Chapter 120 – The Parlour of Clouds and Rain

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Chapter 120 – The Parlour of Clouds and Rain

Although he had absolute confidence in his strength, he did not want to be an idiot with no brains and all brawn. He answered all of Qian Rongzhi’s attempts to probe him out with a bunch of lies.

The banquet ended, and everyone dispersed.

On the highest point of the mountain peak, within the Black Hawk commander’s special residence.

Zhuo Zhibo asked, “How did your investigations go? Just what relationship does this kid have with commander Gu?”

Qian Rongzhi sat on Zhuo Zhibo’s leg as she ground her teeth. “He constantly went in circles, unwilling to tell the truth.” Just as Li Qingshan had expected, Qian Rongzhi had already established a relationship with Zhuo Zhibo during the three days on the mountain.

Zhuo Zhibo said, “Then let’s wait a little longer and see. I will get to the bottom of this. If he really is a person that she favors, you might as well forget about your revenge.”

Qian Rongzhi suppressed her hatred and extended her index finger towards Zhuo Zhibo’s face. She smiled charmingly. “My revenge is not significant at all. I have far too many siblings anyways. What matters is your face and your pride, great commander Zhuo, which you only have one of. You’ve seen it all today with the kid’s attitude towards you.”

Zhuo Zhibo said, “If she really does stand behind him, it doesn’t matter even if he drags all of my pride through the mud. However, if that’s not the case, hmph, hmph!” He smacked Qian Rongzhi’s bottom. “You don’t need to urge me on. Even if he is favoured by her, I have my ways of dealing with him. Even if he’s a hero, I can reduce him to a piece of trash. Let’s see whether anyone takes him seriously then.”

Qian Rongzhi grumbled in a flirtatious manner and wriggled around in Zhou Zhibo’s arms, which aroused him. However, he then asked out of curiosity, “Since you don’t mind him killing your elder brother, why do you insist on vengeance?”

Qian Rongzhi said, “Because he looks down on me. Everyone who looks down on me will pay the price.”

If Li Qingshan were present, he definitely would be dumbfounded. Not only was the result of his behaviour unlike the legends, making him steal the heart of a beauty, but it had even led to deep hatred. As it seemed, legends were only legends.

Zhuo Zhibo gazed at Qian Rongzhi deeply. He did not judge her. With how old he was, he had played around with many women before, but there were very few female Qi Practitioners. Even if he had, they would not necessarily be beautiful. As a result, Qian Rongzhi caught his attention at first glance. Qian Rongzhi also wanted to use the opportunity to elevate her position, so they were drawn together naturally. Their relationship developed into a sexual one as time went on. His body was currently declining, so it was no longer possible for him to make any more progress with practising qi. Enjoying himself was his greatest objective.

Qian Rongzhi said, “I heard that Body Practitioners are all relatively stronger.” With that, she set off Zhuo Zhibo’s beastial nature, and he threw himself on her. “I’ll have you taste my strength today.” Qian Rongzhi giggled as they went at it in the room.

Li Qingshan was currently submerged in a sea of books. The library of the Hawkwolf Guard was filled with various martial arts and secret manuals that they could freely view. It covered everything, whether it be fist styles, kicking styles, blade styles, or sword styles. Many of them could lead to a battle if they were tossed into the jianghu, yet they were like garbage here. They were placed around carelessly, with only an old man guarding it.

However, Li Qingshan failed to find any cultivation methods for Qi Practitioners. Just when he wanted to climb up the stairs, the old man stopped him. “Ten points of contribution for two hours. Credit is not taken.”

Li Qingshan could only give up on that. However, just these martial arts manuals had inspired him quite a lot. He stayed there for two hours before becoming afraid that Xiao An would worry about him. As such, he returned to his residence.

Afterwards, he continued his rather boring cycle of cultivating, eating pills, and practising qi.

However, just when dusk had fallen, Ge Jian knocked on Li Qingshan’s door and said in a mysterious manner, “I’ll take you to a good place.” He even purposefully told him to change his clothes and leave his blade behind.

Don’t tell me they’re trying to mess with me? That was what Li Qingshan thought, but he agreed readily. They would come sooner or later. He just needed to remain vigilant. At most, he could slaughter them all. He made Ge Jian wait for a bit as he returned to his room and brought Xiao An with him.

Arriving below the archway, he discovered that Diao Fei had already been waiting there.

Li Qingshan asked curiously, “Where are we going?” There was no need for them to kill Diao Fei as well, right?

Diao Fei said, “Brother Ge said he wanted to take us on a stroll so that we can see Jiaping city at night. Speaking of which, why don’t we bring along Qian Rongzhi as well?”

“A place like that isn’t suited for women.” Ge Jian let out a smile that all men could understand.

Li Qingshan and Diao Fei glanced at each other. Neither of them said anything. It was difficult to turn down something like this in the first place, not to mention that it was good will from a fellow colleague. Li Qingshan personally believed he was a ‘man who had dined with beautiful women’ before, so he did not mind it too much.

Ge Jian could not help but smile when he saw their reactions. He thought about Zhuo Zhibo’s orders again, to take Li Qingshan out for fun regardless of the cost. Make him play to his heart’s content, the more the better; it was best if he would toss aside cultivation or practising qi altogether.

Li Qingshan had no idea that Zhuo Zhibo had already moved against him. There was no need for any violence at all to destroy a person through other ways. Many a times, sugar-coated bullets were even more terrifying than torture or beatings. Luxury and indulgence could easily wear away a person’s willpower, making them descend into their most basic joys.

