light Dream Teller. My disappointment of a young brother has really made a fool of himself.”

“A relatively more normal one has finally come! Cough, cough, Light Dream Teller, on this special day, what would you like to say to the readers?”

“Your dreams! You can have nothing in your life, but you can’t go without dreams. If a person doesn’t have any dreams, what difference do they have from nobody?”

“Then… what about women?”

“Things like women are completely unnecessary. All you need are dreams. The meaning of life is about constantly working hard and striving towards your dreams. Not to mention that I have so many dear readers accompanying me and encouraging me. There might be a lot of difficulties, but as long as I have you, I can definitely overcome them all and write a very, very fantastic novel and reach the other side of my dreams!”

“Then the trolls your brother mentioned earlier…”

“Shut up. How can you call my dear readers that? Their criticism is what spurs me on. In particular, those pertinent opinions bring me great joy when I read them! Hahahaha, friends, in the new year, I will offer up an even greater work for you, so please continue supporting me! I’m asking for subscriptions, I’m asking for monthly votes, I’m asking for recommendations, I’m asking for clicks. We will surpass all, until we reach beyond the Nine Heavens! We’ll break, break, break, break, break, break through everything! We’ll destroy everyone and everything that blocks our way!”

“Security, security! Get that madman out from here! Phew, there’s finally some peace and quiet. They sure are a pair of perplexing brothers!”

Life perhaps, roughly, probably has always been like this.

The dark night will never vanish, but daytime will arrive every single day. The courage lost at dusk will be revitalised at dawn. Sometimes, the endless gloomy rain will make you cry with the sky, and sometimes, in the darkest of nights, you can raise your head and see the sky full of stars.

Even if it’s just some thoughts and feelings, I want to make it full of wit and humour, completely different from the rest. Can you call this OCD? Such that I even often neglect the main function of this, which is asking for votes? But that’s fine. I can just unleash my great ability to beg for votes at the end of each chapter. As the three word mantra goes, give me votes!

And lastly, let’s hold an event! It’s been a year. Do you have anything you want to comment on regarding almost a million and eight hundred thousand characters of content? And are you anticipating the future developments? Please leave your voice in the comments section!

Even if it’s criticism, it’s fine! Sigh, who can I blame that I’m not the emperor!

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