Zhuo Zhibo believed that Li Qingshan was just a bumpkin from the mountains, so how was it possible for him to endure such temptation? Even if Li Qingshan had truly been favoured by Gu Yanying, it was not like it was Zhuo Zhibo’s fault at all. The only person that could be blamed would be Li Qingshan for being useless. This was a vicious scheme he had come up with through his great grasp over human nature. It was utterly silent, but it was devastating.

Jiaping city was illuminated completely. Even though it was night, lanterns blazed brightly, making it drastically different from Qingyang city. It reminded Li Qingshan of the large cities from his former life again. Under Ge Jian’s eager guidance, the three of them entered the well-lit place, entering the most dazzling and busiest area.

The Parlour of Clouds and Rain.

This did not seem like the name of a brothel, but not only was it a brothel, but it was even the largest, most luxurious brothel within a range of several hundred meters.

From a certain perspective, this was the grandest structure Li Qingshan had seen so far in his time in this world. The pagoda-shaped building had a total of seven storeys, and the lantern light seemed to set the entire place ablaze.

Large numbers of people moved in and out of its huge entrance decorated with lanterns. It was even busier than the markets.

Before they had even entered, a steamy, exotic fragrance surged over. Li Qingshan shrugged. “It’s just a brothel.” Although it was quite extravagant, it still paled in comparison to the skyscrapers and neon lights of his former life.

Ge Jian said mysteriously, “You’ll know once you go in. This isn’t an ordinary brothel.”

Before the three of them had even entered, a person came out. He had been tossed from the third floor, hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes.

A homicide case? Li Qignshan shivered inside. In a certain sense, the Hawkwolf Guard were the police of this world. He had never thought he would have a case as soon as he officially took his position. However, the passers-by in the surroundings all hurried off with their own matters after being surprised in the beginning, acting as if nothing had happened at all.

As for the person on the ground, he actually stood up with a groan and cursed aloud while rubbing his waist. Even louder curses replied to him from the parlour, “What gang leader or branch leader? If you don’t have money, you’d better get out of here! If you’re not going to leave, we’ll cripple your martial arts and keep you around as a eunuch!”

The man tossed out from the third storey was actually a first-rate master, which was why he was uninjured. However, just how powerful was the person who managed to casually throw out a first-rate master?

That seemed to have shut the man up. He cursed beneath his breath a little more before joining the flow of people as if nothing had happened at all.

Ge Jian said, “Here, even the Hawkwolf Guard has to pay. It’s best if we don’t make any trouble.”

Li Qingshan said, “They’re just a brothel, so how are they so haughty?”

Diao Fei said, “The Sect of Clouds and Rain is renowned throughout the Clear River prefecture. They’re skilled in dual cultivation, and they’ve established parlours of Clouds and Rain in various large cities. This is only one of them, though it is my first time.”

Ge Jian smiled. “It looks like Diao Fei is the one with knowledge. Qingshan, you know what dual cultivation is, right?”

“Isn’t it just that?” Li Qingshan truly felt like his horizons had been broadened. Sure, there were violent organisations and government systems composed of Qi Practitioners, but there were actually even brothels run by Qi Practitioners. He could not help but let his opinion of Qi Practitioners crumble slightly.

Ge Jian said, “Dual cultivation is just like ingesting pills and herbs. They’re both ancient daoist methods, focusing on the unity of yin and yang. However, you’re right as well. It’s that, also known as sexual practices. Think about it. The women raised by a sect that specially studies sexual practices…”

Li Qingshan grinned. “Don’t tell me they’re harvesting yang to nurture their yin!” It was no wonder that Zhuo Zhibo wanted him to go out on the top of a woman. It would be far too hilarious.

Ge Jian laughed. “How could that be? If that’s really the case, why would there still be so many people? Anyways, you’ll know once you try it.”

Li Qingshan shook his head. “I think we should forget about it.” He did not feel like this was a good place.

Diao Fei wanted to leave as well. He would not have minded if it were a regular brothel. He had heard about many rumors regarding the Parlour of Clouds and Rain before. No matter when, pursuing pleasure would never benefit a Qi Practitioner’s cultivation.

As a result, Ge Jian flapped his gums and rambled, “It’s so tiring to practise qi, so shouldn’t we reward ourselves?” “Only a combination of work and play will benefit cultivation. It doesn’t matter if it’s just once or twice.” “You’re men, so stop being so indecisive. Just enjoy yourselves. Are you supposed to be afraid of women as men?”

He diligently played the most common role in the world, a vile, silver tongued person with ill intentions. A vicious friend was even more terrifying than an impressive enemy.

Under his persuasions and urging, he basically dragged the two of them into the brothel. A hubbub of noise erupted in their ears. Many men and women embraced one another with ruffled clothing, forming a scene of ecstacy. In such a bizarre atmosphere, no one cared anymore, releasing their desires. It was just like the scenes of indulgences in the legends, such that even Li Qingshan became rather dumbfounded despite being a modern transmigrator.

“Master Ge, you’ve made the girls wait quite a bit. You’ve booked the best room. Please go upstairs!” A plump woman covered in makeup received them. She saw Li Qingshan and Diao Fei. “Hmm? Little brothers, you seem unfamiliar.”

Li Qingshan saw true qi flow through the lady. She was actually a Qi Practitioner.

Ge Jian introduced the two of them, and the procuress said, “So you’re the young talents the Hawkwolf Guard has recently recruited. I hope you’ll take good care of this elder sister’s business in the future.” She extended her hand and touched Li Qingshan’s chest. “Oh? You’re quite able-bodied! You must be a Body Practitioner!” Her gaze towards Li Qingshan made it seem like she basically wanted to swallow him whole.

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